The Global Food Crisis

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In this world there are so many people who are not able to have enough food to eat three times a day. Why there is a food crisis around the world? What are the causes of food crisis? What are the remedial measures to overcome food crisis? Let us see in detail.

Food Crisis: food crisis is a situation where there is a scarcity of food in proportion with the growing population of the world. Food Crisis occurs when rates of hunger and malnutrition rise sharply at local, national and global level. This issue become worse after COVID-19 pandemic as the gap between needs and funding has raised than ever before. There are many causes for food crisis. Some of them are:

Causes for food crisis:

1. War and Conflict: Conflict is the biggest cause of hunger accounting for nearly 60 percent of the world hunger. It is because conflict involves competition over control of the factors of production, namely land and water. It has a negative impact on these food systems. It reduces purchasing power of people to produce, trade and buy food. It also affects indirectly through its impact on health, energy and transport systems.

2. Poverty: Poverty and hunger go hand in hand. Families trapped in the cycle of poverty can't afford nutritious food leading to malnourishment. Malnourishment makes it difficult for people to earn money so that they can afford healthy food. Families living in poverty may also sell off their properties like livestock or tools to create income. But this is not going to give permanent relief from poverty.

3. Food Waste: In this world over 1 billion tonnes of food are wasted. It has a bad effect on the countries which are already affected by hunger, poverty and climate change. Wasted food contributes nearly 3 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

4. Poor Public Policy: Problems like poor infrastructure or low investment in agriculture, often preventing the food and water from reaching the common people who needs the most.

Remedial measures:

Some of the remedial measures to overcome food crisis are:

1. Reducing Food Waste: We can share food atleast to our nearby person to avoid wastage of food.

2. Public Policy: The government must initiate policies that stimulate new farmer development, regional market and better supply chain management and prioritising appropriate technology development at smaller scales at reasonable prices.

3. Creating Employment opportunities: The government must create employment opportunities so that they are able to eat three times a day and meet their basic needs, instead of laying hands and waiting for someone to help them.

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  • I get what you mean but one question really needs to be asked, who is to blame I know that this answer seems far-fetched, but the farmers and big agricultural organizations are to blame. Yes, I mean they practice unsafe agricultural practices. Conventional agriculture causes increased greenhouse gas emissions, soil erosion, water pollution, and threatens human health. Organic farming has a smaller carbon footprint, conserves and builds soil health, replenishes natural ecosystems for cleaner water and air, all without toxic pesticide residues. I mean I know we are suffering hunger, but sustainable organic food is better than non-sustainable conventional food, we have to be wise is you ask me, I mean we cannot keep turning one problem into two, yes there is hunger, but do we have to add the environment to the issue. Yes, conventional farming uses less land, but the food is unreliable and lacks some basic important nutrients. I mean in the long run conventional farming really harms the environment. I mean the excess fake growth boosters given are even detrimental to human health, yes, we want food we want to solve the problem of hunger, but what do we achieve if we solve one problem by developing another, yes, we should stop the hunger, but we should also use sustainable agriculture methods. I mean most people that practice conventional farming are not even helping the nation. They give animals all types of injections and give plants all types of artificial boosters that do nothing but harm in the long run.

  • I think that the food crisis should be dealt with as soon as possible.

    1. OK, caring_technology -- why do you think that? And what is the easiest/fastest/best way to deal with it?

      1. In my opinion, this is a problem that needs to be solved, and as long as it continues, the economy will only get worse
        The rate of poverty and death will increase, and this is a danger to humanity in general
        There are solutions, including that rich countries donate, even a small part of the money, to support these poor countries to solve this problem, and also to exploit arable lands and not leave them without benefiting from them as a solution to this problem.

  • There is also a reason not mentioned
    Is that the lack of arable agricultural land, this is a sufficient reason for the lack of sufficient food for the residents of the region, as well as the lack of financial support or support in economic and food resources