Real life beats the movies

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  • I think real life beats movies, because in real life your not just comfortable on your couch not actually doing anything. In real life you get to experience things with all 5 senses instead of just 2 when you're watching a movie. If I could see how it was to swing around like spiderman in his suit it would be better than to watch spiderman do it.

  • I totally agree with you I mean there are a lot of advantages of having diverse leaders. A Higher Chance of Seeing Positive Change, executives with diverse backgrounds are more likely to make decisions that are agreed upon by the top leadership group and put in place positive changes, whereas executives without diversity tend to make decisions that aren’t agreed upon and put in place fewer positive changes. Forbes says that Increased Awareness. Our life experiences create a powerful filter through which we see and engage with everything and everyone around us. Each time you increase the diversity of filters on your leadership team, you increase your awareness of the landscape your organization must navigate to succeed: employee needs, customer experiences, social impacts, global opportunities, diversity in leadership could do a lot. Diverse leaders could bring new opportunities this will uncover new ways of thinking, promote a growth mindset and enable a learning organization that is open to testing and new ideas. For the organization, this leads to greater employee engagement, empowerment and faster decision making. Diverse leaders could help maintain better employee and consumer relationship; we all know the success of a place depends on their workforce. So, if we can accept diverse leaders and accept diverse people we can move better in life.