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In this topic,we have had several discussions such as world as world hunger solving,where our food comes from,why we can't just share,food waste and alternative food such as bug burgers and critter curries.However all these were are just projections of the big discussion "FOOD CRISIS".


There is more than enough food produced in the world to feed everyone on the planet. Yet as many as 828 million people still go hungry across the globe.According to "" "After steadily declining for a decade, world hunger is on the rise, affecting nearly 10% of people globally. From 2019 to 2022, the number of undernourished people grew by as many as 150 million" but what exactly is causing the rise in world hunger. Such hunger has also led to death and lack of as access to nutritious food.In this case many Women and Children are vulnerably affected.But what are the root causes of hunger in the world.


Climate change in form of Drought, floods, fires, heatwaves, and other climate shocks are driving people from their homes, destroying livelihoods, and pushing communities deeper into hunger and over 1million people were displaced by drought in Somalia Since January 2021. Climate change has a dramatic impact on the quantity and nutritious quality of food produced around the world in that and research says that there is an 11%projected drop in rice yields by 2050 due the increase in temperature.It also contaminates and threatens water supply and over 700 million people are affected by water scarcity.If you I ask me I think this is the biggest cause because many people are oblivious to their activities such as industrial air pollution which results in global warming thus hunger issues and it not the increase because it's ignored and pollution levels are still high in many countries.


An estimated 60% of the world’s hungry people live in countries experiencing active conflict,the most lively example is the war in Ukraine.Many have died in that war but obviously where there is conflict, there is hunger due to the destruction of food sources and researchers say that the war has reduced the food production and exportation if fertilizers from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus which in return affects other countries in food production thus hunger because those countries will have food insecurity and so they wouldn't be able to share with the vulnerable such as those in war zones hence increased deaths.Besides that,there other causes such as wide spread poverty that many many can't afford nutritious food and also the natural calamities/disasters such as landslides aslo destroy many people's livelihoods making them unable to put food on their plates.In my opinion,since there is enough food in the world,why don't we just share. Well this was an actual discussion in this topic but I think that those with more food are either just selfish and want to survive alone or they are also only able to produce enough food for themselves and sharing would bring them into insecurity.I don't for sure what to conclude about that but I think we should have a sharing heart because it's not human to see another suffer yet you have access.


Well,the world food crisis can be overcome if we pay more attention to things bringing about climate change forexample countries should focus on reducing their emissions, protecting and conserving the waters sources such as lakes and Oceans.Using greener sources of energy and alternative fuels such as biogas and natural gas,Planting more trees and promoting more sustainability as a whole.

For the case of conflicts,we could just solve them by sitting on a round table and talking it through rather than bombing and gun shots because these affect many innocent lives and hinder the development of our countries,peace be spread.

And for those with more than enough,please share a portion of what you have with the poor and donate funds to help those affected by disasters.This way we shall overcome hunger in the world.

It's everyone's responsibility to fight for a hunger free world.2 million children die every year from malnutrition. Help save lives and create a world free from hunger

#Together We Can Stop Hunger#

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  • Share the food because we do have enough food we just need to share it all . We also need to stop cutting down trees . Well we can cut down trees but we must replant them after because trees produce food.

  • I think we should start making trades to share food all around the globe because some countries around the world are struggling and might need help like food which could help them out a lot which can save people's lives includeing how countries

  • I think we should raise money to the people who do not have any food

  • people need to donate to charity to stop hunger so the people can focus on bigger things then that.

  • I read the topic to the end!
    Dear, all the solutions that were mentioned in the topic are all very useful and effective.
    But it was centered around global crises! What about the communities and sweets of every human being on this planet?
    Perhaps, my dear, we can work to solve these problems well, but the first reasons fall on each individual: such as considering cooperation in food is greed.
    And the association of customs and traditions with self-esteem.
    And they take the principle that they cannot extend a helping hand so as not to break their pride. What about all this can be solved? Or is it a crisis that cannot be resolved?
    Perhaps it can be solved because we are human beings like each other and we know our habits easily, so what do you think?

  • We have to start the awareness programme to make people known about the importance of foods from which people can stop to waste foods , Beside wasting foods we have to start sharing the foods with hunger people that can helps to fullfil the stomach of hungers who are not able to get foods.

  • A country can be self sustainable through self production of wheat, rice, beans, crops for oil, cattle, birds and fish. Done by large farmers leaving the smaller farmer to raise other crops such as melons, fruits, vegetables, greens and local usage crops. Global trading is a failure. Look at Ukraine and then at Tunisia. Even in Tunisia there are not enough farmers with enough locally grown crops.

  • Many African countries have become dependent on other countries for survival. They have lost the desire to be self-sufficient agriculture can be adjusted to each environment. Rain catching systemis should be abundant in all of east and NE Afica. Geen houses in some areas would lead to more education and development over time.

  • While we keeping our eye on life on Mars and developing Al (artificial intelligence), we have failed and loose our attention on basic human needs. Therefore so-called " developed countries " are still developing. What i believe real development in human raise is illuminating hunger, access to medical necessities and environmental protection.

  • Building Freight train lines through different Continents is needed if you want to supply food to different nations with different setups. It would take a management of the governments together to use this wisely though.

    Adding a railway through Alaska to Russia could connect Asia and Europe to North America.

    But not with the war in Ukraine going on right now.

    By localizing production it reduces the risk of a war breaking the system. Or a famine damaging multiple nations.

  • The food crisis as it soars and lives are lost every second ,no one truly feels the pain to take up the responsibility to halt ,the madness of injustice in resource distribution around the world. Food waste and hoarding are still prevalent in many countries and known to the international communities, who are only busy calling expensive summits one after another or publishing reports without actually taking the action on the ground. How many more generations will perish before the very essence of sustainability is endorsed, that has only come to exist as a fancy term, unfortunately.