#31 Zoom in!

27 April 2022
Competition Rules

Winners announced!

Thank you for sharing all of your ideas about Pawel Kuczynski’s wonderful artwork - all of your ideas have been sent for him to see too! As always, we can only have two winners. This time they are…

encouraging_elderberry of Graveney School in the United Kingdom, who explained how the picture reminds people that refugees have been “uprooted” from their homes


pioneering_artist of Lake Bank Pioneer Preparatory in Tunisia, who believes that the child should be the focus of the picture, to remind people that all children have the right to a life free of war

Well done to our winners - and excellent work, all of you!

The Competition

This is a painting of a refugee crisis that has been split into nine sections.

People share their reactions to the news in different ways.

Sometimes they do this creatively, for example, in a piece of music or a poem.

Artist Pawel Kuczynski shared his thoughts about refugee crises by creating this piece of art. But what is he trying to say? And what do you think about it?

Your challenge this week is to "zoom in" on one section of the picture. You should explain why you think it's important and what message Mr Kuczynski might be trying to share.

You could say: "I think section A3 is important because... . I think Mr Kuczynski's message behind this part of the picture might be... ."

Top Tips
  • Read the other competition entries first and try not to repeat someone else's idea
  • Make your entry personal to YOU
  • There are no wrong answers

Comments (39)

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  • You have chosen a 2B image
    I think that Mr. Kuczynski's message is that no matter how many refugees are forced to leave their land, no matter how hard they suffer and experience alienation, the memory of their homes will remain carried with them in their hearts and minds. Their children and grandchildren will have their stories, which they will remember throughout history, for example, the Palestinian refugees who were displaced from their land in 1948. Until now, they hold the keys to their homes and homes and tell their young people about their memories.

  • I think all the sections are important. I think Mr. Kuczynski's message behind these parts of the picture may be this picture of immigrants because they carry bags of their clothes and things on their shoulders, destroyed and suppressed by wars and occupation and that they are winter displaced because they wear overcoats. The Polish artist "Paul Kuczynski" painted to awaken the world to the negative habits that threaten their lives and warn them and play their part in addressing these negatives. He painted expressive paintings about the current society!

  • I think that Section B1 is the most important because it gives a clear message of support and extending a helping hand and support to the refugees and helping them to overcome difficulties and troubles, the solution to achieving post-refugee stability and the search for a decent life and stability

  • I think 1A is important because it shows that they are not alone.

  • I chose section 2c because the picture there from my understanding depicts hope because a refugee may be forced to leave where they are but the memories they have lasts forever and they use it as a support in the trying types hoping that one day they will return home.

  • I think that C2 is very important because it shows the roots of a house which seems to have been ripped from the ground as some people's whole lives are uprooted and sent to a new place. I think Mr Kuczyński's message behind this part of the picture is that we need to know that there are people who have to take their whole lives with them to a new country with new people who they don't know with a language you didn't speak. This is incredibly unfair and something we should try and solve in the coming years.

  • Personally I think that section 1B is important because, supposedly Mr. Kuczynski wanted to present the fact the a war doesn't differentiate between Ages, Genders, and Nationalities, and the fact that even kids are unintentionally stuck in this crisis and that also kids have the tendency to becoming a refugee.

  • "I think the A3 section is important because.... I think Mr. Kuczynski's message behind this part of the picture may be...
    Because she would like to clarify that about the challenges and difficulties facing refugees and the suffering and pain they are exposed to, and this is about other psychological problems such as anxiety, stress and depression

  • I think the c section is 2 because this man carries his house on his shoulder this indicates that he is holding on to his land to the last drop of blood in it

  • I think that picture B1 indicates the cohesion of the family in times of crisis, indicating fear and anxiety about the unknown future outside the dear homeland.

  • I think that all the sections are important. Mr. Kuczynski is trying to show that the refugee was forced to leave everything. In the picture, this refugee is trying to make up for what he lost. He carries the house on his back and holds the hand of his child. He is trying to collect his scattering.

  • The picture that was painted must be very important and represent our life in a big way. Also, when we have to choose, we have to choose picture number B because it represents the situation of parents and children. Fathers, in their nature, are the helping hand, safety and tranquility for their children and they are the source of their strength. All negative energies, fathers are the positive side of children's lives

  • I think Section B3 is important, and I think Mr. Kuczynski's message is behind this part of the picture that despite the hardships and the calamities, despite the winds and the changes in climate, and despite the freezing cold, we will face and struggle and struggle in the name of the freedom of the refugees as those who rule the countries say nonsense and say that peace and the safety of the refugees is upon us their heads, and despite their knowledge of the circumstances they face, but they do nothing but say nonsense that neither benefits nor harms, but we refugees do not get tired in order to gain freedom and peace.

  • I think that A1 is very important as it is showing the reality of our world today as the media is always biased toward the white who are placed at the front stage and against other races and mainly Arab, Asian, and African people and other minorities who are placed at the backstage. It is reflecting racism more than helping people because we are all humans and should be treated equally. So, we shouldn’t let anyone suffer from wars, hardships, and discrimination whatever are their origins, cultures, beliefs, races…because there are millions of refugees, from Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, … and other countries who are spread around the world and no one care about them while all the media is talking about the refugees’ crises in Ukraine and all the efforts are made to help them.

  • I think section A3 is important because it focuses on the man’s head and shows his sadness and anxiety about his future and what is waiting for him, his family, and his country. I think Mr . Kuczynski's message behind this part of the picture might be to raise the world’s awareness about what is happening to these refugees and urge everyone to help and support them to resettle and lead a secure life.

  • I think section C2 is important because it shows how the life and family of people have been damaged by wars.
    I think Mr. Kuczynski's message behind this part of the picture might be to show that the refugees have been uprooted from their homelands and they are carrying their roots, origins, cultures, traditions, civilizations, and identities with them wherever they go.

  • I think section C2 is important because it shows how the refugees are carrying their homes and roots with them. I think Mr. Kuczynski's message behind this part of the picture might be to urge governments to stop wars because people are suffering a lot from the destruction of their homes and countries and are uprooted from their homelands. So, like trees that can’t live away from their soil, these refugees can’t survive away from their countries and origins.

  • I think section C2 is important because it is showing the house which is uprooted from its soil, its homeland. I think Mr. Kuczynski's message behind this part of the picture might be to draw the world’s attention to the psychological impact wars leave on the refugees as these refugees’ identity and sense of belonging are seriously damaged when they are forced to leave their countries.

  • I think section A3 is important because it is showing the sadness and the fear of the man. I think Mr. Kuczynski's message behind this part of the picture might be to show what the people feel and the hard conditions they are going through and the constant menace of being killed as they all know that they can be the target of any missile or bomb.
    So, THINK ABOUT THESE PEOPLE... they are innocent... AND STOP WARS.

  • I think section A1 is important because it shows how the media and influencers are showing part of the reality and hiding most of it. I think Mr. Kuczynski's message behind this part of the picture might be to reveal the reality that not all refugees or suffering people are given an equal voice in the media. Only things that attract the people and keep them busy are put on the surface to gain attention and popularity. Also, it is so sad and disappointing to see people use others’ sufferings and pains to gain fame.

  • I think section A1 is important because it shows that the media is just seeing and talking about the refugees from Ukraine and it is neglecting the other refugees from other countries like Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya,….
    These refugees are left to face their own destinies.
    I think Mr. Kuczynski's message behind this part of the picture might be to urge the world to give equal importance to all refugees and help them to overcome their terrible conditions.

  • I think section B1 is important because it focuses on the little child. This child represents the future generations.
    I think Mr. Kuczynski's message behind this part of the picture might be to tell the world that these children are the future, so we should think about them, their health, their education … and secure a peaceful world for the future generations.

  • I think section C1 is important because it shows how wars can influence children and destroy their lives.
    I think Mr. Kuczynski's message behind this part of the picture might be to urge the world to stop wars in order to save the children’s lives and guarantee their basic rights which include the right to health, education, family life, play, and recreation, an adequate standard of living and to be protected from any abuse or harm.

  • B1 is an important piece of this drawing, and I think Mr. Kuczynski wanted to deliver the message of the strong bonds between parents and their children, the way the father is holding his child's hand shows us how much he is careful about him, about his future that he wants to protect from the violence and injustice of the world.

  • I think part A2 is important because Mr.Kuczynski's message was that refugees travel night, day, and when there are harsh weather conditions by making a variation of yellow to symbolize daytime, a variation of a bit of Prussian blue and purple to symbolize nighttime and white dots and lines to symbolize the stars up in the sky and snowflakes falling.

  • I think section B1 is important because it shows how Mr Kuczynski cares a lot about children I know this because he is holding the moppet's hand which shows that he cares about him; he doesn't want anything bad to happen to him.

  • I think that section C2 is important because Mr Kuczynski's is showing that there is never a place to plant a home and it is always moving without the certainty of a place to call home. It shows that for them a home is unsafe and always moving, nothing is safe and everything risky. Imagine your home gone, no where is fully safe and as a home is the safest place then it is clear that nothing is rooted firm.

  • I think that section B2 is important because it tells everything of how refugees are being forced to leave their origin, but uprooted their home, traditions, cultures, language, beliefs and souls. I think Mr. Kuczynski's message was to tell that even if refugees migrated and refuged to wherever, they will hold everything with them, they won't leave anything because they're related to them, they possess them and want to always protect them with theirselves, so they won't forget their roots.

  • I think section 3B is important because it shows that these people have leave their battered homes behind and travel to another country and become refugees because the war has made them have to leave their home country as it is too dangerous and it is likely the their home has been destoryed from missiles or something like that making it almost impossible to live in with all the destruction that this war has caused.

  • I think b2 is important because to me it is showing us that they are evacuating from their homes, and having to leave that and going somewhere else which can be tragic to them and to start a new life.

  • I think that Mr. Kuczynski's message behind this part of the picture may be (1A) important because it gives an important picture to the refugees: to extend a helping hand to the refugees after they have fled their country by forcing them, and to help them with anything that can help them even if it is a simple material thing. The important thing is To make them feel that they are not different from the people in the country to which they immigrated, but that they are equal

  • I have chosen the section B1.
    I have chosen this because it shows the two father and son going through it together. This also shows that they have to go through it together and they will always be by each other's side. Everybody needs a friend that they can rely on to make them happy and smiley.

  • i have chosen b2 because it symbolizes the child and his father going through a lot.

  • I have picked the section of 1B, often in conflict those who are usually moved are children, this part of the picture shows the horrifying reality of war. This section represents as children are fleeing they are witnessing the horrors of war along the way, this is presented by the soldiers in the background, this section also presents that the innocent are the ones who have to flee and are affected by being refugees. Children are often seen as a symbol of innocence as they are not fully developed and so therefore don't have a full understanding of the world.

  • 1b because it shows they are not alone in life

  • I have chosen B3 because it shows that the memories are still with them.

  • I choose section B1 because it shows the child holding the adults hand. This shows that even in times of crisis we must stick together and be kind to one another. This is super important because if we don't show kindness to each other then people will be suffering even more than they are now.

  • I have chosen section B2.
    I think that Mr Kaczynski's message is that no matter how far you go a piece of something you love or miss will always be with you. As refugees have to travel extremely far through different climates and terrain, they have something they love to take and cherish mo matter where they go, they need something to make them feel good.

  • I have chosen 1A because it is a struggle for not only two people, but a community that is travelling with the man and boy.