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I think the second picture best depicts cancel culture. This is because even though one person... #41 Picture this! 01/7/21
I agree with OPTION B because it is important to make sure you are not insulting people when you... #39 Pick one! 17/6/21
I would be a climate activist and a scientist so I could produce vital equipment for nourishing... #36 Work for the world! 27/5/21
'If one sees litter on the ground, you must pick it up and put it in the bin no matter what... #35 Make a rule! 20/5/21
It will reconstruct corals and treat them with a newly founded medicine and it will bring back... #33 Invention test! 06/5/21
My robot would be one that helps out with nurses while they do their operations and other... #10 - Design a robot! 13/11/20
how do you know all of this stuff???? #9 - Acrostic Poem 03/11/20
When at times its difficult to do the work, but persevere and try, Or when its very hard and... #9 - Acrostic Poem 02/11/20
Reggie says that he enjoys what he does and that it is an extremely great honour to be helping... #7 - Listen to learn! 22/10/20