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I chose heart. Q:What new would you like to hear in your country in the future. ... #30 Dog, plane, sun, heart 19/4/22
I chose D. Because it is showing how hard it is for women to get to where the are meant to be... #28 Pick a pic! 04/4/22
The word I choose is "inspire". I chose inspire because ; 1. The news motivate me ,I get... #27 One word! 29/3/22
The piece of music that I have chosen is called stronger by Kelly Clarkson. I think it's... #26 A moment for music 21/3/22
A Life Raft', it was invented by Maria Beasley in the Year 1882. The life rafts created based... #25 Best inventions! 10/3/22
In the past years women were discriminated in my country especially in politics, but the problem... #24 Success stories! 03/3/22
based on what I have been through I think ladies should be allowed to take on task that people... #23 What should they hear? 28/2/22
I chose Elsa from the frictional book frozen I chose her for her bravery ,commitment ,... #22 Escape the pages! 21/2/22