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If there are demonstrators who do not want the king to be crowned, they should not be stopped.... Not for everyone? 19/5/23
My opinion at the beginning of the topic was that there should be a royal family in every... The Change of Times 19/5/23
Something like the Metaverse must control humans, and we notice that a lot, but we don't want... who is in control?! 16/5/23
You mentioned in your comment that art in artificial intelligence is not possible because it... Art is to Dynamic to be converted by AI 16/5/23
Trading on the Metaverse is very strange, but I don't endorse it. What if the Metaverse... Particular people 11/5/23
The life of adolescents is unstable, as they are between relying on themselves and relying on... Teenagers and social media 10/5/23
I don't think it's a good idea to call an AI user an artist. We call him a non-artist because he... AI poll results! 10/5/23
Favoritism is giving opportunities to those who do not deserve it, and there are those who... Where does nepotism start? 09/5/23
(Nothing is more precious than human health) Health is the basis of a person's life, he cannot... Pick ONE person 09/5/23
Work is the basis for building an employee's life, and the employee's life is the basis for... Pick ONE person 09/5/23
I stopped at a sentence I read in your comment, namely (I wasn't interested at first because I... AI and art are two faces for one coin 09/5/23
This topic got a lot of discussion in my class, as it took up most of my discussion time. Each... Topical Talk in your classrooms 05/5/23
A beautiful comment, and I liked its types, as they all have beautiful characteristics, but I... Topical Talk in your classrooms 05/5/23
If artificial intelligence carries out everything that a person commands, then there is no art... AI poll results! 04/5/23
Artificial intelligence is a new thing in our lives, and it is not one of the basics of life.... Student suggestion 02/5/23
Nice comment but I have another opinion, since all the comments are talking about the same thing... Inspiration... or stealing? 02/5/23
Copying and stealing someone else's work is not a beautiful thing, as it violates the rights of... Inspiration... or stealing? 02/5/23
Yes, of course, I know the negatives, but I did not find anyone mentioning the positives And... Royalty poll results! 02/5/23
Artificial intelligence is a very wonderful thing, and we never expected it to be invented. The... Thinking questions 02/5/23
It is true that what you are saying is that they are people like us and they have their own... Royal responses 27/4/23