#43 Odd one out

16 July 2021

Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition this week - it was incredibly hard to choose the winners because there were some seriously strong explanations. The winning entries this time came from…

humble_sea of Cheam Fields Primary Academy, who thought that Dean Spalding’s situation was the odd one out because it happened such a long time ago


ambitious_cheetah of Ormiston Bushfield Academy, who argued that Inge’s situation was different because she did not apologise like the others.

Don’t worry if you weren’t chosen this time because you still have one last chance to win this year! So make sure to enter competition #44 - the last competition of the year!

News stories that talk about cancel culture show that every case is very different.

For this week's competition, your challenge is to compare the examples that you talked about in Session 2 to decide which is the odd one out.

STEP 1: Read through the character profiles of Inge, Dean and Catherine.

STEP 2: Decide on whose situation is the odd one out and explain why. There are no right or wrong answers!

Session 2 Inge.jpg

Session 2 Dean.jpg

Session 2 Catherine Gecko.jpg

Need some help getting started? Use this sentence structure:

I think that the odd one out is Dean /Inge /Catherine. Their situation is a bit different to the others because... (insert your reason here).

The deadline for entries is Friday July 16th at midday. PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE and make sure your work is your own. Good luck!

Comments (41)

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  • I think that the odd one out is Inge. Their situation is a bit different to the others because, while Dean tried to apologise and Catherine wrote an apology letter, Inge believes that what she did was correct because she stood up for herself. She didn't feel sorry for hurting other people's feelings which I think is quite cruel. Imagine someone said something that hurt you and doesn't even apologise. You would want to punish them, wouldn't you? If someone apologises, it at least shows that they feel sorry.

  • I think the odd one out is Dean. Their situation is a bit different to the others since he is being cancelled for something that happened when he was a teenager. While Inge and Catherine both did what they did recently, he is being wrongly punished for something he did when he was much less mature. He also apologised since he was obviously embarrassed that he did what he did and didn't apologise because he was embarrassed that other people has found out about what he did. Catherine only said sorry after a million people found out and Inge still believes that what she said what right. This is why Dean is the odd one out.

  • I think the odd one out here is Dean Spalding ( the chef). I think this is because he was being cancelled for what he did 25 years ago, which was basically his teen time. Most teens are known to do reckless and dumb things without thinking of the consequence. Most of them were immature and unknown to the world. He probably regrets this a lot now and he even tried to say sorry. While the others were cancelled for something they did in the present time. This proves my point of view!

  • I believe that Inge is the odd one out. Her situation is different to the others as she is standing up for herself. Catherine wrote a letter to the public and was jeered at, which didn't help her position as she should be given another chance. Dean sent a video saying sorry but very few people shared it so many still thought he was a bad person.
    Inge is different as she is not apologising although people are telling her she has upset them. She needs to realise what she said was considered inappropriate and actually feel remorse. It's clear she's overall made a terrible impact and yet she says she's right, ruining her reputation.

  • I think Dean is the odd one out. I think this because Dean didn’t have anyone that wanted to back him up unlike Catherine who’s friends wanted to back her up but were scared to and very few people stood up for Inge. To add onto that, what Dean did was a long time ago (years ago) and Catherine’s and Inge’s reason for being cancelled was something they did recently, or at least not years ago. I noticed that Dean was the odd one out because his friend ‘exposed’ him and the thing he did was from a long time ago.
    - buzzing_grapefruit

  • I think that Inge could be the odd one out! Her story mentions her posting rude or offensive content, it's a basic part of many of our lives and it's not that hard to post of social media. If you are anonymous, it usually means that nobody knows you online, yet in her case many people can see the post and know who she is! Whereas Dean had his friend post something he didn't know could cause him so much chaos. I have also noticed that they both used a form of apology, Dean publicly apologised, but Catherine wrote an apology letter. Inge did not. Personally, I don't think any of them should have been cancelled, but I don't know what they did in detail, it could have been terrible. But Dean and Catherine apologised, right?

  • I think that the odd one out is Dean. Although all three of them did somthing bad , Celebrities protested against Inge and Catherine. Celebrities that worked with Inge appeared on the news , speaking out against what Inge said while other Celebrities began sharing negative stories about Catherine. But , no Celebrities protested against Dean. This makes Dean the odd one out!

    Thank you for reading my opinion!

  • I think that the odd one out is Dean. Their situation is a bit different to the others because Dean did something bad 25 years ago, when he was a teenager, whereas Inge and Catherine’s situation was about something that happened now. What Dean did 25 years ago for which he has also apologized, should not be used against him, because now he can’t get a job because he got cancelled.

  • eager_reflection here,
    I think that the odd one out is Dean Spalding. Their situation is slightly different to the others because the offence that he was accused of doing happened 25 years in the past, when he was a teenager. On the other hand, Inge and Catherine were accused of something that they did more recently. I think that Dean may not have meant to do what he was accused of, because he was younger, and didn't understand what he was saying. People can still accuse others even many years in future, despite if the person changes. I think people should be given a second chance, not be cancelled for something that they did years. The person could feel very remorseful for what they did, and understand that they made a mistake. It might not be a true reflection of themselves. He might just own a small local business, and I think that Inge and Catherine might have a global audience.
    Thank you for reading.

  • I think that the odd one out is Dean. His situation is slightly different as his was 25 years ago however the others were more recent. Dean's was also solid proof evidence however the others were being accused which is different. An accusation is when someone thinks you have done something with no proof.

  • I feel the odd one out is Dean Spalding because he is a famous chef, whose being cancelled because of something that happened 25 years ago. Yes, back then he probably had the sense to know what he did was wrong, but then again I am sure many adults right now may have also done something like him, maybe even worse. You must also remember that Dean has apologised and by cancelling him many, who even were not apart of the video incident, have lost their jobs and that could have been their only source of income. Dean may also feel betrayed by the so called "friend" who probably knew this would ruin his career and the fact he also may not have known when they took the video 25 years ago maybe waiting for a good time to use it. That is why I feel Dean Spalding is the odd one out.

  • I believe that the odd one out is Dean Spalding.
    Catherine and Inge said something very recently, unlike Dean, who was forced to face in former self. He is the odd one out because though what he did was wrong, it was't his fault because he was less mature 25 years ago. I think his situation is a bit different because he did not do anything wrong now, so why should he have lost his job? If something happened 25 years ago, it shouldn't matter much now, unlike the others who are older and more mature.

  • I think that Dean the chef is the odd one out because instead of being accused of something, he got cancelled for a video from 25 years ago. Everyone makes mistakes when they are young but we learn to embrace those mistakes and let them be a part of us. I am sure than Dean has recovered from that experience years ago and had started a better life. Although, people hating makes it even worse and it makes them regret it. I also think he is the odd one out because Inge's and Catherine's situation happened in the present whereas Dean's was long ago.

  • I think the odd one out is Dean Spalding because he was the only person out of the others who had no celebrity involved. Celebrities that worked with Inge appeared on the news and spoke out against what she said while celebrities began sharing their negative stories about Catherine. Dean didn't have any celebrities in the situation.

  • I believe the odd one out is chef Dean Spalding. Whilst Inge and Catherine both had their apologies/speeches shared between large masses of people, Dean's apology barely attracted any viewers. I think this is very unfair as Dean wasn't unable to spread his sincere apologies and address the issues regarding his predicament,Therefore not giving him the second chance he truly deserves. Ultimately, this would likely lead people to think he hasn't changed as a person and is still that boy he was 25 years ago, this could put his career at risk all together. I firmly believe that the cancellers were ruthless and shameless by doing this, as they brought up something from 25 years ago, which is more than enough time for someone to change, in the intention of taking down someone who was thriving in society. Overall, we can't really do anything about the amount of views and shares the video has, as the social media algorithm is mainly based on popularity, subscribers and likes. This could mean, during the cancelling, a mass unfollowing took place, which made him unpopular.


  • I think Dean is the odd one out. Their situation is a bit different to the others because everyone else had something happen to them in the present and did something wrong in the present. Where as, Dean did something wrong 25 years ago and people still brought it up. I also think he is the odd one out because he was the only one who tried to properly apologise but no-one listened. Adding on, one of the chefs friends (that he knew a long time ago) posted it and no-one else's friends did something that they knew would get in a lot of trouble.
    Thanks for listening,

  • Shining_journalist here,
    I believe that the odd one out is Dean the reason why I say this because his situation has happened around 25-years-ago although it happened a long time haters of Dean would understand that if they say this now, it would spark a huge controversy on the media because now people talk about it on social media also would believe once the haters/old classmates would now that it would have ruined Dean's career as he was a world -wide sensation, but for Dean he might have regretted the actions that he had done when he was younger because this now ruined his life as the former-classmate/hater posted this on social media, there might not be a way to stop this controversy of Dean's because now millions of people found this out there is either two sides from Deans fans:one being that they absolutely hate him for what he had done or they are still his fans and this may have been peer pressure from his classmates I say this because they never clarified if Dean had done it or he was apart of it.Either I believe that Dean i the odd one out in my opinion.

  • I think the odd one out is Dean, because his story is his past haunting him. Another thing that makes this a different situation, as there is video evidence of what he did, Inge was giving an opinion that was found offensive, and Catherine was accused of doing something bad with no real evidence. He did something bad knowing that it was bad instead of making a mistake leading to a bad misunderstanding, like Inge and Catherine did. I find it sad how something he did over half his life ago has affected him now. He was a teenager when he did it and didn't know as much then. Twenty five years is plenty of time to change, and he did change. What makes it worse is that this was revealed by an old school friend. He tried to apologise, but he was completely ignored. The story also said that he wasn't getting any jobs because he was cancelled, meaning he might not get a job and go homeless. All because he did something he shouldn't have done two and a half decades ago.

  • I think Inge is the odd one out. Dean and Catherine both saw from the eyes of others and understood that they were in the wrong and needed to apologise. Whereas, Inge believed she was correct because she stood up for herself instead of apologising for what she said, even if she didn't believe what she said was bad it still upset others.

  • In my opinion Dean is the odd one out. I think this because it happened 25 years ago! 25 years is enough to change, apologise, and realise that what you said may have been offensive to someone else. But still people have cancelled him, made him lose his job and possibly end up with no were to go. He will be an outcast, even though has apologised for what he said. Also, as a result of being cancelled, his staff have also had to leave their jobs (leaving them unemployed also).

  • I think Dean is the odd one out. This is because Dean might of said something 25 years ago and 25 years ago the thing he might of said might not of been that bad bun now it could be really offensive. When he apologised not many people shared it and so not many people actually saw it.

  • It's a hard decision because amongst the differences between all of their differences of faults they have all suffered from a similar consequence. So really there isn't a lot of parts to point out however I think Catherine was the odd one out. My reasoning is that dean and Inge had made mistakes and genuinely have had hate whereas Catherine had made a slight mistake it isn't the end of the world, and what she had done gave no reasoning for canceling her as the people giving her hate were the ones that were afraid to stand up to her. So all though her apology doesn't justify what she may've done.
    Thanks for listening,


  • I think Dean is the odd one out . Their situation is a bit different to the others as Dean had done something cancel-worthy 25 years ago (when he would've been around 10 or 15) whereas Inge and Catherine had done a bad thing recently, resulting in a reasonable cancel. Also, I think that the person who posted this should have been cancelled as they knew it was a long time ago and would have gotten Dean in trouble.


  • I think Inge is the odd one out. Their position is different from the others because she didn't apologize. Dean was cancel cultured of a video two and a half decades later, and people still posted things like #GoAwayDean. This is not right, as he did apologize, but his video was barely seen or shared. Catherine was accused of being a bully and treating people unfairly. This is a wrong thing to do, and some celebrities decided to share some negative stories about Catherine, but she apologized, even though her letter was shared online negatively and criticised. But when Inge is cancel-cultured by thousands of people, she doesn't apologize and stands up for herself, and the celebrities she worked with disagreed with her. This amount of people should have been enough to make her feel what she has done is wrong.
    Thanks for listening, ambitious_cheetah

  • I believe Catherine is the odd one out. Their situation is a bit different because she's been accused by several people that she works with face to face on a day to day basis, however the other two people's situation have started on social media and spread. I also think she's the odd one out because the other stories had proof that they had done these things, on the other hand, people online had no evidence that Catherine was bullying anyone except several people's accounts, for all I know, what has been said could be rumours because her colleagues don't like her and their accusations could be biased.
    Thank youu,

  • I would say Inge is the odd one out because unlike the the others we can not see what she was saying online because honestly some viewers are very annoying and they just want to start a whole drama out of such a little thing for example if she said that we should be doing learning outside because of coronavirus that is HER opinion and HER thought which is why we have all of these silly arguments. This also where being sceptical comes in just to find out what she meant. By cancelling her you are deciding her future and what HER opinion meant instead of actually giving her a chance to explain herself!

    I think it would be helpful to also know what she said.

  • I think Dean is the odd one out as he was cancelled for something that had happened many years ago. This is different for the other two, as they, being cancelled, happened in the present. Dean did this over 25 years ago and lots of people still attacked him online for it. Also, his friends posted the unfair video for a joke, but everyone sure did take it seriously. This is the reason (reasons) why I KNOW that Dean is the odd one out!

  • I believe that Dean is the odd one out, because he was found doing something which was 25 years ago whilst the others had something bad about them or accused of doing bad from their present. This is where everyone told people go to his restaurant, because of what he did when he was teenager. What people need to realise is that people change and become more mature and responsible for their actions from a teenager to being a grown adult that has a proper job and career.

  • The odd one out could be Inge as Catherine and Dean both tried to apologise for their wrongdoings but Inge didn't stand down in her controversial opinion.
    However, both methods failed as all three have now lost significant opportunities in their careers.

  • I think that the odd one out is Dean. I think this beacuse Igne and Catherine where not cancleed 25 years ago unlike Dean. He was recorded when he was a teen.

  • The odd one out is Dean (in my opinion), because he is being punished for something he did years ago, whereas the others are being punished for something fairly recent, as in the past few years.

  • I think that Dean the chef is the odd one out. I think this because he has done something 25 years ago but Inge and Catherine did something in the present. Furthermore, Inge and Catherine were both cancelled out on social and the rumors about them weren't definitely true. On the other hand, the video was crystal clear that it was definitely him as a teen and weren't a rumor.

  • I personally think that Inge is the odd one out. I think this because for Dean, he didn't know about it and his friend was the one responsible for posting the video. In addition, when Catherine found out about the rumors she wront an apology letter saying sorry for what she did, but Inge was calming to "stick up for herself" making her seem quite selfish (but thats just an opinion)

  • I think Dean is the odd one out because it not only affected him, but his staff too, and possibly many more people. Also, he was the only one who was criticised for something he did many years ago and may have learnt to know better by then. Everyone that attacked him online was convinced that he could not make up for his actions.

  • I think the odd one out is Dean as his situation is diffrent to the others because what he did was a long time ago when he was a teenager, and when you are a teenager you are bound to make choices you regret. Also, people just jumped to cancel him instead of investigating he could of been drunk or uneducated.

  • I think Inge Schiffer is the odd one out because I believe that she deserved to be cancelled more than the others. She had proof that what she was saying was true. Dean and Catherine however were different. Catherine had no proof and Dean's act had happened in the past. This is why I think this.

    Thank you for reading

  • I think Dean is the odd one out as he is the only person who should probably not be punished, this is because many people believe that if you do something when you were young that was rude you could have changed, this means he probably didn't deserve it. Compared to the others he did it a long time ago while the other 2 did it recently and deserved a punishiment big - small.

  • I think Catherine Gecko is the odd one out. I think this because she had a greater cancellers side as celebrities were sharing negative stories of her that bring a lot of attention. If some of the most famous celebrities are with cancelling Catherine, many people will follow this so Gecko has nearly now chance of overcoming this. For example, she wrote an apology letter but it was shared online and critiscized.

  • I strongly believe that Dean is the odd one out.I think this because he was accused for doing something which happened in the past ( 25 years ago ).This is not fair because Dean might have changed on personality and he is accused for doing that many year later.On the other hand,Inge and Catherine did something that was accused for being done in the present.

  • I think the the odd one out is Dean. Their situation is a bit different to the others because his happened 25 years ago when he was a teenager. Dean’s situation can be overruled as a childish act that could have happened due to peer pressure and because he was only a child he might not have known any better unlike the other situation, they were adults and they knew what they were doing and what the consequences would be also children nowadays are know for doing stuff without thinking and not thinking about the consequences of their actions. He probably is embarrassed by his actions as a teenager and has made a point not to do what he did again. Dean also apologised for his actions straight away but Inge waited until millions of people saw it and then apologised and Catherine only apologised after celebrities started sharing her story.