What is nepotisim really about

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Equality is an important thing to have because it helps us make sure that we all get fair treatment but some places can disagree. Not everyone can get the fair treatment that they deserve but that can change over time or not it depends on the time and place. Not all people get a fair chance of getting freedom. It might be hard for some people to do what they like to do because they have a certain limit.

I remember hearing this story of a woman having to change her appearance because she couldn’t do any work as a woman. It was very hard for her because she was a single mother. So the fact that she had to change how she dressed, looked, and even how she talked to get a job was horrible because that would have been something stuck with her for years and she wouldn’t be able to go back. She also had a priority which was to provide for her family. All of this shouldn’t be an issue but not everywhere there can be equality.

But nepotism has so many things that we do know and maybe things that we don’t know about. Another thing we had was about how we have nepo-babies. Everything is quite different for them because of the way that they get to have a big majority of privilege. But most of the time they don’t want to do the things that they already have set so it's really hard for them to say no because then it might lead to some conflict between their parents or the ones who lead them there.

Nepotism is a very serious thing that we have to take in mind because it is hard to face due to the amount of pressure that people get. We might think that it might be easy for them because they have it easy to do things but it might be different from them because they feel all this pressure and they think that they need to maintain all the requirements that they need. If not they might think that they aren’t doing good. Some of them might think that way and others might find it fun and not a hard time because they started liking it over time and they enjoyed it. It reallly depends on many things but what we should always take in mind is that its different for everyone and that not everyone opinions the same.

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  • Nepotism in my opinion is about a lot of things. It is about partiality, about undeserving people getting jobs and also about favouritism. Nepotism honestly has a huge impact on workers who actually earned their jobs. I Mean how would you feel if you worked really hard for a job and after many trial and error got it, then someone who is related to the employer just walts in and gets the job. It causes resentment between workers and makes them feel unwanted. It also affects the company. Nepotism reduces work performance because unqualified employees that lack the experience or ability to perform the job asked of them are working. While the hire could be a fast learner with a natural affinity for the role, it is more likely they will underperform, make errors, and slow down operations.

    1. I agree because... nepotism is an act of partiality and it has been exercised everywhere and due to this most companies that practice nepotism has lost so many income and result to losses due to their lack of experience in the job and mostly it causes is favoritism (special treatment) so in other to build a better world

  • Nepotism is when someone is treated unfairly, usually because they are a family member or friend of someone in a position of power. It involves giving preferential treatment or opportunities to these individuals while discriminating against others. For instance, in a school, nepotism might occur when a teacher's son is given a higher score even though he answered incorrectly. Nepotism has negative effects on fairness and equality. It is important to understand that treating someone unfairly based on personal connections is not right.

  • I have a question. Does nepotism only apply in an organisation. I mean can't someone can getting into power through family be considered nepotism? Example if the president was asked to pick someone as the vice and he picks his younger brother who was also contesting, isn't this is also considered as nepotism? If it is I believe this kind of nepotism is even more dangerous and should be considered illegal because it provides a better environment for corruption. Can nepotism also be found between customer and worker? Like in a hospital, if a patient who is related in some way to a doctor should come to the hospital with a minor disease and is treated by the doctor before a patient with a major or life threatening disease can't that be considered nepotism?

  • Nepotism destroys the society and allows incompetent people to replace the competent ones. Whether you call it nepotism or favoritism or help I don't think it is right. Nepotism can bring down an organization because the leader was brought in to power through nepotism. I think everyone should be given their positions based on merits and not by familiarity.