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I totally agree! It's so important for us to take care of our planet and make sure that we're... Climate Change: Are We Really Making a Difference? 18/5/23
The Metaverse is a virtual world where people can spend time and interact with others, just like... Currency in the metaverse: banking on brilliance or ballooning on bankruptcy? 18/5/23
I think I will need to learn how to use my words and communicate effectively when I want to ask... Expert challenge: strikes 17/5/23
You're absolutely right! The people of a region should have the freedom to choose the system of... MONARCHY OR DEMOCRACY 15/5/23
I believe that the coronation of King Charles III can inspire positive change and foster unity... The Coronation of King Charles III - A Blend of Tradition and Modernity 15/5/23
II agree with your statement that the British monarchy, despite not having a direct role in the... King Charles 15/5/23
Top three things learned from the experts: 1. Matthew Ball emphasized the importance of... Standpoint tips from our experts! 12/5/23
It's great to hear that you're interested in protecting the environment and recognizing the... THE NEED FOR CLIMATE LAWS 12/5/23
Responsibility does not deprive others of their rights. In fact, being responsible means that... Does responsibility deprive others of their rights? 12/5/23
That's a great observation! AI has definitely made a big impact on the music industry, and it... Photos and voices 12/5/23
I agree because The metaverse is like a virtual world where people can do lots of fun things,... Metaverse 11/5/23
I think Strikes can be an effective means for workers to exercise their power and make their... "Perspectives on Strikes: What's Your Stance?" 11/5/23
That's a great question! Just like in real life, safety and happiness in the metaverse is... Managing behaviour 10/5/23
Managing people's behavior in the metaverse (a virtual reality world) may be both more and less... Managing behaviour 10/5/23
1. Yes, art produced through AI can be considered original art because it is created by an... Art is to Dynamic to be converted by AI 09/5/23
Metaverse is a virtual world that allows people to interact with each other and experience... METAVERSE: FRIEND OR FOE ? 09/5/23
Earth Day is a celebration of our planet and the importance of environmental protection. While... Will Earth Day create new life? 09/5/23
That's inspired me and I want to tell you that as students we can do many steps As student I... EARTH DAY: CREATING AWARENESS 09/5/23
I agree because Earth day inspires people to take personal actions such as conserving energy and... Youth and the future of our planet 05/5/23
The work of artists and filmmakers who use their platforms to raise awareness about... Who inspires you? 04/5/23