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DR.SHORTAGES;these are situations where needed healthcare cannot be provided sufficiently to the people due to the doctors not being there to carry on the duty."One of my classmates even said his mom is a doctor but she is planning on resigning"according to research,many doctors are resigning and taking on other jobs to earn a living,others choose to go abroad to look for greener pastures and don't get surprised if there ghost workers too.As a result,you find that are few skilled doctors working health centers and they are also tired since they over work and harboring a lot of stress so that's why many die without doctors to come to the rescue.Actually in my country,there are scenarios where doctors strike.My neighbor, a Dr, said "We have done this just to show government that we also have value and we should be paid well"she further described to me that the money they are paid is just not enough for them and they have always promised them pay rises but nothing was worked upon.She added that they are also too overworked that they don't even get enough time with their families since they are always looking for the wellbeing of the patients.She said "What discourages us the more is that our hard work is not valued at all by the government in that you find that a doctor has to pay rent,pay school fees and transport fees whereby it becomes so heavy to fight with the cost of living given that everything is skyrocket now,the government has abandoned the doctor."

She further mentions that many of her fellows are complaining about the working conditions too and they say they work for long hours but are paid less,risk their lives as frontliners in pandemics but in the end the government doesn't appreciate or listen to their cries.They even say that they won't have their children study medicine,this go me thinking,in future shall we have to go for robot doctors!

When I asked her about what the government can actually do for them she said that maybe the government should really really give them pay rises so as to support their lives,she added that it would be nice if the government made the education and healthcare of doctors' families free to enable them handle to the cost of living,she also mentioned that if possible the government should exempt doctors from taxes since the taxes are now too high the affect speed of work she also made it clear that how important it should be for someone to take care of oneself at first principal to reduce the doctors work and relieve them a bit,she encouraged practices like jogging,avoid too much oily foods and eating vegetables where she even commended the saying of "An apple a day,keeps the doctor away".She also encourages us to reduce water and air pollution cause they could have negative impacts our health.

Personally,I agree with her because honestly even if it were to be me,"work without play makes me a dull boy"so even for the doctors too much stress and work tires them out.I also hope that the government will give their salaries much more attention so as to enable them do their job with their well.


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  • I think world health organisations should find suitable strategies in order to give all doctors some of their rights. Also, they can make awareness campaigns to aware the government about the support that our lungs on earth needs. Yes , our doctors are our lungs without them we can’t live and we will die.

    1. Great point! In terms of the rights of doctor, can you elaborate more what rights you think the world health organisation should give to them?

      1. I think the world health organization should give doctors rights such as;
        1.Right to work freely: This is associated with giving doctors freedom to work at their pace without putting them on pressure and this can fulfilled through allowing doctors to work limited hours of the day and specific days of the week for example working for twelve hours a day and four days in a week.In this they shall be able to rest from work and they won't get any work fatigue or exhaustion and they will also have enough time to take care of their families because currently some of them are not part of their children's lives for example a male doctor who is always working doesn't get to connect and bond with his kids are he leaves them to the mother, something which ends up affecting the children at last as they may feel that their father doesn't love them. They can achieve this resting when they are assigned particular days of work and limited hours and while there away others who take over for work,as they come back,these ones also go and rest.So if doctors are given such a right,it might ease their load and they will even love their work more as they will do it without any stress.
        2.Right to sustainable salary: Everywhere in the world doctors are one of the most essential workers in society so I'm not wrong to say they deserve salaries that enable them to sustain their livelihoods and cost of living such as paying rent, electricity,food, healthcare,school fees, transport and many more.A doctor with financial problems endangers the lives of many because we all know finance scarcity can lead to stress and pressure so in a turn of events a doctor may cause someone's death due to stress from such a cause.Doctor shortages around the world are also being caused due to low pay of doctors that makes them not to like working anymore.So I feel if the world health organization could give sustainable salary rights to doctors it will really make them more satisfied with their jobs that it will also reduce doctor shortages as doctors start to enjoy their job being able to support their families without difficulty.I think they can take the immediate first step of giving them pay rises and allowances as more elaboration on the matter is discussed.
        3.Right of exemption:This an ideal alternative to "2.Right to sustainable salary" Doctors could be given a right associated with them being exempted from paying for social service bills for example they could be given special access cards that they could use to access free healthcare for them and their families,free education for their children in government institutions,free transport or even give them special shuttles them drive to work plus giving them free access to additional expenses such as electricity,water and fuel.All this is targeted in making doctors lives easier and prevent financial insecurity in them as well as encourage them to be more committed to their work,Here you shall see many even taking long in service and not retiring early and this would really increase man power in health sector.In another view,"who would leave a job with such privileges"
        I think if doctors could be given such rights,they will not only be encouraged to work even harder but they will also do their work with a lot of ease,love,passion and committedness.

  • All hospitals can organise the hours of doctor’s working. Doctors can alternate between two or even three timings. So, like that medicine will always be available and doctors can take their right in getting some rest.

    1. Yes the hospitals should work on the doctor working hours and I aware they are already doing that. Given the number of doctors are limited when compared with the large amount of workloads, do you have any idea on how could the hospital solve this problem?

      1. I think the problem if doctors being less compared to the large amounts of workloads can be solved by employing (AI) robots to help doctors in their work forexample performing certain procedures in healthcare,this can help in the reducing the doctor's workload with efficiency aice we all know robots are accurate and fast in doing work,In other words they will be alike labour enforcement at health centers which would preety much handle the workload situation.With robots working together with doctors, patients shall be worked upon in time and with efficiency and the doctors won't even get exhausted since they will have helpers that they just need to guide and supervise.Besides, Artificial Intelligence in healthcare has prove to be very helpful forexample in the COVID-19 pandemic,such collaborative mobile robots where used to boost the in the fight against the pandemic.They can help and provide assistance in operation rooms,ICU's and even some (AI) is used in sugery forexample the robotic surgery where a trained doctors performs the robot-assisted surgery where by this technology consists The technology consists of surgical arms with tiny instruments with wrists at the tip.
        Special camera that provides enhanced magnified 3D views of the surgical area.
        Surgical console where the surgeon controls the instrument and camera’s every move.So basically here the doctor can do the work in a short time sue to the help of such (AI) without het tired.Note that with the help of robots, doctors shall now be able to work extra hours without exhaustion.
        The other alternative way to handle the large workloads is buy putting up more heath care facilities such as more heath care centres in a particular area such that patients can be divided and work shall also be divided as division of labour reduces the size of the work and reduces the time it takes to work.More centers will mean there more health workers in a particular area and the workloads can be handled better.
        That,my view on this.

  • When I was reading through I came across us going for robot doctors in future. This got me thinking of what can be to prevent doctor shortages.
    1. Increasing doctor's salaries since they do the most important job in the world which is saving people's lives.
    2. Giving these doctors days off in order to rest.
    3. Giving them allowances and appraisals like Doctor of the month to give them the moral to continue with their job.
    But if all fails I can say that the government might also just have to talk to the scientists to come come up with robot doctors which don't exist as per now but if they were invented they would be very helpful because they won't be paid first of all so their will be free medical services in most government hospitals and they also don't get tired so they will be able to work long hours.

    1. Robot doctors is a cool idea! Did you know, there are already some robots that perform some medical procedures? Can you think of some arguments why other people might not like the idea of being treated by a robot doc?

      1. The reason why other people might not like to be treated by robot doctors is that robot doctors don't have feelings and most times people want to be treated by someone who also understands the situation they are going through and can even be able to comfort them like for example when a woman is giving birth there is no way a robot will stand by her and start comforting or motivating her because that is only done by human doctors. Others might fear being treated by them because incase they have a mechanical problem they might end up doing everything wrongly like giving the patient a wrong dosage of the medicine which might lead to his or her death.

        1. Great ideas! On the other hand, why might some people actually prefer being treated by robots over human doctors? Can you think of some reasons for the other side?

          And lastly, which would you prefer to be treated by? A robot, or a human?

          1. The reason why some people might prefer the robot doctors over the human doctors is because when the robot doctors are well functioning they don't make the slight mistakes that the human doctors make and they have prior knowledge about any disease more than any other person. So the chances of someone dying when a robot doctor is carrying out the surgery is like 0.99% and for a human doctor might be 40% so one wouldn't want to risk their life that's why they would prefer a robot doctor. And since robot doctors wouldn't have to be paid salary that means the medication bill for someone getting their services from a robot doctor will be lower than for the human doctor.
            I would also prefer a robot doctor because the the less chances of dying, less medication bill and when I am being treated I will be sure that am being treated by a skilled robot that knows what it is doing.

          2. According to the views I have given which would you prefer or which would you recommend people to use the robot or human doctor? The reason I have asked this is because at times to become the wisest person you have to seek more knowledge form other people and get to know their ideas so that you can relate with what you have and come up with a much better idea. That's why am also asking for your opinion.

          3. I think one may prefer to be treated by robot doctors over humans considering that robot are more accurate than humans
            for example, one might consider the diagnosis by a robot doctor rather than a human doctor.According to my.clevelandclinic.org, "In surgery,there is robotic surgery and open surgery so one would prefer robotic surgery because first of all it enables surgery through smaller incisions".Furthermore according to my.clevelandclinic.org,"There is greater precision in that robotic arm’s movements are more exact than a human hand. And their range of motion is greater than human doctors',better visualization since sophisticated camera provides magnified, high-definition views of the surgical area. and it also has 3D capabilities for imaging" These make it superior to the naked eye of a human doctor since here even the smallest details are captured so the success rates of such a surgery are as high as 95% while that of open traditional surgery by a human doctor has a success rate of 80%,this is enough assurance for a person to prefer robotic surgery.
            Still according to https://my.clevelandclinic.org,There is ability to do surgery inside the body since small instruments allow surgeons to perform steps of the operation inside your body compared to traditional open surgery where they would have had to make a much larger incision to do that part of the procedure outside of your body."
            In addition,robotic surgery there is less pain during recovery,lower risk of infection,reduced blood loss,shorter hospital stay hence enabling one to pay less hospital bill and there are small scars too so someone won't have to spend a lot on buying cosmetics to remove them.So in such situations like surgery,one might prefer a robot to a human doctor since one might actually consider it steady not making even the slightest mistakes and with a lot of knowledge to any health subject.
            Personally,I would prefer being by a robot doctor because I'm extremely sensitive to pain so in the situation where there is less pain and quick recovery when worked upon by a robot doctor,I wish they were there when I was being circumcised so I wouldn't have to endure much pain and would recover in no time.For that case I would prefer them but at times it's risky in case the robot malfunction and it may also turn out too expensive for me to afford.

      2. I think one wouldn't support the idea of being treated by a robot is because it lacks the sense of connectivity,in many times human doctors are able to connect with their patients comforting them and feeling their pain forexample if a patient has a wound that's needs attention,a robot doctor would follow strict guidelines which may end up putting the patient in a difficult situation but a human doctor is able perform the produre with a sense of humour and can adjust according to his experience of wounds.In addition,we all know computers can malfunction can do errors so one maynot trust such a robot doctor to forexample perform surgery on him or aid her giving birth.One shall think"What if it malfunctions and kills me or leaves a matallic piece in my body or what if it gives wrong medicine." Further more,many patients have personal health issues that are confidencial and they only share them with their doctors,so one maynot feel comfortable speaking to a robot about her problems as one might be afraid that her confidentiality is not guaranteed since these robot have memory chips that are sources of information in case the creators want to see some thing.So basically,I think the main argument would be about patients trusting,sharing and connecting with these robot doctors about their health.Take an example "WOULD YOU TRUST AN ALIEN👽 "
        On the other hand robot doctors are really relievers when we talk about doctors shortages because they don't get stressed out worked up/tired so they can spend all the most time working.They do everything fast enough so that's a guarantee that patients that are in "Emergency Ward" maybe due to accidents will be saved more often.They don't require payment so they will not refuse to work due to low pay and the government may save some amounts on that🤔. It's an appealing solution to doctor shortages but;
        In my opinion,instead human doctors can work together with these robots or Artificial Intelligence(AI) so that they help simplify the doctors work so a human doctor won't get too exhausted in when working for long hours.
        1.HUMANS ALONE:"Too exhausting"
        2.TECHNOLOGY(AI) ALONE:"Too risky"
        3.HUMANS + TECHNOLOGY(AI): "Applicable"
        I think I go for option "3"
        HOW ABOUT YOU!

        1. Very well explained! I especially like your summary at the end. Well done!

        2. I agree with you daring_cherry. On one hand, many people are Automatonophobic (that is having fear of automatons, wax figures, humanoid robots, audio-animatronics, or other figures designed to represent humans) many people are afraid of having robots treat them because they are scared that one day the robot might malfunction and turn evil just like in movies. It makes logical sense that people are concerned about the risks involved in having a robot treat them. Another reason why people do not want robots to treat them is that robots do not have feelings and people will not be free to open up about their issues to robots. But on the other hand, doctors are being overworked and they need more hands to help them. You brought up the solution that robots should also be used in treating patients alongside doctors which is why you said, "3. HUMANS + TECHNOLOGY(AI): Applicable". You have a point.

          But I have a question for you daring_cherry. If perhaps more robots are used in the future alongside doctors, do you think there will be cause no worry about robots taking over the job of doctors? Do you think doctors will have to worry about their patients preferring robots to them in the near future?

          1. Your points are Interesting I must say! On the other hand,let me have a go on your questions.
            Well,I don't think doctors shall have to worry about robots taking over their jobs or even patients preferring robots over they will get to be the masters of these robots as they will be working under there instructions and supervision not robots working alone solely on patients and that's why I said "2.TECHNOLOGY(AI) ALONE:Too risky" because they might malfunction and endanger people's lives.Take an example of a surgeon,performing open surgery on a patient there risks involved but there even deeper risks if a robot is to perform surgery on a patient such malfunction that could even result into death and I don't think one can trust a robot to perform surgery on them.So the surgeon doesn't have to worry about a robot taking his job because a human wouldn't trust something that can jam anytime and kill him. Rather,instead of preferring a robot over a human surgeon,I think a patient would rather go my option "3.HUMANS + TECHNOLOGY(AI):Applicable" going for robotic surgery where it's not a doctor alone or robot alone but they are both together to do the job because it's a surgeon who completed training in robot-assisted surgery performs the procedure.I think a patient wouldn't prefer a robot over a doctor or a doctor alone in this case but rather a combination of the too because there less risks than advantages forexample greator precision,better visualization,less pain during recovery,lower risk of infection,reduced blood loss,shorter hospital stays and smaller scars.
            All in all,I think patients would prefer the diversity of a "doctor + robot" rather than robot alone or doctor alone and a robot can't take the job of a doctor,it can only be used to perform certain procedures but not fully.taking charge as a doctor because robots can never break the special strong bond that binds humanity together in that we connect so much more than anything like a robot.We feel they don't so how can a robot comfort you like your fellow human doctor would.

      3. As you say robot doctors is a cool idea but some people don't support it because of numerous reasons and I think the major reason why people are not comfortable with them is that a robot has no sympathy or it lacks feelings it can't feel touched for someone's condition take an example it can connect with a child because at most cases children fear medication it it needs a doctor to connect with a child for the child not to feel pain or be traumatized during the medication process the other example could be when may be something has gone through a surgery and the robots are finalizing sewing him up but the person is feeling pain in the due course the robots wont feel any sympathy but do as programmed and another thing is that people like chatting with doctors as they are in the process of being medicated so they can't chat with robot or even though they chat the conversation will be boring and not up to what people can say the other thing is that they can't perform procedures with a sense of humor like human doctors. The other thing is that computers are found of errors or hardware malfunction so one might think that it may malfunction in the middle of the procedure or surgery or it may explode due to the long continuous surgeries because doctors normally carry out long surgeries but machines we use in our day to day life don't not need to work for long hours the other issue is about the fact that if one wants to assassinate someone he can hack into this robot and make it malfunction the other thing is about the confidentiality of ones information as I told that robots can be hacked so in conclusion these robots might not be good for medics.

    2. Great points! I think all of these measures works as they are good to encourage people to become doctors, and hence increase the supply.

  • I think world health organisations should find suitable strategies in order to give all doctors some of their rights. Also, they can make awareness campaigns to aware the government about the support that our lungs on earth needs. Yes , our doctors are our lungs without them we can’t live and we will die. All hospitals can organise the hours of doctor’s working. Doctors can alternate between two or even three timings. So, like that medicine will always be available and doctors can take their right in getting some rest.

  • One of the main causes of doctor shortages is their payment, we see this everywhere to be honest people do a lot of work and they end up being paid minimum wage, if I was a doctor, sacrificing my sleep and my time to make a living at least I would like to make a reasonable amount of money, I mean how can I as a doctor save lives, but I cannot hold my family together it does not speak well of the government and the occupation as a whole. This is why the rate of doctors are decreasing yes, people want to work in their passion, but they also want to be able to provide for their family and their selves.

    1. Yes definitely, I think the doctor paid shall be increase. One thing I would like to share is Hong Kong actually paying doctors quite well, and there are quite a lot of students want to become doctor. However, there is still a shortage as there are too many patients to serve in the communities, especially when there is an aging population problem.