#7 - Listen to learn!

23 October 2020

Skill Description Competition Listening

Winners Announced!

Thanks to everyone who took part - it was so good to read how much you had learnt from your experts.

Our primary winner is reflective_arctic_fox from Hammond Junior School, who gave detailed and specific answers about what they learnt from several experts.

Our secondary winner is insightful_orca or Ormiston Bushfield Academy, who gave a very well-argued response about the importance of fact-checking, inspired by Angie Drobnic Holan. Well done to both of you!

Can you believe it's week 7 of the Burnet News Club already? How time is flying! We think now is a good time to pause and reflect.

There's been so much happening on the Hub - including several experts answering the questions YOU asked earlier in the term.

So this week's challenge is:

Watch the answers of at least one expert from below, and tell us the most important thing they've taught you, and why!

Watch Reggie Love talking about what it's like to be assistant to President Obama

Hear what Adam Roberts has to say about being a journalist during an election

Find out what it takes to run a fact-checking organisation during the campaign season from Angie Drobnic Holan

Learn what filmmaker Alicia Sams thinks of the big questions about this year's election

Discover how much money has been spent on this election so far, among other questions, from Ellen Weintraub

Understand what its like to work under three different presidents from Anita McBride

Click at the least of the links above, and tell us on THIS PAGE the most important thing their answers have taught you, and why it's important!

We're looking for entries that show you've listened carefully and thought about why what they say is important.


From listening to.... I learnt that... This is important because...

The competition closes at midday on Friday October 23rd. Good luck!

Comments (73)

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  • I think reggae love is the one that inspires me he’s kind of giving children something to aspire to. This is something that I like to think as a very noble deed . 😸😽😺 enthusiastic_frog

  • From reading Reggie Loves post I leant that she work with Obama for almost 8 years which is interesting and important because working with the first black president is a major deal.

    From wondrous_drum

  • From listening to Reggie Love, I learnt that it was a bit stressful working for the president. I would also be quite stressed because working for a president is quite a challenging job, but you do have to work for him, and do the very best you can. This is important because you are working for the president, and he is very important, and you have to do your best. In the end, we all have jobs, whether it is president, or just a Sainsbury's worker, you just have to do your best, and get the job done.

  • After listening to Reggie Love talking about being the assistant of Barack Obama I learnt that people don't take these big opportunities for the fame and the money. They work hard and study hard to make a change and to enjoy the time with what they have. This is really important because if you had this opportunity in your life you need to know that your incredibly lucky and you should make the most of it.
    Thank you for reading poetic_passionfruit ☺️

  • Hi,
    I have watched journalist Adam Roberts' answers to questions, and the most important thing I have learnt would probably be;
    Don't judge someone or something upon your first few impressions, as Adam said in video 4, that; after meeting with Joe Biden in Iowa in January, he did not think that Biden would become the candidate.
    Now, Biden is candidate, and a lot of people think he is the most likely to win.
    I hope this has made you think about how, and when to judge people.

  • After listening to Reggie Love, i learnt that it isn't easy to be assistant to the president as you have to do a lot of hard work to get to a point so high. You need to put in the work and effort in order to reap the benefits and like poetic _passionfruit has commented also to enjoy the time you have.it's the opportunity of a lifetime and it should be made the most of not wasted.

  • Ive loved learning about the American election it has been a very interesting subject to learn I have learnt a lot from the burnet news club site and a lot from all our experts and helpers on the hub. Thank you to everyone on the hub that could help me learn more.
    I’m very exited to find out our news topic from the next 6 weeks!😀
    Thank you everyone

  • From listening to Reggie love Post I really like the fact that you mentioned that Barack Obama was the first American and black person that became the President of America Because in America it’s very unlikely that a black person could be president they could still be president but for over the last couple of years we’ve only had one black president it is very interesting reading Reggie loves post and I learnt loads from that thank you Reggie love For writing that post and I’ll be sure to read more about this on the burnet news club Hub.😀
    Thank you for reading

  • I listened to Reggie Love about being assistant of Barack Obama I learned that no matter who you are you can accomplish anything because as some people know being a person of colour in the United States are hard because some people treat you differently. It made me think about how he had such a big opportunity and he studied hard and worked hard and didn't just want the money . It showed it's feeling that everything you accomplish paid off in the end. Thank you for reading splendid_dog

  • Hello, my name is reflective_artic_fox and this is my response to this competition.
    From listening to Reggie Love, it made me feel as if Barack Obhama wasn’t achieving the impossible, but that he was proving that it isn’t impossible. Both of them were truly an inspiration for about everyone, and that no matter skin colour or any difference in fact. It also demonstrated the ability that Obama had with his many good laws and policies. Reggie also had a tough job as the ‘bodyman’ but coped outstandingly.
    From listening to Adam Roberts, his significant knowledge provided me with a detailed opinions, and proved that everyone has a opinion, and even if you are not allowed to vote. It also fascinated me about the amount of fake news spread, just to get popular. He provided an insight about the candidates before election and the difference post-election, which was very interesting.
    From listening to Angie Drobnic Holan, I felt as if she was displaying as she went, with extreme detail. I now realised that being a fact–checker is way more complex than it seems, an Politifact are doing a great job so far. It displays that they do it for others- and not for themselves only, which benefits both us and them in a certain way. Fact-checking is an exremely imporatant job as it proves that there are people out there that want to provide us with false content or false mourning.
    From listening to Alicia Sams, I learned much more about the candidates, and what they are (and were) like. I had not known before about Biden being a person for company, nor that of Hillary Clinton's speech referring to 'cracks in the glass' of inequality. This just goes to show that learning more and listening would give you a lot more knowledge than remaining firm with your view, although that is in its own way, beneficial.
    From listening to Commissioner Ellen Weintraub, I realised that the amount of money used is almost ten times as much as last time. I never knew that there wasn't a limit either, and also found it really interesting how they managed to discover their infrastructure and anaylyse the amount used and the constant reports. I think that it is a good thing that there are people trying to prevent violation of the election campaigning. She also demonstrated a case in which 'money doesn't buy you becoming president'.
    Thank you!

  • From listening to Adam Roberts, I have learnt through all the time he has been a journalist in other elections this one between Trump and Biden is very different. When answering the question of who do you think will win the election and he is clear with his reasons. This is important because this election will go down in history as the behavior of Trump to Biden is shocking.

  • To trust somebody can be difficult but to believe in someone is easy all of these people have inspired me to work hard to get to were they are because sometimes I can be lazy then work hard and then from that I procrastinate which is not a good so I need to make sure that I work hard all the time instead of being lazy thank you for helping to realise that and I hope that some day I can grow up to be like you all.

  • From listening to Reggie Love, I have learnt that during the time he was working with President Barack Obama -the first Black President- it was pretty hard working as the bodyman but he was trying his best and try to cope well. When he was working for Obama he said working with him made him feel nothing was impossible.

    Thanks for reading,

  • Really nice comment👁👄👁👍

  • After listening to reggie I think he had really great ideas for Obama and that he could use those ideas so he should have something to do with this

  • reggie love was a great president assistant he had great ideas for obama

  • I listened to Reggie Love and the phrase "we were building the plane as it took off" really inspired me because its shows that you shouldn't give up even when times are tough.

  • I listened to Reggie Love and I love how it shows how you never give up even when times are hard

  • After listening to Reggie Love, I learnt the hard and fun times about being the President's Assistant and how he didn't have any experience like Obama didn't have any experience of being a very important President.

  • After listening to Reggie Love, I realise that being an assistant for a president is a very important job. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment. And for a job as big as this you don't need to be afraid to make mistakes along the way.As you grow in the job you will learn how to do things and when to do it. He also wasn't afraid to make mistakes because this was the first time they had this particular job for Reggie and Obama. Reggie also said that this job is more than being with the president 24/7 you make sure there up on time, get to events on time and helping when they need help.
    I loved reading these comments!
    What did you learn?

  • is strong and he is a brave and helpful

  • The most important thing that I have learned is that if you are someone who is an important person, you have to act like one. This involves kindness, respectfulness and honesty. I chose this because if you don`t have this kind of behaviour nobody will respect you.

  • After listening to most of the videos I would really thank Reggie Love for being honest and adding more useful information on to his answer. I also learnt that people don't just want to be vice - president or president just for fans and money/dollars but for more equality, no racism so to sum it all up, to make a change, a good one.

    From buzzing_grapefruit and if you have any comments or any advice for me don't be afraid to share! :)

  • I think that Angie Drobnic Holan is in portent because she checks if every thing the president say is true.

  • I learnt that being a journalist is not an easy job because people may disagree with you and that may seem a bit frustrating. Another thing I found out is that if your a journalist you need to write a lot and attend lots of political events and do lots of research because if you want to write an article you need to have a story to back your evidence. The final thing I learnt was that it is no easy work working with Barack Obama a political figure who changed history and changed America in a whole. I bet I couldn't do better so well done to Reggie for his brilliant work. Thankyou very much for the videos.

  • After listening to Reggie Love, I feel touched and inspired from what President Obama did. He has proved to some racist white people that it doesn't matter what colour your skin is, we can all still do amazing things no matter what our religion is, our gender, the colour f our skin or where we are from. It's inspiring that even though some didn't like him/ want him to be president, he still believed that anything is possible. He has made me feel like anything is possible from his constant positive belief that anything and everything is possible.

  • From listening to Ellen Weintraub I learnt that this election is the most expensive election as America would have spent 11 million on this election. I only knew that the candidates had campaigns, I never knew they spend 11 billion on it! She has made me realise know much money American's have and how much these candidates want to be president.

  • 1) It inspired me when Reggie touched on the fact that being apart of the first African-American administration made him think everyday that anything was possible. This was especially because as I am part of a minority too (Asian), it makes me feel proud more people of colour are representing high roles and impacting society. Furthermore, it shows me how far we've come as a society that we are accepting of all people, regardless of their background or ethnicity. Growing up, I have never really felt minorities were getting the recognition they deserved, as opposed to non people of colour. Seeing people like Obama and Reggie having large power on how the country was run makes me want to achieve my aspirations too!

    2) What surprised me most from Reggie's answers was the lack of access to healthcare for Americans. It makes me reflect on how privileged we are and how grateful we should be that in the UK, we have the NHS. As we are all used to free healthcare, it's hard to imagine life without it: imagine the stress of the bills for your medicine and appointments - the uncertainty of knowing how much you'll have to pay? I think that access to healthcare is a basic necessity and finding out not all Americans can access it due to financial issues saddens me, due to the fact that some might not get the proper help/medical attention they need if they are struggling with money.

    3) Reggie's answers to the characteristics of Barack Obama connect to the 2020 election race, because it gives us an idea of how a good president should act and present themselves. This shows us the difference between the current president, Donald Trump, and Obama because one is a person whom most people have strong negative opinions on, whilst one was adored and argued to be one of the best presidents of the United States. This shows me that people vote for the person that shows compassion for others and recognising the duty it takes to run the country.

    Thank you for reading my comment!

  • Listening to Alicia Sams I found out how actually Barrack Obama never changed even when he got more and more famous. He still was the man he was and that interested me! It shows me how not all the time power goes to people's head.

  • I think Reggie love is very discreptive and i learned alot about Barack Obama

  • Reggie is so great he inspired me too. l got so inspired that if l fell so great for him and l like how he achieved to become close to the president. l learnt a good lesson from this very best good video. thankyou for all the support from you .please can some one answer this question? from friendly maths.

    1. What is your question, friendly_maths? If you'd like someone to answer your questions, keep your eyes peeled for when we announce our next expert! They will be happy to help.

  • That you don't have to be the candidate to be famous and to have an important job. All of these people have equally important job, they wouldn't be nowhere without them

  • After listening to most of the videos I would really thank reggie love for being honest and adding more useful information on to his answer. I slow learnt that people just don’t just want to be vice-president or president just for fans and money/dollars but for more equality, no racism sos to sum it all up, to make a change, a good one.

    From intelligent_cat and if you have any comments or any advice for me don’t be afraid to share! :)

    1. Please always write with your own words and not copy and paste someone else's work.

  • reggie makes children inspired to learn about president votes

  • Listing to Alicia Sams I found out how actually Barrack Obama never changed even when he got more and more famous.He still was the man he and that interested me allot!! It shows me how not all the time power goes to peoples head.

  • i listened to Reggie love i think what is important is that police shloud not target african americans people

  • hello im seure_twilight i found it very nice that alica sams had been near to brako bama most of her job and i agree that joe biden is like him and would he be nice to everyone, so i think that he should become presidant because he offers peace among america and other countries its a chance to take he has offered to pay for children's university so they can get higher education well thats what i think. thanks for reading have a nice day

  • Hello, my name is intelligent_cat and this is my response to this competition. From listening to reggae love, it made me feel as if Barack Obhama wasn’t achieving the impossible, but that he was proving that it isn’t impossible. Both of them where truly inspiration for about everyone, Andy hat no matter skin colour or any difference in fact. It also demonstrated the the ability that Obama had with his many good laws and policies. Reggie also had a tough job as the bodyman but coped outstandingly.
    From listening to Adam Roberts, his significant knowledge provided mewith a detailed opinions, and proved that everyone has a opinion, and even if you are not allowed to vote. It also fascinated me about the amount of fake news spread, just to get popular. He provided an insight about the candidates before election and the difference post-election, which was very interesting.

  • I watched Reggie love's video and i learnt that every person's job is equal and even if they play a very smallest of part's it can also be the biggest importance, most of us know Reggie worked with Obama for 8 years and most people knew about him but he was in Obama's shadow most of the time and not many people would talk about him, but we don't know if Reggie had any contact with the maybe new president of America? (Joe Biden)

  • reggie love i am so glad that you taught me that any thing is possible and that you dont have to be white to be a president. also if you focus on your future then you dont have to worry about your past. even though his mother died he kept going and didnt stop

    if you keep going you can acheive anything.
    thank you reggie love


  • I think it is really cool that Alicia Sams got to work with president Obama and from being a filmmaker to now being someone who deeply cares about politics.

  • eager_reflection here,
    I learnt from listening to Reggie Love that you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself, and that though you may not think that you may achieve something, there's always a small chance that you will get it. A small chance, yes, but still a chance. Also, once you do achieve it, you still have to be determined and thoughtful so you can still be respected, not just getting the job and not making all the hard work go to waste. Do not think that you can do something, because you can if you think you can. Also, you can still take happy memories from the most stressful jobs.
    I learnt from listening to Adam Roberts that being a journalist can be very exciting, as you could be able to meet various famous people. It can also be very rewarding, because you can provide many other people with information about things around the world. He also taught me that fake news can be anywhere, and you can go to trusted sources to find the correct answers. I also learnt that this presidential race is unlike any other, unique due to both candidate's interruptions in the presidential debate.
    I learnt from listening to Angie Drobnic Holan that being a fact-checker is a more complicated job than you think. It is an important job, because it can change people's minds a lot. Anyone can post fake news, but some are easier to be fooled than others. Also, it is possible for fake news to get past even fact-checkers!
    I learnt from listening to Alicia Sams that to make a film about politics, one of the best ways to get information about it is to get the help of a politician. She also taught me the inside details of both the candidates, and how they would react in different circumstances.
    I learnt from listening to Commissioner Ellen Weintraub that there is another side to the election - the money side. I never realised that so much money has to go in to an election, with it estimated that by the end of the election, 11 billion would be spent! I thought that it is interesting how there is no limit in how much money is spent. Furthermore, I learnt that even if you spend a lot of money campaigning to be president, you may not achieve it. Money does not pay for being president, but passion, determination and positiveness does.
    Thanks for reading my comment

  • These are so cool I like them all I can’t decide

    1. you are so right all these people are amazing! 😇😇😇

  • Estimated 11 billion dollars for the election which is the most expensive one yet!

  • I listened to Ellen Weintraub and I was taken back with this comment ‘11 billion with a B.’ That the election would cost this much money and that it will continue to get more expensive.

  • From Reggie love I learnt that unlike Donald trump president Obama cared about the country

  • The most important thing I learned is that before I thought that being an assistant to the president was a easy job. But now I know much work he does, and how close they probably are. Its just alot harder and as well as that I figured out that obama was a father figure to his assistant. This just makes me feel happy as it shows that not all presidents are all about power. Reggie Love showed me that being a assistant is a difficult job, taking up when he's gone, doing different tasks, and all around helping him out. I feel sympathetic for him as he doesnt get a recinision as he should because its a hard job. Thats what was most important to me as it showed a new side of the american goverment. Thanks for reading my comment!

  • Reggie that was amazing it blew my mind off i was inspired about that and do you know how old Barack Obama

  • I was inspired by Reggie Love because he was confident when he spoke about how stressful it was to assist the former president (Barack Obama). I did not know how it would actually feel to see the president of a America everyday in person and it would certainly be painful to not have a personal life.

  • I think Reggie Love ( the American's first black president) because he is giving the children something to pursue to and is inspiring me.

  • Hearing Reggie Love (Former adviser of Obama for 8 years) explain how he like working for Barack Obama. It was such an inspiring speech for every individual. He talked about how he thought anything is possible and how happy he was to be part of the first black association. Reggie talked about how he thought that Barack becoming president- he thought it was an universal impact on races, genders and colours in present and future generations. Well done Reggie and thank you for coming to answer our questions.

  • Reggie says that he enjoys what he does and that it is an extremely great honour to be helping out America's first black president. This gives me the impression that he loves what he does and likes his boss calling him and 'empathetic' person, someone who cares and is kind to other people. He definitely likes his job and his president.

  • It was clear that Reggie Love (Barack Obama's adviser) felt proud to work for the first black president of America. He was passionate to let Obama's presidential campaign to create a huge impact for not only America, but other individual
    who are mixed race and different genders all around the globe. I am inspired and I think he will honour the generations from the past as well as the future generations.

  • I have found out how easy to fact check is for things that we would normally come across in our daily lives because most things that we see will not be fact checked yet so it is important to know how to so we don't end up believing well constructed lies or superstition ( a little side note is that we should remember that correlation does not mean causation).

  • Listening to Reggie Love (former adviser of Barack Obama), I felt really inspired. I think he felt very empowered and that 'anything could happen'.He had never seen representatives and at this great opportunity there could be a universal impact on all gender, race and diversity. He was very passionate for supporting Obama.

  • Reggie Love, who formely worked for the significant trail blazer, Barack Obama, is filled with passion about his motivating occupation as the personal assistant of Barack Obama. Filling his 8 years with commitment and Inspiration, Reggie was fully dedicated to his job and from the video he says that he has never seen such an impact to the race and coloured community during his life time. Quoted- "For me it was a very powerful thing to be part of the first african-american administration US" which explains by verdicts.

  • Hearing Reggie Love, Barack Obama's former adviser for eight years, I was greatly inspired by him. I can now understand that he felt extremely empowered and that 'anything could happen' and that everything was feasible. He was very passionate to support Obama. Never had Reggie felt that the black African community previously while standing behind Obama. Working for such a prominent individual meant that it would have a tremendous impact on race, culture, gender and diversity for future generations.

  • what I learnt from listening to Reggie Love, He was greatly inspired by Barack Obama he loved it and “ it was a great opportunity” to work with a black president. Barack obama would never give up he was powerful and inspiring to others. which I thought was amazing.

  • The most important thing that I have learnt (from Reggie Love) is that whatever you do, it will influence the lives of other people. I believe that this is important because it proves that whatever you say, do or act out will affect other peoples lives, in whatever way. This means that your reaction you have to something, will also have an opposit reaction and possibly many.

  • Well I think the most important thing that Reggie Love said is that president Obama was empathetic and kind. This is important as a good president should know how others feel. He also stated that he tried his best to be a good president and this is important as he should not be greedy and he tried his best.

  • Also I agree with splendid_donkey.

  • Reggie really inspired me because he was Barack Obama's(a trail blazer) former personal aide for 8 years,which meant he had a view of what was happening but not from the president's eyes, and that helped give the bigger picture. He felt that 'anything could happen' because he could change the world by advising Mr Obama, to help future generations as it has a worldwide impact on people of different colour religion or anything that had been discriminated by the past.

  • Hello I am Practical_wolf and this is my response,

    I really found that it was so interesting how our generation haven't really have to live through this, I personally could never imagine how it must have felt let alone stand up and be the 2nd black race being to ever be elected to be an american president and I have so many quotes that I have picked up but some of my favourites are 'It really makes you believe that anything could happen here in the us' and since than every thing has changed. The huge message is everybody is equal! ALL LIVES MATTER don't jude a human for whats on the out side Jude them by whats on the inside. EVERYONE IS EQUAL!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am intelligent_seal. I think Joe Biden should be the new president because I personally think he would be better because I think he could control COVID-19 better than Trump has. He has caught corona and he isn't telling people to wear mask to stop the infections of the virus or the current pandemic. ALL LIVES EVEN BLACK MATTER in this world. We need to find a way to stop all this racism in the world towards blacks. WE ARE ALL EQUAL IN THIS WORLD.

  • The most important thing that Reggie Love taught me was that anything is possible and I should keep dreaming big and work hard and hope one day it will become true. I will always remember that anything is possible. Thanks Reggie :)

  • After listening to Ellen I am take aback at the significant amount used on the campaign. Eleven billion dollars is a lot of money going towards this while it could be going some where it is needed. For example, elven billion dollars could be used to help hospitals through this pandemic!

  • From listening to all the videos about fact-checking from Angie Drobnic Holan, I have learned that it is important to make sure that the information that you see everywhere might not always be true and by watching the videos it has given me a sense of understanding that the news that you hear can impact your vote and could possibly persuade you to think a negative way towards one of the candidates. I also learnt that people use fake news as a prank or to jeopardise the election which can affect everyone who is voting, and even everyone who isn’t voting. Fact-checking is an important part of the election as it tells the truth and finds the lies that are there to make people think in a certain way. Fact-checking is bad for the election and the videos have taught me not to believe everything I see on the internet and to always check the facts I am telling other people.

  • After listening Ellen I aggree with the fact the spending 11 billion on elections is too much . I’m curious to find out where that money goes.

  • From listening to Reggie love I realized being a president can me a harmful and a stressful job
    But you have to get the job done you cant just give up that not what real president do never give up even if it the hardest job in the world dont give up Barack Obama didn't do that Donald trump didn't do that they persevered.
    I love the quote he used which was "WE WERE BUILDING THE PLANE AS IT TOOK OF"
    That a clear example saying never give up even if you in a rough time or even a bad day never give up

  • The fact that Reggie Love used the quote "we were building the plane as it took of" just really gave me a sense and told me that if im having a bad day or a rough time I should never give up giving up as bad and I will never give up!

  • After watching Angie Drobnic Holan, I now realise how jobs that aren't reconised as much as doctors and ect. are much more important than others think. I see how being a Fact-checker requires a skill and talent ans how, if you want to be a fact-checker, should have that paticular liking of those books and those reports. But, even though most would disagree (I am not saying you will disagree), I think that Fact-checkers aren't that important. I mean, they are there to help us reconise the true happenings of the world but I just feel that if they're there, we will not have a break from the news and gossip is sometimes fun.

    I do think they deserve a bit more reconistion though because at first, I had no idea what a fact-checker is but now I know how important hey are for some people all across the globe.