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I think Dean is the odd one out because it not only affected him, but his staff too, and... #43 Odd one out 15/7/21
I think picture B, because it represents a person being rubbed out by the cancellers, why he... #41 Picture this! 02/7/21
I agree with C because you should always speak up and share you're opinion, but I also agree... #39 Pick one! 17/6/21
I nominate reflective_arctic_fox for an award as I believe they have been working hard all year... #38 The BNC Awards! 10/6/21
To help the environment and try and stop climate change, I would create a new job called the... #36 Work for the world! 27/5/21
My rule is that everybody has to stop driving, chopping down trees, dropping litter (you could... #35 Make a rule! 20/5/21
my caption is that the earth is the only thing left and there is nothing left if we destroy it.... #34 Caption this! 13/5/21
hi, it's jubilant_dinosaur here. For my invention, i would create a Eco litter system. what... #33 Invention test! 06/5/21
Future(a brighter one) Realise that we all need to help(climate change) Eco freindly local... #32 A fresh start! 29/4/21
My robot is a teacher. It will be programmed to help children and know and remember answers. It... #10 - Design a robot! 13/11/20
The most important thing that I have learnt (from Reggie Love) is that whatever you do, it will... #7 - Listen to learn! 22/10/20