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I get what you mean but one question really needs to be asked, who is to blame I know that this... The Global Food Crisis 13/12/22
When people hear hunger, they think of ways to produce more food not ways to produce sustainable... The reasons why we haven't yet solved the issue of the global food crisis 12/12/22
I agree because... it is what most farmer are not in the mode to farm thing that will not bring... Global food crisis 12/12/22
I agree because... it is quite important due to the representation of different group of tribes... Diversity, Representation and Equality! 08/12/22
i think gender equality is important because i will be talking about women that fought for their... Gender equality 08/12/22
I think that one of the ways of stopping food crisis and food wastage is by giving out safe... THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FOOD WASTE AND GLOBAL HUNGER 07/12/22
I think that it i God that created everythink because " God created the heaven and the earth and... Expert challenge: who owns space? 07/12/22
I think so greatly because it also remembered me on a particular named "Rise" ''it representy... Films that make a difference 05/12/22
I think so because of the danger we face in our planet due to global warming and pollution... SPACE: THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY. 05/12/22
I think that space has it positive and negative sides because it will take a large number time... SPACE: THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY. 02/12/22
We have been talking about what the heat have been doing to all these countries, but we are... Should some voices be louder than others? 01/12/22
I think so because people are all looking for white collar jobs like working with the mass media... Why haven't we solved the problem of world hunger yet? 01/12/22
I think that lack of health care is a waste of human capital because it is important to have... What should be free? 30/11/22
I think that the news are important thing for young people bacause it is important for young... STEP TWO: get ready for the competition 30/11/22
The topic that i am going to talk about is on how the government should try on stopping the... Suggest a discussion! 29/11/22
The topic on the global food crisis is geeting warst bacause of the change in weather which... The way this topic opened my thinking 29/11/22
I think that the people should speakout because there is freedom of speech and fair hearing... Iran: Should people speak out? 28/11/22
I find the character Matilada from the 1996 fantasy comedy" Matilda" inspiring. she represents... Who could change the world? 28/11/22
I strongly believe what u said becaust animals like that and others that live in ice region cant... Expert challenge: protect the animals! 27/11/22
I am here to state that animal are all important to the society but i will deciede to talk... Expert challenge: protect the animals! 27/11/22