Will AI art destory the art world?

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AI has been part of the wonderful new inventions of the developing world of technology. AI can create whole conversations in another language or create recipes. AI can even create art such as abstract or even photographs. Art is something people all over the world know about. Art can evoke feelings or it can demonstrate an important moment in history. Art has a range of things it can do and this is why people love it so much. Whole museums are built to honor art and the artists. Artists are what makes the art feel real. By looking at an artist's art you can decipher what they were feeling at that moment while creating it even though you weren't even there. People can have a connection towards art pieces because it can express what they are feeling without ever using words.

The question is will AI affect the art world. AI or artificial intelligence a computer database is used for problem solving. Well that is what it was used for in the beginning an example being Siri but now it has become more developed. Now art pieces can be created using AI but will the same emotional attachment towards art be the same? AI instructions are entered by a human but those humans don’t put the same effort into art as others. AI is doing all of the work and the human only has to type in what they want. AI is also scanning and taking ideas from other arts when they are creating a new one so it is not exactly AI’s art either. There can not really be that same emotional attactment if you know that the art was created by a computer instead of a human.

Most importantly how will artists that work hard on art feel that their art can be less appreciated because AI can make art so fast. While on social media I came across a situation where an artist's work was stolen and labeled as AI art when they had originally created the art piece. The person who created the art was frustrated online that their art was stolen. This made me realize that AI is helpful and an extraordinary invention but there needs to be a balance between AI art and art that has been created since humans were alive. Without balance the art world will be dysfunctional and divided because no one will know what exactly can be labeled as art.

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  • Interesting points secure_seahorse. How do see balance between AI art and art created by humans being governed?

    1. I see balance by maybe creating certain sections in art competitions for AI art and then a section for art being created by humans. This way no awards will be taken away from human artists and AI will still be able to be seen as art in the art world. Art already has different categories so maybe AI can get a category of its own.

    2. What is AI artwork?
      Artificial intelligence is the field of science which works to build machines that mimic human intelligence through algorithms. And simply put, AI artwork is any artwork created through the use of AI. AI artists work with the AI’s algorithms to create rules for how the machine analyzes images—sometimes thousands of images—to understand a certain creative process, such as an aesthetic or an art movement. Then, the AI generates shapes, forms, patterns, and figures to create something based on what it has learned.

      Many AI art generators are text-to-image, meaning the rules that artists create are written prompts. These prompts can be simple, such as a starry night sky, or they can be very descriptive, like a starry night sky full of constellations in the fall in the style of Claude Monet. Artists can use other descriptors such as telephoto or hyper realistic to create different results. Typically, they can also cycle through several versions the AI has created, expand the image, change the resolution, or have the AI redo its processing with the same prompt. And while anyone can use these generators, it takes time and practice to understand what words to use and how to use them in order to get a piece you want.
      Humans and Art
      Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life, said the famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso.
      Art is an important part of being human. Not only do we have the ability to create tools and modify our surroundings, but we also have the curiosity for making objects look beautiful. There are many possible reasons and explanations as to why humans make art and it would probably take years to identify each one of them, but le some of the most likely reasons that humans create art.

      Some of the main reasons for creating art include:
      Making our surroundings more beautiful. Creating objects to decorate our surroundings has motivated the creation of many types of art, such as architecture, painting, sculpture, jewelry, design objects for every day use, and many others.

      For me I see no balance between AI art and art created by humans being governed.
      Because AI art and art created by humans is much difference. AI art is completely artificial while art created by humans was made by a living thing and not through artificial intelligence. There is a rason behinde human art but there is no reason behind the creation of AI art.

  • it could possibly happen because you dont know what can happen in the future

  • AI and the Arts


    Ai and the arts, in my opinion, can be beneficial since they can provide inspiration for aspiring artists. It can be useful for other things other than painting, in my opinion. For instance, responding to inquiries, assisting with tasks, and many other things. The ai modifier produces work and provides information in order to assist humans and show them how their art might inspire them. This might encourage people to become more confident in their favourite activities. However, AI can be detrimental because it can produce a piece of art in a matter of seconds, which would be unsettling for human artists.

    Paragraph 1

    Another reason why this can make artists feel as if they aren’t good enough is because if the AI starts to create loads of work it can make people forget about the real human artists which will make them less popular and the AI more popular. Popular and well known artists can feel as if the AI is taking over their job. The reason why they may feel this is because the AI can create a piece of art in 2 seconds but can take many hours for a human artist to finish theirs. This would make the artist feel bad and might make them feel the AI is better than them because their quality is the same as the humans. Also the artist could think there’s no point in them if it takes ages for them to do one good piece of artwork when the ai can do thousands in the same time.


    In conclusion, Ai and the arts have many positives and many negatives. Personally, I believe AI is more of a negative thing than a positive. Although AI and the arts can help you in many different ways, inspiring artwork, helping answering questions, and many more, it has a bad impact on people who. This doesn’t always mean that everyone is going to have a bad impact if they use ai but it does mean that some people may be impacted badly and might make some people feel the ai is decreasing their confidence. I think this problem can be solved if people don’t use the AI as much or if the AI is only there for answering questions and more. If this problem doesn’t get solved it might have a very bad impact in the future.

  • Yes, AI will destroy the art world because in the future AI could make artists to be no more. As the AI is developing artists will start losing their natural talents for creating original arts. People will start to depend on the AI entirely to make art for them. Also the AI can degrade masterpieces to look like basic drawings.

  • I would like to say that your stand point is very interesting and very informative. I would like to say that I believe that the AI cannot destroy the art world. Suggesting that AI can produce Art is no different than implying a pencil can draw illustrations or write stories. A pencil, just like AI, is not human — it's a tool. AI apps are unlikely to replace artists. While AI technology has made significant progress in generating visual and audio content, it still lacks the creativity and human touch that is intrinsic to art.

  • For many centuries, dating back to 500 B.C when Nok Art was invented, art has played a rampant role in the expression of man. His emotions, feelings ,opinions and experiences were displayed through his art. Art, in our world today is extremely valuable and of great significance.
    The invention of AI is a big step forward in the technological advancements of our world. One would say it is highly advantageous and can help to eradicate many disadvantages when it comes to the problems we face today. But, with a closer look we can observe that AI does not only rob art of its value, but also corrupts the idea of creativity, making it almost completely useless.
    The connections and emotional ties one has with art made by man will never be the same with the art made by AI. If a person decides to use AI to create his/her art, then the emotional ties one has to that work is just as artificial and fake as the work itself.
    Artists will feel oppressed by the fact that AI is taking over their possibly only area of talent and they will be discouraged.
    There has always been the suspicion that AI and other technological inventions will take over the lives and occupations of men and this suspicion is becoming a fact.
    Conclusively, AI is in fact destroying and causing chaos in the art world and in the lives of artists, because as of now, it is difficult to decipher whether an artwork is made by man or by AI.