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  • I knew that:
    1. There are many factors that make some countries hosting the championship disturbing to some, including the methods of workers' coefficients, the amount of money spent, the country's temperature, and at what expense the stadium was built, and the resulting damage to the environment and the population.
    2.There are benefits for the country that holds the tournament, including a good image of it, hotels can be reused, and this tournament will reflect the cultures of Arab countries. Also, some problems that Qatar suffers from can be highlighted, such as the way workers are treated, and this is what makes other countries offer proposals to help them.
    3.I was shocked by some facts, such as the number of residents, the number of followers coming, the amount of money, and I was worried about what would happen with what the State of Qatar did with the equipment after the event.
    4. I learned some ways to refuse to establish the championship in a country, which is the failure of the followers to come, the refusal of the teams to play there, and highlighting the problems that they will suffer from

    1. But don't you think that the fun of matches makes you forget all about things like the heat? Don't you think that every country has the right to host and do whatever it wants with its money? I agree that it would be better if they gave this money to the poor but also that they have the right to live whatever they want in their state

  • The discussion that we mentioned in the class is the huge amount of money that was spent and squandered in the World Cup, and if we spent it on the poor, we would have overcome poverty, not eliminated it, because it is impossible to get rid of poverty completely, but at least the poor countries have progressed and their poverty rate has decreased

  • I watched many live sessions of the World cup ceremony and the preparations. We discussed in the class about many espects. But we find it disappointing that there were not any representation on the behalf of our region Pakistan. The legacy of the world needs to represent all the races and regions of the world and it is the big forum to share the good and healthy time and sportsmanship spirits. Not the time to portray the values and culture of the certain region through the influence of power. The world cup organiser had my appreciation that they took the bold step to give the Qater and opportunity to play the role of host and its great deal of Qater responsibility to play important role so that the world cup legacy should reflect that sport has no social cultural and political barriers. And sportsmanship has no races.

  • In the chapter, we discussed many issues related to the World Cup, including the value of the tourism and industrial benefits of the host country, as well as the disbursement of large amounts of money to equip buildings, stadiums, streets, and improve the infrastructure. The tourism, industrial and economic benefits of hosting the World Cup

  • Many matters were discussed about the World Cup. There are many reasons why some countries objected to Qatar hosting the World Cup and demanded a boycott of the World Cup because of its being held in an Arab country, and once under the pretext of defending the rights of workers and another time under the pretext of protecting homosexuals and other such reasons and from On the other hand, huge amounts of money were spent to prepare the World Cup, but it came to my mind that if some of this money was spent on the poor and needy, it would have been better and reduced the food crisis.

  • we learnt that big time events like the world cup can have huge impacts on the environment, it does more help than good, it can affect every single problem we have discussed in the topical talk, because funds gained can be allocated to each problem if possible.

  • I am impressed at the efforts and resources put in place to make the 2022 world cup a reality.
    I am worried by the effect of the weather condition of the environment for the visitors and the attention given to the workers during and after the course of preparation.
    I am shocked by the resources put into this event if it will be still be put into good use after the event is over.

  • We have discussed in the chapter a topic about the World Cup and what are the benefits of countries hosting it, whether it is a developing or developed country, and that hosting a cup like this in my country will help the Palestinian cause and this event will also help my country financially through the money that will be spent on building luxury hotels, infrastructure, stadiums and The championship will be an essential engine for achieving the country's future vision, raising its social status, benefiting my country, and becoming a tourist area because many of us love these events. The benefits are indirect that the country will achieve; It consists in increasing the good global impression of the country.
    We also talked about the losses that my country's government will lose money in preparing for the World Cup as it will have to build new stadiums and several hotels for fans.
    Some of them objected to what Qatar did by hosting the World Cup, as it had to spend money on the poor and needy!
    And we've learned that big events like the World Cup can have huge impacts on the environment, it helps more than it helps, and it can affect just about every problem we've discussed in the topical conversation.
    We said that the positives of hosting the World Cup outweigh the negatives.

  • The discussion that was discussed in the chapter is the waste and extravagance of the host country of the World Cup (Qatar), as it has squandered more than about thousands of millions of huge sums of money in hosting the World Cup. For example, the poor lack shelter, clothing, food, money, and so on. Let us think carefully, if this huge amount of money was used to help the poor and the needy, the pandemic of poverty and famine, which is spreading to many parts of the countries that surround us, and so on, would have ended. But Qatar's work was very good in my right thinking, because in the end it is the beneficiary.

    1. Who does it benefit?