#6 - Debate Decisions

16 October 2020

Skill Description Competition Problem Solving

Winners Announced!

Thank you for all your entries - the most this term so far, a record-breaking week!

It was a very hard decision but...

Our primary winner is genuine_tsunami of Willowtown Primary School, who gave a very detailed and carefully-argued answer that picked out something seen in the first debate. Good research and reasoning, genuine_tsunami!

Our secondary winner is careful_science of Faringdon Community College, who picked up on the number of interruptions in the first debate and suggested a way to resolve it next time, with clear thought given to how and why this should be changed. Well done!

In the past two weeks we have seen two debates - one between Donald Trump and Joe Biden - which was widely criticised as being out of control, heavy on insults and light on detail. Watch highlights here!

The other, between vice-presidential candidates Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, was calmer and more courteous, but also had moments of drama and disregard for the rules. Watch the highlights here!

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have another debate coming up

(This is likely to be either on October 19th or October 22nd, depending on Donald Trump's case of covid-19).

Imagine you were in charge of it.

What one RULE or CHANGE would you bring in, and why?

You might want to think about:

  • What the candidates are allowed / not allowed to say
  • What candidates are allowed / not allowed to do whilst the other is talking
  • How long they can talk for
  • What power the moderator has (the person who chairs the debate and asks the questions)
  • What should happen if someone breaks the rules
  • What role the public should play, if at all
  • What should happen if the candidate doesn't properly answer the question
  • Whether it should be in-person, or virtual
  • ....or something else entirely! Be creative and original -TRY TO COME UP WITH SOMETHING NO ONE ELSE HAS SAID!


My one new rule / new change for the next debate would be.... because....

The competition closes at midday on Friday 16th October. Good luck!

Comments (102)

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  • I don't know what will happen about trump with covid?

  • People listening to rules by teachers governments and Donald trump to keep everyone safe PLEASE LITSEN TO THE RULES thank you

  • The rule I'd bring in is that people below 35 years old can be the us president because younger people might be wiser in a way than the older people so I'd bring the rule that people 25 and older can be in the election for us president and I would change is that people who are not born in America should be able to be elected for the us president role.

  • Good luck everyone one the competition!👍

  • My one new rule would be one at a time because you wouldn't be able to hear either candidate speaking and wouldn't be able to vote as you wouldn't know what they will do and could not choose.

  • I think that if you limit what candidates are allowed to say this might be more under control also if there could be consequences for the things that the people running for president so I think there are a few rules that you should change but I also think that there should be a limited spending budget that they should be allowed to use on there campaigns such as around £150million-£300million so I also think that you should allow people 10+ and not 18+

  • I think votes are important!

    Without votes the world wouldn't know how to pick between politics. I also think that we need votes because if votes didn't exist then anyone that wants to be president can start saying stuff about how many people what them to be president but that won't be fair. People will say stuff and liars will lie. It just won't be fair so we need votes to keep track. Also i think that the rule *you have to be 18+ to vote* needs to change because everyone has a voice and an opinion about something.

    This is why I think votes are important.
    Thank you.

    1. I think this is an entry to last week's competition! Thank you adding it though. What is your answer to this week's challenge?

  • I would change the debate by changing the elcretoral collage vote so it is more like England. So let's say 150,000,000 people voted for Donald trump and Joe Biden got 150,100,000 votes Joe Biden would win but it is not like that and the score at the end would be something like 104 for Joe and 172 for Trump so it is so different the person that would have lost won. So if this changed I think it would be a lot more fair.

    1. This feels more like a change to the electoral college system rather than the debate. What would you change for the next debate?

  • The rule I would add in would be that once you have made a statement or asked a question the other person can answer it or reply. So even if you carry on talking the other person can interrupt replying or asking another question. I think this because it is rude to interrupt a person when they are talking but I thought if you imply a rule they won't shout at each other and they have a reason to interrupt. Also if say for instance joe Biden was talking then Donald trump had a great combat to joe's question while it is still in his mind he can answer his question without rudely interrupting without a reason. That's the rule I would add in hope you like it

  • I think it should be virtually because of Donald Trumps case of covid 19. Then after the debate I think the public should be able to ask some questions to each of them and it might be able to do it in person but with social distancing and hand sanitizer. Thank you : )

  • I think it should be online to make sure that there is no fiscal violence

  • My one new rule would be if someone who is running for president doesn't answer a question correctly, the question should be asked again until they said an actual answer because if they don't answer a question properly, how will people know what they mean.

  • I think jor bid on is a great leder

  • I would give them a certain amount of time for each speech so each isn't too long and isn't to short for example give them 15-25 minutes each speech because it would make it fair and their will be no arguing.

  • new change for the debate would be that's u can only say true information, they should not talk or do any actions whilst the other is talking, they should only have an limit of words so it doesn't go on for hours. My over rules are that the Moderater should be able to stop the candidates or they go off tract or say something that is a lie, if someone brakes the rules they should be kicked off the building and can't be allowed to enter again. Public should vote sensibly (they can't vote even if someone is prettier or you are friends/know the) I also think the *18+* rule is not fair because everyone has a voice but I think it should be 16+ because they are still sensible. The candidate should always answer a question right but if they say a lie they should be kicked off but if they only make a mistake they should have a second chance.

    Thank you for listening!

    1. This is a lot of changes - could you pick one and explain why it's so important?

    My answer is what happens depending on Donald Trump’s case of Covid_19. If he won’t be able to do it I would probably move it online even though Donald Trump is against it !! But if he is well enough and hopefully cured, I would do it in person but with extra measures!!! I also believe that the public should ask some questions!!

    By willing_radio <3
    Sorry if this is really bad!!

  • My new one rule would be to not interrupt the other person once you have said your part of the debate. I think this because on the Joe Biden and Donald Trump debate, they were interrupting each other a lot, and people could not understand what they were saying. If I was one of the candidates for president, and I got interrupted when I was having my say, I would be very annoyed. It is also rude to interrupt someone. Sometimes you can get interrupted, but also get forced to stop by the other candidate. For example, they might get interrupted with some rude and hurtful words which might make them be quiet. This is not very nice. This is why I think the one rule would be, "Stop interrupting people!"

    Thank you for reading!

  • I think when they they have there argument they should do it digitally because Donald Trump now has covid and Joe could be in danger so they should do it digitally and when one is talking the other one should muted so he can not interrupt.

  • I think that a good rule to add in would be that the fans of the opposing candidate gets to make questions for the people that they don't support. This way, they would probably both make really hard questions for them to answer. However, to avoid bias, these should then be checked and edited by the moderator, or someone who won't make it hard for whom they don't like. This method would mean that they have an equal chance but their thinking would be stretched to the limit. If some supporters weren't so devoted, next in line is the moderator. The questions asked to those running should be not the same, but with equal chances.
    Thank you.

  • Hello,
    ingenious_forest again,
    I think that during the debates, the candidates should be able to ask the public questions; such as 'Why do you support this candidate?'
    I say this because then the opposition would be able to get back to their team and work on ways to help the public using that strategy. So that their manifest appeals to everyone, because of the feedback which has been given.

  • This is my view, hope you consider.

    The rule I would change/add would be for if somebody interrupts when the other candidate is talking in there two minutes (that let's face it, it happened a lot in the presidential debate), they would be penalized more and would have to take away some of their time when they speak. I think this would be a good rule because it would mean that the general public would get to understand what they are talking about and would also mean it is less painful for the moderator in the debate. It would also benefit the flow of the debate and it would keep it going smoothly for both the debates aid and the person who is trying to speak. This, therefore, stops either candidate from getting bad media for constantly interrupting or giving either candidate bad media for getting penalized and punished.

    Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it.

  • My one new rule would be not to speak over each over because then they will first think they will not here each other and then it will be chaos. My second reason is so that they can let the people at home who want to vote see what changes Joe Biden or Donald Trump would say what they want to put in place if they become president

    Thank you for reading

  • I think they should add a rule in (like the french) that you can’t spend over an amount and each candidate will get a limit I think that would stop a lot of problems like candidates winning because they buy votes and do other things with thousands or millions that would not be equal. Probably also they can’t bribe newspapers, the media or change their records with money or that will be unfair and a lot of people might vote for that candidate because of what they heard or what they got told and people might change their minds from other people’s opinions like maybe someone famous or important on the media etc. If you do this no candidate will get a heads up with bribery because it won’t be allowed and if you do you cannot run for president again.

    Thanks for reading,
    empathetic_brain 🤗

  • The rule I would make is for a mask to be worn at all times during the debate. The reason for this is that the Corona Virus can spread easily and even though some people think that masks wont do anything to save your health, don't listen to them because a mask can save your life. A mask can say a lot about the person who wears one, and even more about the person who doesn't. Meaning that wearing a mask shows that you care about the lives, health, and safety of you and everyone else even though the person who doesn't wear one seems like they don't care. Donald Trump resembles the person who doesn't wear the mask as he already has the virus because he didn't care about the health and safety of those who were less fortunate than him when he had enough. Joe Biden resembles the person who DOES wear a mask as he does care about the health and safety of others apart from himself.

  • I think that the candidates should have a limit of time to speak and when there time is up they should automatically stop talking. Also, disrespectful or ‘rude’ words should me prohibited and only speak about what you are told to talk about. Don’t talk over the moderater and maybe the candidates can ask each other questions or ask the public things revolving around the election, candidate. They should respect other’s opinions (e.g don’t scoff at others words).


  • The one new rule I would add is that each candidate should be able to express their plans and ideas without the other person interrupting them. This is because Joe Biden and Donald Trump were speaking out of turn and interrupting the other's point of view which made it difficult for all points to get across.

  • I think it is not fair for other candidate to call a other candidate nasty name and not to talk over each other like Donald and Joe did.

  • Hello,
    If I were in charge of the voting I would say that it is ok if you have lived in America for at least 20 years, then you can vote rather than not being able to vote . I would also change how each country gets a certain amount of votes. I would change it to 50 votes each in the country so that it is fair.

  • This rule is important - the rule is one at a time because its kind of rude when they are both talking over each other and plus you can't hear what they're saying if they want to speak they have to take it easy and have a turn from Trump then Biden has a turn to speak after Donald Trump so we can hear what they are actually say and so there's less like less noisy.
    Thank You For Reading My Post Or My Rule

  • I think my rule would be: Donald Trump stays away from Joe Biden

  • My rule would probably be that the election is done virtually because if one of the people has Covid-19 but doesn't know they could spread it

  • My rule is that the moderator should set a time limit for each candidate to answer the questions and if the other one tries to talk over the other candidate, the moderator should have a system that turns their microphone off.

  • Ok I'm very sorry. Thank you!

  • I would change the rule "you can't vote if your not from America" I would make it you had to live in America for a three years to be able to vote as a civilian and a new rule I would make is that you are not aloud to call the candidate's appoment anything immature or rude.

    Thank you for reading.

  • @TomtheBNC if there was one thing to change it would be that u can only vote if your 18+ because it should be 16+ because say if you were 60+ u want live the changes for that long but younger teenagers have to live the changes longer so they should have an opinion on there future.

  • My rule would be that candidates can say their ideas (a maximum speaking time of 10 minutes) in front of public/tv and the public has to decide who wins. Trump one just over is word choice and not the vote. I believe the public should have their say
    thank you!

  • My one rule would be that Donald Trump and Joe Biden can not speak over each other as their voices can not be heard properly. Also, because Donald Trump had Covid-19 and came out of hospital after 3 days I think that he should self-isolate for at least 1 week.

  • Some other rules that I would bring in is that Donald Trump and Joe Biden get half the time each. Example: So lets say they had 40 minutes for debating then Donald Trump would get 10 minutes then Joe Biden 10 minutes then Donald Trump 10 minutes and Joe Biden would get the remaining time: 10 minutes.

    From buzzing grapefruit :)

  • I would change the rule to that Both candidates get point for who does the best for one question and the people that are in the studio watching get to say who thinks which candidate should get the point and
    if one candidate tries to speak when the other candidate is trying to speak them maybe they could like take a point away.

  • I think that before the final debate, between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the public should be asked to give their opinions about what they like about the candidate they want to vote for, then pick the best out of those. There should be one describing both the candidates, and then they will be asked what they think about both of them. This is because I think that it will be interesting to see if they agree or disagree with what they said. It may cause interruptions, but I think that they should be stopped and let the other speak. Thank you for reading,

  • I think that my rule would be that you cant fight with the moderator I think this is a good rule because after watching Trump Biden debate Trump didn't let Biden speak that much and argued a lot with the moderator.This doesnt let the moderator do there job correctly

  • The one rule I would introduce would be that the other candidate can respond to something the other has said. While one candidate is speaking, the other may raise their hand, signalling to the other that they would like to speak. The candidate speaking will then stop as soon as possible and the other candidate can say what they want to say. They will then have a time limit set for a few minutes or so, and once it is up, they will have to finish off their conversation to let the other carry on with what they were saying originally. However, there should probably be a limit to how often they can raise their hand, to prevent many disruptions. This will also mean that the people watching can consider what the candidate has said, then reconsider depending on what the other candidate has said. This will be a lot fairer and less one sided to the person that goes last. If they wanted this to be stricter, they could even turn microphones off to let the other speak.

    Thanks for reading,

  • if someone breaks the rules and they are president they shouldn't be able to vote because they may be part of their

  • country but they let it down

  • I would change the rule that you can only vote if you are 18. Since in America when your 16 you are allowed to learn how to drive but you cant vote for who you want. It doesn't make any sense. You should be able to vote for who you want for your future.

  • I think that the candidates should at least last in a debate half an hour. Although , if the candidates start insulting each other and have a childish behaviour they should take a vote from them their results; they can learn a lesson and not repeat it . At the end of the day it will minimise so much drama.

  • My rule would be that if one of the candidates talks over the other the candidate immediately the other candidate wins. As in my opinion it is childish to take over the other person. They should let each other say what there idea is. Let each other speak other wise people won't know who they won't to vote for if they are talking over each other.
    Thank you for reading,

    1. my rule is that in the protest/debate you should be nice you are not allowed to argue or fight. Or anything like that it should be a fair debate. they should leave it up to the public's choice.

  • I think my rule would be that if a person asked a question it should be answered as soon as possibale

    1. What should happen if they don't answer the question, humble_thought?

  • an important rule would be to not shout and don't swear

    1. That's a great rule, adventurous_coconut. Do you think they should have their microphones muted if they do?

  • I think that you shouldn’t have to be born in America to become a president I would probably say that you have to live in America even if you’ve just moved there to be able to run a campaign. Due to the fact you have to be 35 years old or older to run for president that’s quite unfair, if I’m being truly honest I I would change it to at least 25

    1. What rule do you think they should obey in debates?

      1. Respecting everyone’s opinions and don’t try changing them :)

  • My name is freespirited _nature and my rules would be if one of the candidates were already suitible for being presedent they wouldn't have to have a dibate or vote.

  • i think a rule should be that you do not have to be born in america and you should not have to live in america for 14 years

    1. Thank you for this - can you give us a rule for the debate now? Is there something both people should always do to make it a fair debate?

  • people that under 35 should not be president

  • hello, im secure_twilight no one should ever feel lonley so we should give them some help on the news because i believe there is a little love in everyone so lets let people have fun. :)

    1. Do you think the candidates for president get lonely when they are on stage debating each other? And do you think they should get help?

      1. i think that sometimes they get lonley so i thought we could help them on the news

  • Respect who is speaking in the debate.
    Be honest.
    Be responsible.

    1. Great rules - can you tell us why they are important?

  • talk pulit keep it down be nice and don't beet up enyone up

    1. Do you think they should be allowed to raise their voice if they feel really strongly about something?

  • my rule is that no shouting at each offer and be fair at each offer and let them speak one at the time so it is fair

  • defanatly there micraphones should be muted or get sent away by the sucuritey gaurds

  • I think that maybe you should NOT bring in personal things e.g Didn’t your son die because ??? Or... Didn’t you ??? a few years ago? It can make the candidate uncomfortable, upset or make the candidate feel angry if it was a death or something that was not true. My second idea is that if one candidate is speaking then is the other candidate wanted to say something they have to wait for their turn, and if they are trying to convince the country to vote for them they shouldn’t lie and make impossible promises e.g I will end the financial problems in every state! This will be impossible. I also think you shouldn’t be chosen because of your amount of power and money but of the amount of how much you’re willing to make the place better and less problematic. I also think that a rule that should be in place is that if a candidate is giving a reason as to why they should be president then the other candidate shouldn’t say something like You can’t do that because blah blah bla.

    1. A superb response that goes into a lot of detail, and brings up something that Donald Trump did in the first debate. Well done!

  • People that under 77 should be the president .

  • i also think that they must deal with it like gentle men and they must be kind and helpful other wise not that much people will like them

  • I think an important rule is to pay attention to over’s because to listen to over people so you know if they have a different opinion then you.

    1. How could they show if they are paying attention, idealistic_hurricane?

  • hi my name is daring_forest and my rule is when there doing the dibates the should be muture and be the best they can be by not shouting or getting angry and make sure that every one has there voice heard

    1. Can you tell us why this is important, daring_forest?

  • Hello, i'm beloved_wolf I would like to change some of the rules for president because i think it is not fair of the kind of rules you have to do/have to be for running as president, I think the first rule we should change is being born in america you should be able to be born in a different country and have moved from the country you was born in, into America. I find some of these rules are unfair! Another one is, you have to been in America over 14 years this could be a good rule so you can get to know America a bit more and know facts but not so long as 14 maybe cut it down a bit. I feel Texas shouldn't have that much votes because its not fair in other country, like some country's don't have one vote not even one!

    1. These are really good points, beloved_wolf, with good reasons so I have awarded a star (especially becuase the technology was not working to show us the video!) - but can you give us a rule for the debates well?

      1. Debates should not be that intense because its a bit, like bad to be shouting its just you can have a opinion but no matter how you try its on our opinions about your actions and like "should they be president?" its just like what your saying and your decisions you make.

  • The first rule is important because the two people in the debate should not interrupt one an other.

    The second rule is important because they should be honest about what they will be like when they are president.

    The third rule is important because you should be responsible in a debate because if you are not people won't respect you

  • Hello, i'm nice_keyboard and i would like to change the rule of of being born in America to run for President. I think even though you moved there when you were just a baby, i think if you were over the age of six when you moved there you're not allowed to run. but i don't think its fair at all to not be referred to as a American citizen. The second rule i would like to change is living there for over 14 years because 14 years is a long time and not everyone stay's in one country for that long because some like to move around the world and visit different places so i would make it 5 years to run for president. The third rule id like to change is that You have to be over 35 years old, sometimes younger people can be wiser but all it relies on their education!

    1. Once again an excellent set of reasons, and can you now give us a rule for the debate?

      1. I think for debates they should be equal and they shouldn't be childish and talk over each other and be rude to each other!!

  • If someone breaks the rules and they are president they shouldn’t be aloud to vote and so it passes on to the other person that voting for being president.

  • 1 at a time and do it nicely so it can not go crazy.

  • so that the dibate and vote is fair

  • Hello, i'm sensible_city and i would like to change the rule(s) of that you have to be born in America to be a president there.
    I think that it is very unfair that they have set these rules because it is some peoples dream job to be the President of America and they are ruining the opportunity for those people if they for example where born in the UK.
    The way that i would change this rule is to got rid of it all together.
    Now,on to the other rules,there is a rule that you have to live in America for over 14 years and i don't think that's very unfair so i would change it so the person has to get used to America but not for 14 years so i would limit it to 4-5 years so they know America good enough to be president.
    The last rule that I will be talking about is the age limit,in the rules it says that you have to be 35 or over but if i were president i would make the age limit to 25 so that younger adults have a chance of an amazing job,younger adults i feel have a GREAT imagination and can think of amazing ideas so they get there share of a great life as well as others.

    1. A very reasoned answer- and I noticed you talk about age limits at the end there. Do you think there should be talking limits in a debate, and why?

  • my name is talented _laboratory and my rules are...
    respect who is speaking in the debate.
    be responible and be nice and don't beet up anyone at all.
    be reasponicle and don't beat up everyone

  • debates should be fair so no shouting no swearing because little kids could be watching the debate and shouting
    thanks for reading

  • my rule is if anything happened to another person if there where to speak over them,or shout at them or anything to do with a fight or arguing,the other person should get a saying without the other person speaking.

  • I think the American president should’t Cum to out concher because America and the uk president will fite

  • Hi I’m intelligent_cat and I think that the first rule it important because two people in the debate should no interrupt one an other.the second rule is inportant because they should be honest about what they will be like when they are president.

  • If you brake the rule the president they shouldn’t be aloud to vote and so it passes on to the other person that voting for being president.

  • My rule is that they should respect whose talking and instead of hurting someone’s feelings use facts

  • My rule is the moderater should allow the candidates one question to ask to each other but all the rest of the questions come from the moderater. I also think that the public should be able to ask questions as well but only a couple. This is just my opinion.
    Thank you for reading,

  • My rule would be that each of the states should be treated the same, for example if you were in on branch of a supermarket, you should pay the same as another branch of the same supermarket.

  • I think that they should make it that you can't speak over people as it causes anger between both people, which was shown in the Joe Biden and Donald Trump discussion as they insulted each other.

  • I think this rule should be they shouldn't be rude all of the time when they are speaking they should respect each other and try as hard as they can because there is no point of doing it if you will lose

    thank yous
    arctic fox
    Tom @ the BNC
    marvellous pigeon
    cherished powder
    memorable pineapple
    From Jovial eel

  • One rule I would put in is that they are not allowed to talk over each other and they should not speak until they are asked a question. I would also limit the things that they can say to each other and not get too personal. Also instead of having just one person monitoring it, there should be more. kind_cat

  • My rule's to change the debate would be first that they can not talk over one another or shout at each other because it would make it hard for the people to decide as they wouldn't be able to hear very well. Another rule could also be that they both have 3 minutes to answer each question. If the question is not answered properly the other person gets another minute to talk about there answer.

  • If I was in charge of it I would say they can be born everywhere live everywhere but they 18 or older

  • My rule is to change the debate so that everyone has to take turns and if someone was talking over the other then the people would decide the punishment from between being put in a glass box so no one can here you or not being able to talk for an whole hour and you can't answer any questions. I would do this so no one could fight and would feel threatened so they would not do anything wrong.

  • My rule is how they say their speeches without interruption so it clears what they’re going to say to America. When they interrupt each other, they are not able to get their message through. They should have a 5 minute speech for themselves. If Trump or Biden has question, they shall wait till the end to say it .

  • I think that there should be a talking object so if you are holding it, the other person has to listen to them. This would be easier as they will get more opinions across without just arguing about them. But they have a limit of two minutes so everyone says something.

  • My 1st rule I would like to add is: the candidate should have at least 5-10 minutes to answer and question each other while being restricted from talking over the other candidate this could prevent any more arguments and feuds further on the debate. My 2nd rule I would like to add is: Mocking and saying inappropriate words and sentences to the opposite candidate should also be restricted. My 3rd rule I would love to add is ALWAYS respect what the moderator does and says since he/she is not different from the candidates running for president. My 4th and final
    rule is that you should not discuss or bring up personal about the election that the other candidate doesn't want the world to know about because it could either be fake and stick with the candidate for the rest of their lives or it could lessen the chance of the candidate being elected even thought what they did was a mistaken act etc.

    thank you so much for reading my comment.


  • The one rule/change that I would bring in is I would let the candidates take it in turns to speak. I think that this is important because if the candidates take it in turn to speak then we can hear what they are saying more clearly and it shows some type of respect towards the opponent. If we can hear what the are saying more clearly in any election then we can make a fair decision on who to vote for, and if they show respect for each other, the election might have a different effect on people because we will know which candidate is more respectful to the opponent and therefore they might be more respectful to the people around the world.

  • I think they should say their speeches first and then, after they should raise your hand and then talk to each other sensibly and have a good old debate.😃like say what they would do to the country

    from jovial_ eel

  • My views on the debates:
    It may be comical but it is highly unprofessional because if your debating you wouldn't hear swearing or insults will you. In the debate they didn't even talk about the problems of the world they spent 3 quarters of the discussions talking about the cons of each person not the problems in the world. Personally in the first debate I think that Joe Biden won because Donald Trump kept getting off topic and another reason I think that is because he kept referring to us 'your vote counts, your vote is going to decide the next 4 years of this country' That is why I think Biden won.
    Thank you for listening to my views!

  • If I could decide a rule, I would make that both candidate could not insult each other because it makes them look like they are 2

  • My one new change for the next debate would be for both candidates to sign a contract before the debate starts stating that they will both follow the rules, for example not speaking over each other, not avoiding the question and not shooting personal insults. If they break the rules, there should be a consequence such as not being able to participate in future debates. I would change this because it is important to have a clear set of rules in place which everyone has agreed to follow. This will make the debate run much more smoothly and will be less likely to turn so chaotic.

  • My rule is that people should be allowed to say what they think because we live in a democracy and everyone should have a right to say what they think also I think that not just celebrities are more important than others I think everyone is equal.

  • I would make another rule saying they have 5minutes to announce each policy no interruptions and at the end asking questions.

  • I think nobody interrupts them while they are talking because I Find that quite rude . I hope you argue with me

  • Sorry I meant argee with me

  • I think if someone argues with the other the presenter takes action meaning that both of them have turns in speech