Fast fashion

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I need to buy this tailored, wide-legged trousers right now !

I need this Crypto T shirt, only five left in stock!

I need to purchase this Jordan Tracksuit, 20% off first by !

In the light of today's modern society, teenagers are getting obsessed over the latest trendy outfits. Therefore, companies and stock producers have to rush to manufacture these clothes on time to appeal the constumers. Whilst, some of these clothes can appeal to the eye, shouldn't teenagers think before pressing the buy button? Yes, whilst their precious item may be within the click of a finger, the detrimental effects this causes to us humans and the planet as a whole should be taken into consideration. I will be discussing why teenagers and adults should refrain in buying more fashion clothes and how this will benefit our blue planet.

First and foremost, research suggests that 10 % of the world's carbon emmissions is caused from the fashion industry "That's more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined." suggested by Ellen MacAurthur. We are all widely aware of the detrimental impacts this can cause to our blue planet and by forcing companies to work longer hours, pollute the atmosphere more and race to keep up with the thousands of customers requesting these clothes, this has a toll on the COP27.

Secondly, a plethora of cargo ships shipping off these clothes are blocking our trade routes thus causing food shortages. This is taking a toll on the global food cricis we face today. More ships are struggling to export their goods to another country all because of the needs of a simple sweater that is trendy or some trousers of a popular brand. Should teenagers and everyone around them need all of these clothes ? Why are these garments desperately categorised into the " need box " instead of the "want but not necessarily need to have" box ?

Lastly, we need diversity. If everyone is influenced to wear the same clothes, then how will we make a vague prediction of one's personality by how they express themselves through their clothing. Furthermore, the poor will be marginalised and therefore they will desire to buy these clothes thus spending precious money. We are all diversity and we all have different taste in clothing . You are not supposed to fit your clothes ... your clothes are supposed to fit you.

Overall, I have made links to three of the Topical Talk Topics : COP27, the global food cricis, and even a touch on the Black Panther representation and diversity.

Can you make any links on fast fashion to any other topics? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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  • Yes, I can the world cup or should I say the legacy of big events, big and uncalled for event have a way of influencing fast fashion. Events like the world cup have these fast fashion effects, brands try to keep up with the change, they try to bring out new jerseys every season, imagine the number of football clubs, now try to relate it with the number of fast fashion companies that need to keep up with them. To be honest this does not only involve the world cup but other big events too. Even the spectators try to look good and end up getting new clothes to look good not knowing that they harm the environment.

  • To be honest there are a number of ways that fast fashion and every other topic discussed, the legacy of big events I realized how the world cup itself could be positively used to influence all the topics we have spoken about on the student hub. It can help boost diversity and representation by incorporating a percentage of all races into the teams when they play, if people become aware of this the turn out would be huge and we could use the opportunity of the huge turn out to enlighten people. The world cup as a legacy of big events could help the COP27 I know it sounds far-fetched but this year maybe instead of using a pitch or a stadium we could just use a normal field and instead of all the fireworks that are harmful to the environment and wildlife we could just sing in together and march in in order to avoid unnecessary pollution. It could help fast fashion the most, instead of making new jersey's we could reuse one from last season and the athletes could even give out their old ones for little money, that will be used to pay fast fashion workers. Even the protest in Iran can be influenced they could speak out for the women by using slogans like ''MY BODY, MYCHOICE''. They could help raise awareness on the uses of internet and the importance of opinion and expression. The world cup could help raise space awareness; they could let people know that space is not a dumping ground, and that space could make a potential earth for us one day. It could dedicate a part of its income to underpaid doctors and even help create better facilities for the doctors in underdeveloped areas, so that those doctors could feel appreciated. It could have a positive effect on even the global food crisis, after the events for the day, they could hold a meet and eat where they meet athletes and eat too, or the food given to the spectators at the game could free. The general elections could be affected too, the advantages of other people's opinion could be highlighted during a session of the game. They could make young people political by allowing young people to lead they could allow kids plan out their strategy and they could then enlighten those kids on politics and even involve their own children. This is just a possibility from the world cup so imagine if every big legacy even does this, the outcome will be unbelievable don't you think.

    1. These are great ideas! Which do you think would be hardest to convince organisers to do? Which would be easiest? Why?

  • Actually for me I could say that there are a lot of topics I can link to for example the doctor shortages many doctors are over helmed or over worked and that is one reason why there are doctor shortages many people get chronic diseases because of these fast fashion because many are burnt and people do inhale these gases and others are dumped in water channels contaminating it and people end up taking it making them sick this makes many people sick of chronic diseases which Incase of a sergury it take some long procedures and time because the diseases they causes affect vital organs of the person this ends up over helming the doctors who do the surgery making them retire at an early stage leading to doctor shortages that is how the fast fashion ends up connecting to the doctor shortages.

  • Yes, I think that there is a similar topic the are football players overpaid and fast fashion as fast fashion clothes are expensive and same thing with football t-shirts and basically the whole uniform( especially the shoes). T-shirts to buy from football is around £70 and normally the most recent/popular fast fashion is around that price too but when people start to lose interest in them they become to cost less and same things with football t-shirts. For example when people see a tank top lets say 60% of obviously a lot of people would want to buy it if it was at that price and probably the same thing would happen with football things but the problem would be that if one person saw it they would probably post online how cheap they are and then they are going to make not that much profit because everyone will buy it for a very cheap amount of money. Football outfits could be shown on videos as they are at a football game or in a picture showing what they got and kind of showing off and the same thing with fashion you can find in shops. People (especially teenagers would want to have the outfit that is trending but with football t-shirts it's not that trendy but a lot of people would want them if they are interested in football which is only 5 billion out of the whole world as you can imagine it is a lot of people but doesn't mean just because they are interested in football they want football outfits I could just be that they like it. Lastly, when there are a few left in stock that's when the prices go down because most likely no one will really buy it but some people would probably use the opportunity to buy it while there is a few left in stock and it is at a lower price.