#25 Best inventions!

17 March 2022

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition this week. It was very difficult to choose winners because the quality of your research was excellent. However, after a lot of thinking, we decided they should be…

fantastic_fossil of Rhemaville Christian Academy in Nigeria, who described the benefits of the ice-cream machine, invented in 1846 by Nancy Johnson


best_insect of Graveney School in the United Kingdom, whose explanation about why Sarah Goode invented the folding cabinet-bed really caught our attention.

Well done everyone for sharing such inspiring stories!

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The Competition

Picture of window wipers

Did you know? Windscreen wipers on cars,
bullet-proof material and the first computer software were all invented by women!

This week's competition is all about celebrating the women, who have changed the world through their amazing inventions.

You should find ONE great thing that was invented by a woman and say WHY it is important.

Don't forget to come back and see what other students have found!

Top Tips
  • Read the other competition entries first so that your idea is original
  • Make your entry personal to YOU
  • The inventor you mention must be a WOMAN
  • You could structure your entry like this: "I found out that *INVENTION*... was invented by *FEMALE INVENTOR* . This invention is important because..."

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  • I found out that the liferaft was invented by Maria Beasley.
    This invention is very important because it saves many peoples lives, not just one at a time, because if a ship was sinking, everyone could climb on it.
    Also, did you know this was patented in 1882.

    1. Thanks for your entry, articulate_rock. I noticed you mentioned that the life raft was patented in 1882. Could you say more about what a patent is and does?

    2. As for my country,the zomlions always makes the country clean so this prevent us from falling sick

  • I discovered that Margaret E. Knight invented the flat-bottomed paper bag was invented in 1853.
    This invention is very beneficial to people all over the world because it is very easy and it takes less energy to make them and It also helped and influenced other people to be creative and also produce similar products similar to the flat-bottomed paper bag. It helps in carry small items like gifts, candies and other light weight items.

    1. I'm not entirely sure Margaret Knight created the paper bag itself, openminded_beetle. Can you tell us where you found this information?

  • I found that, according to Bluehost blog Dr. Shirley Jackson is the first Black woman to graduate with a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
    Her research in telecommunication led to the invention of technology such as fiber optic cables, She is also a leading developer of call waiting and caller ID on mobile phones.
    The importance of her invention is that today sharing of network is very easy and, with the caller ID we are able to tell who is calling us and it saves people from fraud.

  • I found out that in 1886, the first dishwasher in the world, was invented by a great woman by name Josephine Cochrane. This invention is important because but it makes life much more easier for people which helps them to both save time and energy and also work more efficiently.

  • From my research, I found out that 'FLO' is a Reusable Menstrual Kit that was invented by Mariko Higaki Iwai which is aimed at helping girls who do not have access to proper menstrual products due to poverty to wash, dry and carry reusable sanitary pads wherever they go which can reduce the rate of infections they get.
    From my research, I found out that some girls in Kenya had to miss 5 days of school when they were on their periods because they did not have access to sanitary pads. But with this invention, girls are able to go to school with their reusable pads and attend lectures.

  • I found out that the feeding tube was invented by Bessie Virginia Blount in 1948.
    This invention is important because it helps those who can not assimilate food to ingest their food through the nose or stomach.

  • I would be talking on Maria telkes. she invented solar energy in 1947. she made a great impact towards creating the solar energy. if not for her invention in places like Nigeria whereby light isn't constant there would have being light shortage. Therefore this invention is very effective especially in Nigeria.

  • I found out that the front-door security system was invented by "Marie Van Brittan Brown" a black American.
    This invention is significant in the world now because her invention created another strategy for similar security system used today, this shows that women are very important in our present time.
    This is amazing because she probably faced intersectionality based on both race and gender.

  • I found out that the first thermoelectric generator was invented by Maria Telkes. This device is important because it converts heat energy to electricity and the electricity is used for lighting, powering devices and other purposes. This device is environment-friendly and can be used in homes, schools and even hospitals.

  • I found out that in 1914, the electric refrigerator was invented by Florence Parpart. This invention is important because without the refrigerator we would probably be using icepacks to preserve food, which I feel is not efficient in anyway especially now that food is prepared in large amounts for future purposes.

  • In the year 1941, during the second world war, a brave woman by the name Hedy Lamarr was able to invent a frequency-hopping communication system that could guide torpedos without being detected. This ground breaking invention is important because it is what has paved the way for modern wireless inventions such a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even GPS. She also did a great job by producing such a great invention even at such a precarious time in the world and according to research, was used to help in fighting the World War II.

  • I found out that my favorite delicacy ice cream was simplified by the invention of the ice cream machine by Mrs. Nancy Johnson in the year 1846. This to me was an important invention because she picked simple and made it simpler, she made ice cream making less tedious and more delicious and now manning this machine is a profession, so indirectly she created a job opportunities and she made it less tedious.

  • Through my love for computer programming I discovered that "computer algorithm" was invented by "Ada Lovelace", she wrote the first algorithm for a machine in the 1800s and is considered the first computer programmer. This invention is important because, we live in a world run by AI, governed by algorithms and designed in codes. And nearly 90% of the world depends on algorithms daily, with her invention the world is able to solve a lot of problems, just like sorting papers and even tying your shoes, following a recipe are some forms of algorithm we do daily that we are not even aware of.

  • I found out that radioactivity was first discovered by a woman named Marie Curie in the year 1898. This invention is important because according to world-nuclear.org, nuclear energy now provides about 10% of the world's electricity from about 440 power reactors and is the worlds second largest source of low carbon power. Another notable fact is that Marie Curie died due to excessive exposure to radiation which is an immense sacrifice that has lead to the producton of energy used by millions around the world and is a sign of true bravery exhibited by a woman.

  • Well, I found out that in 1889, Herminie Cadolle was the first woman to invent 'BRASSIERE' for the female gender. Her invention is very important because it protects the general health of the breast and improves the look of a female, making them look presentable and modest.

  • I found out that the car heater was invented by Margaret A. Wilcox and was invented on the date 28th November 1893.This invention is important because because in cars lots of the time we don't realise that we are warm enough because of the car heater and if we didn't have it in our cars we would be much colder than we realise and on most car journeys we would either be too hot or too cold but because of this incredible invention we aren't.

  • I found out that Mary Van Brittan Brown and her husband invented an innovative home security system in 1966, which was granted in 1969. She was inspired by the amount of time that the police took to get to the houses and she wanted to do something about it. It is made out of four peepholes, a sliding camera, television monitors and a two-way microphones.

  • I just discovered that in 1887, the first fire escape was invented by a woman, Anna Connelly. It started out just as a metal staircase. Her invention is important because not only did it save lives, but it brought about one of New York City's first building codes; the code that required residential buildings to have an alternative method of escape in case of emergencies.

  • A Life Raft', it was invented by Maria Beasley in the Year 1882. The life rafts created based on her design were used on the Titanic, and saved over 700 lives. Life rafts are important safety requirements on ships. In their absence, marine fatalities could occur which otherwise could have been prevented. Ships, large boats, and other marine vessels incorporate the usage of life rafts, making them indispensable in the nature of marine vessel operations.

  • I found out that in 1882, Maria Beasley made the very first fireproofed life raft. It was not only fireproof but it was also convenient for storage and equipped with guard rails. It is important because it is now used to navigate water safely and it is interesting to know that 30 years after this invention, similar boats were used to save people from sinking together with the legendry Titanic

  • I found the invention of Computer software invented by "Grace Hopper." This is helpful because it makes things uncomplicated for people encompassing the world.

  • I discovered that the “first home monitoring system” was invented by Marie Van Britten Braun. This invention is important, Because it makes us feel comfortable when we get out of the house and does not make us anxious all the time, so imagine that you go out of your house and you are assured because your house is protected by a great invention made by a woman that has made our lives easier, and made us spend all our needs without worry, and also this is how fewer crimes and thefts because they know that in The house is a surveillance system, so they refuse to enter the house for fear of being caught and punished.

  • Stephanie L. Kwolek invent Kevlar. Kevlar is a heat resistant fibre used in making bullet proof vests. These vests have been able to protect many people without causing cancer like the material 'abestos' since the 1970's.

  • That women are important in society, as they have invented inventions for the benefit of society, and among these inventions: the bulletproof vest, his invention, the woman inventor: Stephanie Kollek
    I think that this invention is important because during wars fighters can wear it to avoid bullets or the police when they have a mission. They can wear them to avoid bullets and it is important for a person to protect against killing or bullets!

  • “I discovered that the “bulletproof vest” was invented by “Stephanie Kollek.” This invention is important, because it protects the individual combatant, police officer, protection personnel or important personalities from bullets, by reducing the force of the bullet in one area, and preventing it from penetrating the human body, Especially with the increase in terrorist attacks and the spread of shooting incidents around the world (to know that it was the man who invented the weapon and the woman who invented the means of protection from the weapon) (even when the man invented reasons for death, the woman invented means of life)

  • I discovered that the dishwasher that makes our lives easier
    Invented by: Josephine Cochrane, the truth is I was not very surprised, we women have the same suffering, it is possible for one of us to invent something that makes our lives easier and revolutionizes the world, I am proud that this invention that helps everyone and makes our lives easier for us came from the invention of a woman who felt the same as our hair while we were washing dishes, We all do not like to wash them, it is tiring and exhausting.

  • I recently learned that the computer was invented by a woman, Grace Hopper, who invented the world's first commercial computer

  • I recently discovered that the first solar-powered house was made by the great scientist Maria, which is a beautiful and unique discovery

  • I discovered that the invention of medical compressive clothing and bandages to treat burns, was invented by the inventor (Nama Shehadeh). This invention is very important due to its humanitarian importance as it alleviated the suffering of burn victims, and restored the skin to its nature without leaving traces and distortions that the person suffers from in the long run. I believe that this invention cured The physical aspect of the person is the place of the burns, and the psychological aspect as well....

  • Van Brittan Braun (home monitoring system) discovered the circuit used in surveillance systems in 1969. This invention is very useful for people with the aim of helping people maintain security, and help the police find the culprits.

  • I found that in 15th century in Ghana
    they found so much gold between the rivers-Ankobra and the Volta that they named the place Mina-meaning mine.It was until later that the name Gold Coast was adopted by the English

  • The woman had a great role, but it was attributed to the man, such as: 1 Steyr Lederberg .. Microbial genetics In the twentieth of the twentieth century, upstream, which makes him able to get the opportunity to reach the target easier. She continued her research for the first time separating the bacterium lambda phage (lambda phage), she and her husband together discovered homologous plates (bacterial genetics), and her husband won a Nobel Prize for the work they accomplished together, but no credit has ever been given 2 women "ENIAC" .. the first electronic computer He has been a target of the US Army's child recruitment enlistment program. They trained 6 women, Kathleen McNulty, Frances Bellas, and others

  • Women's inventions are uncountable.
    What i will say isn't an invention, but don't you think giving birth to 6 BILLION people is enough to show how important we are?.
    If we think that way, women invented everything! Because every single inventor came from a woman!
    I think that's comprehensive of all important inventions.

  • Dr. Hayat Sindi from Saudi Arabia helped create low-cost devices that can be used in developing countries to help diagnose diseases. She has invented a biochemical sensor that features thermoelastic probes, and she created the Magnetic Acoustic Resonance Sensor (MARS). The accuracy of its measurement of the predisposition of genes of diabetes is 99.1%, while other sensors give results that do not exceed 24% accuracy.

  • I discovered that the first syringe to inject medicine into the body with one hand was invented by a woman, the inventor, Letizia Monfrid, in 1988.
    In the early nineteenth century, a syringe was invented that serves the same purpose, but uses both hands to inject it, and this is difficult for the patient
    But with this invention, he was able to inject medicine into his body with one hand.

  • I found out that in 1956 "Liquid Paper" was invented by Bette Nesmith Graham . This invention is important because when ever I writing stories in pen I make mistakes so the invention is very useful to me, I found this out when I was wondering what to write as a story and I suddenly thought "I wonder who invented this?" so then I found it out and wrote it down and now I am writing about it! ✨

  • i found out that Madam C.J. Walker. was the first black millionairess, and she invented the world's first hair-straightening formula and/or the hot comb.

  • I found out that the Laserphaco Probe used in laser cataract surgery was invented by Patricia Ear Bath. This invention is important because it improves treatment for cataract patient. It is used worldwide to prevent blindness due to cataract and help restore sight even in people who have been blind for some years.

  • I found out that Monopoly (Landlord's game) was invented by Elizabeth Magie. This invention is important because it being taught in schools and used to train children all over the world to be good entrepreneurs, which helps people to invest, spend their money wisely and avoid borrowing money unnecessarily.

  • After searching on the Internet for the most important inventions that women were behind, I discovered that we really owe a group of women the credit for their inventions when we saw them for their support and invention of these inventions!! I was really amazed at the amount of these inventions, but I will mention in my comment the most important inventions attributed to women✨

    1_ Mary invented the astrolabe (the astrolabe), which is the first invention that determines the location of celestial bodies, the dates of sunrise and sunset, and some cosmic phenomena, and it is the gate by which space phenomena are measured before the advent of modern computers that we use in our time!

    2_ (The car) Everyone knows that the inventor of the car is “Carl Benz,” but when the invention of the car was successful, thanks to his wife, “Berta Rings,” who worked to support her husband morally and materially during all stages of manufacturing, in 1888 Benz completed the invention of a horseless chariot and three Fuel wheels!! But the car remained there without trying it until they were surprised by his wife Berta, who accompanied their son in the first car and drove it 66 mm to visit her mother on the first driving trip by car. [They say women driving is bad, I am curious to see their reaction when they find out that the first person who drove the car was a woman]

    3_ Also, "Grace Hopper" invented the computer!

    4_ The person responsible for the invention of the bullet-proof vest is Stephanie Mark.

    5_ In 1919, Alice Parker received a patent for the central heating system, and Parker was one of the first American inventors!!

    6_ The dishwasher was attributed to "Josephine Cochan", and the reason for her invention of the washing machine was her anger at her assistant, who was breaking Chinese dishes when washing them!

  • dish washer Josephine Cochrane, the first inventor of an automatic dishwasher, was not a housewife fed up with household affairs, but her father was an engineer and her grandfather an inventor, and she took on the task of finding a solution to help people wash dishes, and designed a washing machine equipped with a motor, and obtained a patent in 1868. The importance of a dishwasher is: 1- Save time and effort. 2- Water saving, as the washing machine uses a specific amount of water.

  • I found out that the frequency hopping technology (What we now have as Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth) was invented by a movie actress Lamarr Hedy. This invention is important because it spreads the signal spectrum over a wide band and interceptors find it hard to detect, this wireless technology is of great help to personnels in the military and other highly sensitive occupations.

  • I found out that " Space station batteries" were invented by Olga D Gonzalez-Sanabria. This invention is important, because: these long cycle-life, nickel-hydrogen batteries have helped to power the " International Space Station". Olga D Gonzalez-Sanabria, is from Puerto Rico. In 1980, she developed technology, which helped to create these batteries, then she became the director of engineering in " NASA's Glenn Research Center."

  • First, I want to describe to you the amount of astonishment and pride that I felt when I researched this subject. So, there are a large number of very important inventions in our lives that were invented by women, but among all the inventions that I found, this invention and the story of his invention today I will talk about Inventor Josephine Cochrane and her wonderful invention, the dishwasher.
    Indeed, the story of the invention of the dishwasher proved to me that the need was a reason for invention. The motive for Josephine Cochrane inventing this invention was her anger at her assistant, who was constantly breaking fine Chinese dishes for her, which led her to invent the dishwasher using global water pressure. Women because it works to save the time and effort that women have always put in washing dishes, and also, women will find plenty of time to do what they want.

  • I found out that the submarine telescope was invented by Sarah Mather. This machine is important because it was invented by a woman and can be used to examine objects under water.

  • Queen Rania made a great effort to develop education in schools and secure a better future for Jordanian children.

    Among the most prominent of them is the Madrasati project, which it launched in 2008 and aims to maintain the infrastructure and rehabilitate 500 Jordanian public schools between the public and private sectors.

    In addition to launching the Queen Rania Al Abdullah Award for Educational Excellence in July 2005 in partnership with the Ministry of Education. This was followed by the Queen Rania Al Abdullah Award for Distinguished Teacher 2006, then the Queen Rania Al Abdullah Award for Distinguished Principal 2008, and the Educational Guide Award 2014.

    In 2002, she was elected a member of the founding board of the World Economic Forum.

    Queen Rania has always been interested in building bridges of another kind, bridges in the field of culture and creativity around the reality of Arab and Islamic civilization.

  • I found out that call waiting and caller ID was invented by Dr. Shirley Jackson, a renown woman chosen to head the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission where she advised nations on nuclear safety issues. She has been on the fore front in the conduction of basic research which enable the invention of the touch tone telephone, fiber optic cables, portable fax. The call waiting and caller ID invention is important because it helps people to communicate better, increases detection of known, unknown and unwanted phone calls and then with call waiting people receive notification of new calls while on another call.

  • Maryam Al-Astrolabi, a Muslim astronomer, invented the complex astrolabe. An intelligent woman, the daughter of Koshiar Al-Jili, who lived in the tenth century in the city of Aleppo in northern Syria and worked in the field of space sciences in the court of (Saif Al-Dawla).From 944 to 967. Mariam invented the astrolabe (complex astrolabe) and then developed it. It is an ancient astronomical instrument called by the Arabs (the plates). It is a two-dimensional model For the planetarium, it shows what the sky looks like in a specific place at a specific time. The sky was drawn on the face of the astrolabe so that it was easy to find celestial subjects on it. Some astrolabes are small and easy to carry, and some are huge Some of them reach several meters in diameter. They were considered astronomical computers in their time, as they were solving problems related to the locations of celestial bodies, such as the sun and stars, and time as well. They were used as pocket watches for medieval astronomers. With it, they were also able to measure the height of the sun in the sky, and this enabled them to estimate the time of day and night. The complex astrolabe is based on it today The working mechanism of the compass and satellites is similar to the way the (Global Positioning System) that has appeared in our time.

  • My country organized the legal clinic at the Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Legal Profession (Equality), and this is a beautiful thing for the rule of law and the promotion of human rights, because equality is an important thing in society that leads to its cohesion

  • I found out that a urine powered generator was invented by four teenage girls in a secondary school namely Duro-Aina Adebola, Akindele Abiola, Faleke Oluwatoyin and Bello Eniola. This invention is important because it makes use of waste (urine) to produce electrical power which is one of the ultimate goals of sustainability and every average household will gladly appreciate this as it is a cheaper source of fuel and invariably a good way to save money.

  • I found out that the automatic dishwasher was invented by Josephine Cochrane. This invention is important because it serves as a household aid, saving most homes stress and time as in regards to house chores especially when it comes to dish washing. It also helps to augment environmental hygiene in line with the Sustainable Development Goal 6, Clean Water and Sanitation.

  • Jane Cooke-Wright is a leading researcher and surgical oncologist who has used chemotherapy with the drug methotrexate to treat breast cancer and skin cancer.

  • Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson is an American scientist who pioneered telephone line identification systems and was the first black American to run a high-level research university.
    What a job, you creative brunette!!!

  • I discovered that it was invented by the inventor: Florence Barbat in 1914 AD. This invention is important for every human being, especially the housewife, because she prepares food and needs to remain for as long as possible to preserve it and to keep it ready at the time when she is busy. She cannot prepare food, so she finds it in the refrigerator and thus has invented the woman On what helps it save time, effort and money in a simple but very important device.

  • Inventor Florence Lawrence invented directional lights, and this invention is important because she designed lights to tell other drivers the direction of its rotation with the push of a button and developed a signal linked to the brakes that tells other drivers that the vehicle will stop and this is important and accidents have decreased because of this invention and this wonderful invention...

  • I found out that the Exterior fire escape was invented by Anna Connelly.
    This invention is important because it prevented the death of many people living in multi-story buildings whenever there was a fire.

  • I found out that the laser which is used to treat gloucoma ( the presence of water on eyes ) was invented by Patricia Bath in 1988.
    This invention us very important because it has corrected vision for thousands in need to.

  • The student at the faculty of engineering at(Palestine polytechnic) university in Hebron,Amani Abu Tair(24 years),from Jerusalem,has come up with a device that helps the blind learn languages in Braille electronically without the need for an assistant teacher. This invention is very important, because it helped many children with visual impairments to communicate and lear.....

  • I found out that Mary Van Brittan Brown and her husband invented an innovative home security system in 1966, which was granted in 1969. She was inspired by the amount of time that the police took to get to the houses and she wanted to do something about it. It is made out of four peepholes, a sliding camera, television monitors and a two-way microphones, it seems like nothing big but we all know women do things not to favor themselves but for the benefit of others it fascinated me how she helped not just her family but everyone around her and generations to come, not only did she solve a breaking in problem she partly gave a permanent solution to the problem especially in her generation.

  • I found out that: Wireless Communication System (Wi-Fi)
    was invented by : Hedy Lamarr
    This invention is very, very important because: Without it, there would be no such thing as (Wi-Fi) or (Mobile). After this, this invention became the basis of his modern communications journey.
    Such as mobile, Wi-Fi and satellite connection. We also know the importance of Wi-Fi in our modern age.
    And I also think that women can invent and develop, what do you think🤨 ??

  • I find the scientist Aseel Anabtawi, a Palestinian astronomer at the United Nations, which I consider a good role model for me. Because she worked in many things, including: She worked as an observer in the missions of the "Galileo" spacecraft to Jupiter and the spacecraft "Mars Global Survivor", and among her most important awards were the NASA Medal of Excellence and the NASA Medal for Outstanding Work. Do you think this thing will limit the future??!

  • Mary Anderson created windshield wipers and this saved billions of lives because whenever it rained the windshield wipers would wipe the rain off the car so people could see. So you see windshield wipers has saved billions of lives. Women are equal .

  • I found out that Josephine G Cochran invented
    This invention is important because it saved a lot of time and helped people in their daily life imagine having to hand scrub all the plates

  • I found that a woman named Hedy Lamarr who was an American-Austrailian actress invented the technology that is now known as WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. This is important because most of the world uses these things everyday and it helps everyone do their everyday activities.

  • I found out that Marie Van Brittan Brown, who was a nurse and innovator, came up with the video home security system along with her husband Albert Brown. If it wasn't for her, our phones would be all raided.

  • I discovered that the invention of the wood machine in 1870 was invented by the American Margaret Knight. This invention is important because he can make paper bags and these bags help us carry objects, whether they are light or heavy

  • Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson is an American scientist specializing in theoretical physicists. Her research since the seventies of the last century was responsible for devising systems to identify the identity of the speaker in phone calls and the identity of the waiter on the phone line during another phone call.

    Her innovations in the world of telephony also enabled others to invent fax machines, optical wires, and solar cells.

    Jackson was the first black American to earn a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the first black American to run a top-level research university.

  • I learnt that the discover of anti malaria and anti elliptic drug ingredients was by an india scientist called Asima Chatterjee. This discover revolutionized the world and continues to be used in medicine to fight malaria without this discover malaria would still be a major problem in the 21st century and a major cause of death! This discover shows how stereotypes aren’t true and how capable both genders are if given an opportunity to portray it!

  • I found women are important to us so we should take good care of them because they can invent somethings and in help of women are always successful in everything they help in and if we do that they well always take good care of us and take our work serious like they are doing the work

  • I found women are important to us so we should take good care of them because they can invent somethings and in help of women are always successful in everything they help in and if we do that they well always take good care of us and take our work serious like they are doing the work that is what we call breaking bias and that is ldea

  • Josephine Garis Cochrane Is best known for creating the dishwasher, This invention was created in the mid 1800s. This invention have not only helped us kids to get over chores quickly! but it has also helped people develop technologies. Therefore I believe that this invention was successful.

  • I discovered that the automatic dishwasher was invented by Josephine Garris Cochran. This invention is important because it facilitates the work of washing dishes and the strength of its cleanliness, as it saves time and effort for the working woman and others.

  • I discovered that the first who invented the central heating system and ended the use of wood and coal is (Alice Parker) and got a patent in 1919. This invention is important because it is able to regulate the temperature in the building or room, safe and not dangerous to property and people

  • I found that men are not the only ones who invent and invent and women also do it,including: Marion Donovan,who invented baby diapers. Women also faced many problems before the emergence of disposable nappies,especially in light of her constant need to wash the baby's clothes,which was exhausts her and takes a lot. Since then, Marion Donovan decided to invent something that would be easy for her and not take all her time.

  • Invention is a useful science, So, I discovered that the astrolabe was invented by Maryam the Astrolabe, and she is a Syrian girl from Aleppo, and this invention is important and useful, he contributed to knowing the times during the day and at night, determine the time of sunrise and sunset, and determine the length of the day, it has contributed to the development of many human society, and it's uses as well: determine the direction of the Qibla, and knowing the dates of inventor whose invention has developed many society.

  • Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson is an American scientist specializing in theoretical physicists. Her research since the seventies of the last century was responsible for devising systems to identify the identity of the speaker in phone calls and the identity of the waiter on the phone line during another phone call.

    Her innovations in the world of telephony also enabled others to invent fax machines, optical wires, and solar cells.

    Jackson was the first black American to earn a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the first black American to run a top-level research university.

  • Mary Anderson was an American who invented windsheild wiper blade.On November 10,1903 Anderson was granted her first patent fir an automatic car window cleaning device controlled from inside the car called the windsheild wiper

  • I found heateout that the first car

  • I found out that " the heating system" was invented by "Alice H. Parker"
    Parker is one of the first American inventors, she obtained a patent in 1919 for an invention that ended the use of wood and coal in homes for heating,
    This invention is important because it is
    able to regulate the temperature of the building from room to room, which is what is known today as the central heating system .
    it means people don't  have to go outside and chop or buy wood. It also decreases the risk of house or building fires and protects the environment from pollution.

  • I discovered that the game Monopoly, which is my favorite, was invented by Elizabeth Magee.
    What a great inventor who has been entertaining us since 1904

  • I have recently read about the young inventor, Ann Makosiniski, who as a kid had no electricity in her house. While growing up she learned that she was great at building things and she was especially passionate about transistors, so she created the Hollow Flashlight, which helped many families with electricity problems. The flashlight generates light which is powered by your body’s energy, which is great because as Ann herself said “If you are alive, you produce some light.”

  • Welcome!
    A few weeks ago, at a university in my country, a woman "Baraa Abu Asaker" invented a medicinal compound that could definitively treat "pancreatic cancer".
    And it was granted a "patent" certificate...!This is of course important, especially as it is a "medicine" or, in general, a "treatment".
    And because the topic of cancer these years is more prevalent, that is why inventing a drug to spray cancer is a really huge thing!!!

    (A patent is a certificate that is given to the owner of the invention, and it is forbidden for anyone to use his invention without his permission..!)

  • I found out that Dr Shirley Jackson is the first black woman to graduate with a PhD from the Massachusetts institution of technology (MIT) her research in technology led to the Invention of technology such as fibre-optic cables, she is also a leading developer of call waiting and caller ID on mobile phones.
    This is important because optical fibres are used as a means to transmit light between the two ends of the fibre, where they permit transmission over long distances.

  • I found out that the invention of ice cream maker was invented by Nancy Johnson in 1843. The invention of ice cream maker is important because it contains vitamins A,B,C and D, it gives alot energy, it stimulates well being, it reduces the chances of cancer. Ice cream provides more energy than whole milk at 137 calories, it is great for someone who is trying to gain weight, it also contains calcium and phosphorus.

  • I discovered that “computer programs for teaching the hearing impaired”
    It was invented by «Yeni Carolina Karias» This invention is important, because it gives an opportunity for students to learn and continue in their lives and gives them hope in life, and to make it clear to them that we are doing all our efforts to become like us in society, and also this computer contributes to facilitating communication between the teacher and students with disabilities Hearing aids to facilitate the reception of information.

  • I discovered that « cataract treatment ».
    It was invented by "Patricia Bath", the first black American woman to be studied in ophthalmology, and the first black woman to patent a medical device in the United States'This invention is important because it treats cataracts, the blurry spots in the eyes that may lead to vision loss'He removes it and restores the eye as it was before. Without this invention, many people affected by this disease would have lost their eyesight, and also the importance of the invention here shows that we should not be biased in front of black-skinned women, so look at their great invention, without which you may lose your most valuable possession.

  • I found out that the dish washer was invented by Josephine Cochran.
    Dish washer is used to wash or clean dishes and Cochran's design was the first person that used water pressure instead of scrubbers to remove debris from dishes.This investigation has helped in easing house chores.

  • I discovered that “the simple innovation to overcome the problem of power cuts” was invented by Shahd Abu Libdeh, an inventor from Gaza, and here I am proud of my country for having successful people like her,This invention is important because it made us dispense with electricity and made us use thermal energy to charge our phones and some devices. This invention may contribute to preserving the environment by reducing the use of oil to generate electricity and making us use solar energy to get electricity.

  • I discovered that "a spray made of skin cells for the patient to be treated" was invented by "Fiona Wood", an Australian surgeon. The invention is important, because it contributes to better wound healing and gives hope of life to many people who are exposed to burns, as many people have been exposed to burns and did not They find a useful treatment that cures them, which leads to their despair in life and, consequently, their suicide.

  • I discovered that the “astrolabe” was invented by “Maryam the Astrolabe,” a Syrian scientist from Aleppo. This invention is important, because it is the first invention to determine the locations of celestial bodies, the dates of sunrise and sunset, and some cosmic phenomena. It is considered the ancient gateway by which space phenomena were measured before the advent of advanced computers. It is the first invention that introduces humanity to the world of astronomy.

  • I found out that the submarine telescope was invented by Sarah Mather .
    This invention is important because the telescope could examine objects under the surface of water.
    She described it as a tube with bright light attached,her invention was used for many different purposes.

  • I found out that the chocolate chip cookie was created by Ruth Graves Wakefield, she was an American entrepreneur who began her career touring as a dietician to teach people about food nutrition. In 1930, she and her husband bought the tall house inn, which quickly became famous for Wakefield's food, especially for her disserts.

  • I found out that the bicycle was created by a lady named Susan B. Anthony, why this invention is unique is because not only did it aid movement but also promoted women rights by portraying freedom of movement which challenged stereotypes around women’s physical strength. Some people may say it was not invented for women but it gave women independence and made movement easier without them necessarily relying on taxi and chaperons but even with this, men found a way to complain and say that it was immoral and said we can get a medical condition called bicycle face even with all this backlash feminists stood up to fight and the fight for equality still continues.

  • I found out that DNA helix was discovered by Rosalyn Franklin. Although, the discovery is often attributed to Watson and Crick who won the Nobel prize in 1962. But it was actually Rosalyn Franklin whose work confirmed their theory on the structure of DNA ,he was the first person to capture a photographic image in 1952 .
    This discovery is important because it allows for DNA Replication and protein synthesis to occur, this also ensure successful inheritance of genetic traits .

  • I found out that globes were invented by Ellen Fitz. This invention is significant because, without globes, it would be harder for people to tell where countries, continents, cities, and oceans are.

  • I found out that MARIE CURIE discovered radiation, that is very important because it help us to know more about radiation so that we can protect our self from it. Now there is an anti-radiata so we can use it to protect our from radiation.

  • I recently discovered that Marion Donovan is a professional housewife who wanted to ensure that her children's cloth diapers remained dry while they were sleeping.We are here out of necessity, the mother of invention

  • I found out that the Marry Currie discovered radium. This discovery changed the world and was a revolutionized chemistry and signified a new epoch. Radium destroyed diseased cells and faster than any healthy cells therefor the radium could be used to treat tumors.

  • I think the best invention is the Home protection systems made by Marie van Brittan. I Think this invention is great because without it load’s of people wouldn’t feel safe also without home security systems there would be chaos and loads of breaking in.

  • I found that bullet–proof fiber was invented by Stephanie Kowlek on 1966. This fiber has found numerous applications in canoes, bridge cables and frying pans. Most importantly,it's credited with saving countless lives in the form of bullet–proof vests.

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton

    Hillary Rodham Clinton showed the world that you can be anything if you try, and from a young age, Hillary fought discrimination and decided that the best way to fight for justice was to go into politics. Many Americans criticized her for many things to put her back. They were trying to bully her out of politics but Hillary stood up to them and later became the first woman nominated by the major party for the President of the United States.

  • I found out that the world’s first computer algorithm was invented by Adalove lace in 1843. This invention is important because I want to be a computer scientist and in computer science an algorithm gives a set of instruction that allows the computer do everything including carrying out complex calculations, algorithms are computer languages written as programming languages for computers to understand.

  • I found out that in 1812 Tabitha Babbit invented the Circular saw. This invention is of great importance today because it has helps in cutting wood effortlessly. The cut wood can be used to build houses, make beautiful furniture, printing paper, making utensils, creating art, making musical instruments, sport equipment etc

  • I found out that Anna Connely invented the fire escape bridge which has help saved countless lives from fire disasters during her era when technology was not advanced. Which is now modernized to what we have today as fire escapes and has since become a mandatory feature for buildings till date as a means of secondary escapes in case of emergencies.

  • I found Mary Kies developed a technique of weaving straw with silk or thread. This invention is important because the idea of weaving clothes, hats and bonnets were employed and weaving became easier and less time consuming.

  • I found out that the life raft was invented by Maria Beasley in 1882. This invention is important because the life raft had guard supports that were resistant to fire and were foldable, this was used to save lives of people on the titanic.

  • I found out that the bullet-proof fiber was invented by Stephanie Kwoleck in 1966. This invention is important because it is now used in the military as bullet-proof vests, and it is used in making bullet-proof vehicles and has saved lives of many people in the military.

  • I found out that the one-handed medical syringe used by all medical practitioners today was invented by Letitia Geer in 1899. This invention is important because it has helped in the administration of injections in the medical field to save lives

  • Ghada Al-Mutairi. She is a Saudi researcher and pioneer who holds more than 10 patents in the field of nanomedicine. She was born in November 1976 in Portland, Oregon, in the United States of America. Her scientific contributions are enormous compared to her age, as she is credited with the discovery of a metal that allows rays to enter through flakes called the photon to the cells of the body, through which we do not need surgeries, and the first nanoparticles that respond to inflammation in the body were discovered.

  • I found out that most women have invented many things, like Margaret Mattie Knight who invented paper bag in the 19 century,and Josephine Cochrane, an American inventor who inverted a mechanical dishwasher in 1886 - one that would hold dishes securely in a rack while the pressure of water sprayer cleaned them. This inventor is very important because it has help people who work in hotels and etc

  • I found that Rana Dajani is my country's proud daughter, a Jordanian scientist and researcher, whose research focuses on genetic studies and their relationship to diabetes and cancer among ethnic groups in Jordan. She was named one of the 20 most influential scientists in the Islamic world in 2014, and was on the list of the 100 most influential women in the Arab world in 2014.

  • I recently discovered that Maria Telkes was the one who made solar houses .
    Without solar houses the world and environment as we know it will change.
    It is a good invention because it helps the world to save energy and use solar heat.

  • I found that Marie Curie invented theory of radioactivity. the invention is important because, by the time Polish physicist Marie Curie was just 44 years old, she had laid out a theory of radioactivity (a term that she coined)u, techniques for isolating radioactive isotopes, and the discovery of two elements, polonium and radium. She was the first person in history to win two Nobel Prizes and the only person to win twice in multiple sciences!

  • I discovered that Dr. Elaine Rosalinda Jeans was the one who discovered bacteria that produce “dextran” that leads to the thickening of fluids, and it was used to help blood clot to stop the bleeding of war-wounded people.She also used it to produce xanthan gum, which is used in food and cosmetics to give it a more solid texture.

  • I found out that world first hot comb was invented by Madam C.J Walker, this great woman also invented wonder hair growers. This invention is important for hair-straightening, it is good to note that this has risen from one single straight line to current menus of extensions, braids and weaves.

  • I have found out that the first car heater was invented by Margret A. Wilcox in 1893. This invention is important as it makes driving easier in foggy and very cold weather, it also keeps the windows free from mist and help maintain the temperature of the car. This makes driving comfortable and safer during cold and foggy weather as it also helps to reduce accidents on our roads.

  • I found out that Marie Beasley is the inventor of the life raft. The invention is important for evacuation in the event of a disaster aboard a ship. We celebrate Marie Beasley for her invention as Beasley was in the business of saving.

  • I discovered that Catherine Blodgett, Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Cambridge, invented transparent glass while working for General Electric because it was difficult to see through the glass because of the bright light that was reflected from it.
    In my opinion, I think it is important from an aesthetic point of view because it is frequently used in offices, public places, the fronts of fashion and jewelry stores, and the windows of buildings with a view of the sea or other landscapes.
    Glass is very important for windows because the sun enters through it and this is very important for the place, and the glass should not be opaque because it cannot enter the sun and the sun is very important. Also, glass is important in glasses or the so-called lenses as well. Without them, man would not have been able to see, and this is an important invention throughout history. Also, without glass, we would not be able to drive a car, as the glass helped us see.
    Thank you to the great woman who added her touches throughout history.

  • I discovered that Josephine Cochrane invented the dishwasher in 1886. She wanted a machine that washed the dishes faster than her servants. The invention involved a motor turning wheel inside a copper boiler, and was the first automatic dishwasher that involved water pressure. She opened a successful production factory later.

  • I recently found out that a woman ,Sarah E. Goode created the fold-out bed in 1885 by Sarah E. Goode (who was born into slavery and won her freedom after the Civil War) At the time she was living in a tiny apartment in America and needed more space so created a desk which folded out into a bed.

  • During my research, I found out that the feeding tube was created by a woman! Bessie Virginia Blount, also known as Bessie Blount Griffin, was a nurse, physical therapist, handwriting expert, and inventor. She created a feeding tube that delivered food to a persons mouth when they bit down on it. This paved the way for modern feeding tubes.