Art is to Dynamic to be converted by AI

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I have read a lot of coments like "Art produced through AI is not original art", "AI is making art loose its value and true meaning" , "Will there still be need for artist if AI advances in art? " These are key topic that triggered my inquisitive skills Well in my own opinion, Art is a broad topic, Art is self expression triggered by human thoughts and feelings, developed through creativity and imagination and human activities which is known as art. AI is artificial intelligence has no mind of its own but does what it is programed to do trherefore has no imagination it only creates art based on what is stored in its database. Art changes everyday new forms and ways to expresss ones self are developed through the human mind and creativity, AI cant possibly have creativity as it is does not have feelings or imagintion. It is almost impossible for all types or forms of artto be mastered by a computer, especisally with tghe fact that new ideas are being develope every day. Art can never die or fade away it is too wide and broad. Artist will stillbe needed to form new ideas and can even use AI to develop it, AI will need new things in its database for other artist as inspiration. and serve as a guidelines for upcoming artist.

Please share your opinions what do you think?

can ylou answer any of the questions or have an alternative answer?

1. Is Art produced through AI original art?

2. Is AI is making art loose its value and true essence?

3. " Will there still be need for artist if AI advances in art?

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  • 1. Yes, art produced through AI can be considered original art because it is created by an algorithm that has been programmed by humans to produce unique works of art.

    2. No, AI is not making art lose its value and true essence. Instead it is introducing new forms of creativity and artistic expression. While some may argue that AI-produced art lacks the emotional or personal touch of human-made art, others may appreciate the precision and technical mastery involved in producing such pieces.

    3. Yes, there will still be a need for artists even if AI advances in art. While AI can create impressive works of art, it still requires human input in terms of programming, design, and interpretation. humans have the ability to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to their art which cannot be replicated by machines.

    1. I agree because... Indeed what you said is true,
      Firstly yes Art produced by AI is original, "Yes, art produced through AI can be considered original art because it is created by an algorithm that has been programmed by humans to produce unique works of art." But does it show, or give the chance for enough originality in the sense of portraying ones emotions and expressing ones self Now with AI anyone can produce art even those who do not understand the true meaning of art and though no art is useless it is not as interesting as other therefore diminishing art and making it loose main context as it is now to easy to get the art work done, As some would say. Do you agree?
      Secondly, Yes There will still be need for artist but so many artist will loose their jobs and value for the expenditure of art will drop because practically anybody who may be "untalented or unskilled" can create a magnificent Art piece

  • 1, No, art produced through AI is not an original art because, art is the physical expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. So if an AI creates the art it won't be the person that created the art so you can't call it an original art if the person doesn't do the work by them self.
    2, Yes, AI is making art lose its value and essence because the thing that makes art have value and essence is the artist's unique style so if an AI is using the style of the artist to make art it won't be special again.
    3, No, there will be no need for artists if AI advances in art because if AI advances in art, the art that a person will make will be so good that there will be no need for artists since everyone can create amazing art with the help of the advanced AI

  • In fact, the concept of art is fixed, but the way it is understood differs. When thinking about it, we find that art is a soft diplomatic force in which artists pass the ideas they want to the world in an indirect way, and that it is the most appropriate way to express opinion. When the artist begins to draw, the significance of his drawing differs from one person to another. For example, some of them want to express their opinions and feelings, and some of them want to convince a person or an insulting party of something, and here lies the point of difference between it and artificial intelligence. If the intention of the artificial intelligence user is to plant certain ideas in any society, then not We need feelings to understand them.

  • You mentioned in your comment that art in artificial intelligence is not possible because it needs human thoughts, feelings, creativity and imagination, and I agree with you on that. Therefore, artificial intelligence can in no way eliminate human art. Human intelligence is unique and beautiful, but artificial intelligence cannot relate to human intelligence. .It changes with each period and develops more and more and its art becomes a creative and beautiful work, but artificial intelligence is something that follows the data listed for it and does not change itself and does not evolve and remains in the same pattern now. If we compare two drawings, one old and the other new, we will be able to differentiate between them easily because we see in the new drawing a new intelligence and creativity that is more developed than the old one. Likewise, humans always outperform artificial intelligence. They will develop their intelligence and change it. As for artificial intelligence, it will remain the same, even if its patterns and methods change