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I see balance by maybe creating certain sections in art competitions for AI art and then a... Will AI art destory the art world? 21/5/23
Although at first I did not believe idea 3 would be the most fair suggestion you changed my... What should be done? 18/5/23
I agree favoritism and equality are opposite concepts and equality is always exactly equal. You... Favoritism and Equality - A Delicate Balance 18/5/23
I think UK workers chose to strike like this because it would give them more attention for their... Which situation is best? 17/5/23
I think idea 3 may not work because even if job applications are anonymous, references and... What should be done? 17/5/23
AI might cause problems if it can clone people's voices because people may be accused of... Photos and voices 16/5/23
I learnt the most from Clover Hogan because she taught me that every company may say they are... Competition #6 Expert learning 16/5/23
In some cases nepotism is a choice but in others it may be the only way. Some families may... Nepotism: A Choice To Make 15/5/23
I agree, nepotism has affected many industries and continues to affect industries today. I also... The Incompatibility of Nepotism with the Principle of Equality 15/5/23
I think idea 4 will have the biggest impact of nepotism because it will stop the uprising of... What should be done? 15/5/23
I agree because no one chooses where they are born but we are forced to deal with the advantages... Nepo-babies in the news 11/5/23
A question I have had about the topic of nepotism is if a successful parent chooses their child... Suggest a discussion! 11/5/23
The skill I am going to focus on is problem-solving. In any situation that has a problem you... Competition #5 Standpoint skills 11/5/23
I scored a 10 and learned how nepotism impacts many industries especially the film industry.... Test your knowledge 10/5/23
To me step eight is when nepotism begins because that is when Ema is given the direct... Where does nepotism start? 09/5/23
I agree because we always try to help the people we are close to but we should not support them... Nepotism poll results! 09/5/23
I believe even if people do not support the new king they should be able to join the celebration... Not for everyone? 09/5/23
I voted that if I had the power I'd help my family and friends more than others because everyone... Nepotism poll results! 09/5/23
Being a nepo-baby might give someone an unfair advantage because they are able to use their... Nepo-babies in the news 08/5/23
I do not think AI or someone who uses AI to create art cannot be considered an artist because it... AI poll results! 04/5/23