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Dear wonderful ladies, We can’t let men boss us around and disrespect us. We have the same... #23 What should they hear? 28/2/22
My dream job is to become a person who looks after endangered animals like dolphins and... #6 Dream jobs 13/10/21
I think picture A because the woman is standing on the cancel sign and maybe the people are... #41 Picture this! 29/6/21
My recipe for justice: Fairness Suggester Lover Freedom and treat people like a... #40 Recipe for justice 24/6/21
I agree with option c because, if you agree with someones opinion you cant just shout at them.... #39 Pick one! 17/6/21
I would invent a machine that would detect were the rubbish is and it would go and collect(if it... #33 Invention test! 04/5/21
Thank you brilliant_cloud #32 A fresh start! 30/4/21
Fresh start Face consequences Race to the right thing End the mystery Start a new... #32 A fresh start! 28/4/21
Hi busy_chicken here, I think that number 3 is most important to me because, well my love for... #28 One can win! 29/3/21
I agree with number 1 because what is the meaning of putting fake news if it will cause a load... #27 Pick a side! 25/3/21
The news I have found was (50-50) The twin towers were broken down by a teroist attack. #25 The other 10% 09/3/21
Protest is important for people who are being judged. #23 Ten or less! 22/2/21