#4 - A matter of facts

02 October 2020

Winners Announced!

Thank you for all your brilliant questions! We will be picking 5 to ask to Angie Holan - watch out for her answers next week!

Two that certainly will be asked are by our two winners:

Our primary winner this week is impartial_shark of Boutcher Primary School. Their question showed great curiosity about the fact-checking process.

Our secondary winner is ingenious_forest of Faringdon Community College, which once again looked at fact-checking from an interesting angle and enquired if fact-checkers ever realise they were wrong in the face of new evidence!

We awarded stars to questions we thought were particularly original and thought-provoking.

We've just published our first expert of this issue: filmmaker Alicia Sams answering questions from Burnet News Club students.

But do not worry - there's still a chance for you to pose some questions of your own and win stars for your school!


You might have heard of the phrase "fake news". It means news which isn't true and it's a particular problem in an election because some people can spread fake news to make people vote a certain way. And politicians might say things that stretch the truth!

That's where "fact-checkers" come in! Fact-checking organisations check whether what people in the news and media say is true. This helps the public make better decisions about who to vote for.

One of our experts this half-term is Angela Drobnic Holan. Angela is in charge of Politifact - a fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials. Angie and her team go through what people from the election campaigns say and check whether they are true, based on evidence.

What question would you like to ask someone who checks the truth in what people say on the news and why?

To enter this week's competition, add your question below and say why you want to ask it! We're looking for thoughtful, original questions and reasons that show why you are curious!

The deadline for entries is midday on Friday 2nd October. Good luck!

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