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l don't think lMF a chance here. Countries should see this as an opportunity to grow and expand... THE CAUSE OF GLOBAL FOOD CRISIS 05/12/22
Many African countries have become dependent on other countries for survival. They have lost the... WORLD HUNGER 05/12/22
" We can't actually recycle everything" Which is why I tend to make my own coffee at home and... How to be sustainable 02/12/22
l'm always trying to keep myself to the 3R: reduce - reuse- recycle. And the main point is the ... Fast Fashion 02/12/22
Free healthcare should be prioritized only for people with chronic diseases as we all know... What should be free? 29/11/22
Europen countries will not wear the "one love" armband in support of the " LGBT" Cmmundy at the... Sport and politics: do they mix? 27/11/22
Sports, especially football, is a beautiful and enjoyable game.. We should not mix it with... Sport and politics: do they mix? 27/11/22
World Cup, formally FIFA World Cup, in football (soccer), quadrennial tournament of men’s... STEP ONE: pick a standpoint topic 25/11/22
Became a huge fan of him.Qatar is going to host World cup we know it for years. Now when... A speech that got people talking 24/11/22
Qatar deservedly deserved all respect for sponsoring the 2022 World Cup We are all proud of... World Cup: what’s the legacy of big events? 18/11/22
I want to become a doctor, it is my dream since I was young, I want to help people in my... Would you…? 18/11/22
Strawberry is perennial herbaceous plant that lives for several years if lef in the ground. The... The food crisis: why can’t we just share? 17/11/22
To stop the bleeding of doctors from my point of view: It is possible to work on increasing... What causes doctor shortages? 17/11/22