who is in control?!

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Who is in control?! ..... Metaverse is a world between fantasy and reality, this development that scientists are striving to reach .. But the question is, will we be able to prevent the future that threatens the destruction of humanity? The required that is concerned with adolescents and how this generation depends on the phone and cannot leave it, and we do not forget the destructive social relations or electronic bullying and suspicious sites to make the Metaverse a safer environment we need development and laws such as that each person has a specific time inside the Metaverse to play and then it is transferred To study (regulate time) and to fix social relations, they have to introduce everyone who uses the metaverse into programs that you talk to others to ensure its continuity, and it is better to get them out of the metaverse for realistic communication, and by mentioning reality, there must be a specific time to stay in it. As for bullying, they can establish psychological support centers Which helps adolescents to accept themselves In the end, we have to realize that everything has limits that we do not cross, so using virtual reality, no matter how sure it does not pose a danger, who is in control? Human or this is what we imagined the machine.

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  • Well mostly i think the admins are the owners like the ceo,but if you say Neal Stephenson your wrong,he made the term Metaverse but he didn't make the metaverse in whole,he just made the word but the ceo of the metaverse is Ma Huateng,Neal Stephenson really just had an idea of the future what he said is "rich people escape into an alternative 3D, connected reality." he really just guess the future.

    1. I agree because the owners could be the ceo and the admins of the entire metaverse. But if they were not then who would be in control so its a yes and a no at the same time because yes they can be admins but no they could not be the admins that control the metaverse.

  • In my opinion unity is becoming a leader in the metaverse by creating 3D content in AR and VR.
    I think microsoft may be the early leader in the professional metaverse. The person that will control the Metaverse will be Mark Zuckerberg and Neal Stephenson, because in the case of the Facebook Metaverse, it is owned by the company founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.
    While Neal Stephenson is the inventor, because Neal Stephenson got the idea of creating a metaverse when he wrote a science fiction novel in 1992 called *Snow Crash*.
    And i suppose, in a metaverse their should be a limited time for everyone to play example two hours per day.
    Bulliers, stealeand suspicious people in the metaverse should be disconnected and eliminated from it. This will bring peace in the metaverse

  • Many multi-million-dollar companies have invested in Metaverse controlling accessing technologies, including Microsoft, Facebook, Meta, etc.
    These are just a few of the companies investing in metaverse control technologies. This means there will be a power shift when all the companies are willing to control.
    However, I believe that people
    Several multimillion-dollar companies have invested in Metaverse accessing technologies, including Microsoft, Facebook, Meta, and others.
    The power will always shift with every technological invention, and the stakeholders will always control the power.
    According to my opinion, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, and ROBLOX owner David Basuki could control the metaverse

  • Metaverse is a digital tool and as such, it is handled by humans. Without the people, metaverse would not exist.

    Metaverse enable 3D digital space that use virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. The mixed reality comprise of(snap chat filters, Instagram e.t.c). All these allow people have business experience online.

    The people making use of the metaverse are to tell if it should be used for good or bad. There are certain rules that govern the use of metaverse. Thess rules should be strictly applied in other to avoid the misuse of these products.
    Metaverse is also powered by the combination of technologies .

    Metaverse is going to be part of the economy over the coming decades "according to Tim Sweeney".

  • In my own opinion there isn't one specific entity that controls the metaverse. It's a decentralized network of virtual worlds that are created and maintained by various companies and individuals such as google, meta, Microsoft, Roblox etc. However, there are concerns about how the metaverse will be regulated and who will have access to it.

  • Something like the Metaverse must control humans, and we notice that a lot, but we don't want something that controls us
    I see that most of human inventions are invented to control humans, and the simplest example of that is the robot whose only goal is to control humans, as well as the Metaverse, as it was invented to control young people and adolescents, and I see that it has controlled adults as well, and I see that the only solution for that is to invent useful and comfortable things to man and notto control it

  • In the metaverse,
    no one should be in control, there should be rules but no ruler...
    i think this because otherwise someone would completely rule the metaverse and then they will be able to do anything they want.

  • I think that the company that made the VR headset should have full control of everything that happens inside it but if there are game which has many people around the world that are using different VR headsets then I think that the developers of the game should have control. If there is a public metaverse that all runs on one server one day, I think that space should be controlled by the government, President, etc of the country that the server is ran in.

    1. Your comment reminded me of a trend that appeared on the Internet a while ago, talking about teenagers being affected by games to the point that when they wore glasses they killed the ones they loved, and this made me somewhat afraid because it is possible that we will lose control of our minds and become like zombies who belong to the virtual world where we have no power or control.

  • I am pleased with your interaction with what I wrote because of the many comments that I cannot respond to all of them. That is why I wrote here. What caught my attention is that most of the students have said that the founders of the Metaverse or the wealthy will control it, but it seems that they could not understand what I mean, so I would like to talk about the idea of the title ( Who is in control) In the world of Metaverse, we will see a total change in technology to the extent that it will be a new universe that dreams will come true. Whoever wants to travel can go there. Now let us think about the issue. People will be less connected to reality, and this is what will make them forget to serve themselves. We watched many science fiction films talking about the invasion of robots. If the Metaverse is an advanced system, it will be able, one day, to develop itself to control everything without the control of the wealthy or even its founders, and this warns us that humans may return to zero point without technology or even evolution. Nuclear weapons that, if used, will lose the development we have reached. Do you think that this is the punishment of humans for their mistakes, or is it an opportunity for change for the better, as in Japan?

  • The metaverse is wide field and it is made by humans and they can easily forget why it was created making it a big deal and they forget the important things they are meant to do. So it is basically a two way thing depending on how we use it
    The people are the ones in control and without anyone participation from us, the metaverse would not exist. So whilst companies may be racing to have ownership of the metaverse, the people will not allow for main ownership.
    The metaverse has now being considered as a fast way of getting everything done like business and health care and many other things

  • I like this topic it is very broad and debating but in my opinion there is a simple answer whoever is in control depends on how we use the metaverse

  • Metaverse is a digital tool and as such, it is manipulated by humans and I see that most human inventions are invented to control humans, the simplest example of this is a robot whose sole purpose is to control humans, in the other I like this topic it is very extensive and discussed But in my opinion there is a simple answer that depends on who is in control of how we use the Metaverse.

  • I agree as the CEO or founder of the metaverse is not a single person, there will be lots of people making decisions about it, and it may turn out to be chaos. I also agree with your law, as too much time in a fake world may affect how you feel in the real world.

  • Thank you, dear expert, for giving us this model to talk about ✅ Teenagers look at the world completely differently from our real world. They want a luxurious life, luxurious food, fashionable clothes, and all this they find in the virtual world, and this is what made them addicted to it. They neglected their studies. They do not like to sit with their family. They love loneliness and isolation to spend more time on the virtual world, which will affect their future. I know that adolescents are going through a stage in which changes occur, whether psychological or physical, so we must protect ourselves from this dangerous virus and use it safely and consciously in order to keep ourselves from getting into trouble.🤚 🤚