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I get all these point and I do support them as my dad is a builder and builds apartments and... Working conditions 04/5/23
I believe that everyone should have to the right to strike as if they don't they probably won't... Can everyone strike? 01/5/23
I believe Earth Day makes a difference as it alerts people how the world is not at a very safe... Is one day enough? 01/5/23
I believe more climate laws is worse because in our country (England) there is a new law coming... Earth Day poll results! 01/5/23
I believe that the person who should make the workers conditions met is the boss as they are the... Working conditions 30/4/23
I believe that everyone should have the chance to strike as of they do not then it would not... Can everyone strike? 30/4/23
What do you think is better more strikes,less strikes or no strikes at all because if you have... Suggest a discussion! 30/4/23
What is better in your opinion going on lots of strikes , going on a few strikes or going on no... Suggest a discussion! 29/4/23
I believe that too many climate laws is not good as we have a new rule coming up in our country... Earth Day poll results! 29/4/23
Yes, I think that there is a similar topic the are football players overpaid and fast fashion as... Fast fashion 29/4/23
I can relate with all of them and here are the reasons why: 1. I agree with the 57% one... Teenagers and social media 28/4/23
I believe that football players are over paid as Cristiano Ronaldo makes 6.6 million US Dollars... World cup: are footballers paid too much? 28/4/23
I learnt that people chose strike to get a higher pay or better working conditions and that... Lessons learned! 27/4/23
I believe that too many climate laws is worse because a new law coming up in our country... Earth Day poll results! 27/4/23
In our country (England) climate change is really effective so here are several reasons how you... Climate change in your country 27/4/23
I think that everyone should have the right to go on strike because if they feel like they don't... Strikes poll results! 26/4/23
I believe that everyone can have the chance to strike because if people don't then they will... Can everyone strike? 26/4/23
I believe that the topic King Charles and the topic strikes links because strikes are when... Competition #3 Making connections 26/4/23
As it is said above a doctor from the UK: “I am striking because doctors are underpaid and we... Working conditions 25/4/23
I believe that there should be more strikes because if at work you feel like your getting... Strikes poll results! 25/4/23