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Will The Metaverse Replace The Real World?

Never, as it is non-reality.

The term 'metaverse' refers to a virtual world where objects,places, and people are represented digitally. We all know that the metaverse is a structural computing platform that provides digital experiences as a replica of the real world, along with its key attainment aspects like social interactions, currency, commerce, financial system, and property ownership – founded on a basis of distributed ledger technology (DLT).

I get the metaverse is an environment that can be digitally advanced and occupied by people, who can socialize and team up together in a virtual space, but concept of the metaverse is slowly obtaining traction. In spite how much more attractive or fascinating it would be for firms to pitch in reality in a digital scenery with human users living,working, learning and associating, the metaverse will not take over.

Have you ever wondered how you will smell flowers in the Metaverse? Feel that warmth of fun sun🌞 ? or even the cool sensation of the blue moon🌚? Eat in the metaverse or even hold hands?. The whole setting of communication in the metaverse may be rich. But, it will not be rich enoungh to do anything than to entertain/compromise. Eventually, most of us might just as well lose these impulsive poetry of human behaviour.

Well, the proponents of these immersive ideas might be startled at the consequences of trying to assemble every one in a shared ''real world''. Between exclusion,financial obstacles , social segregation, nations, dialect, culture and so on, i don't think we are modified or adjusted enough to sharing one space.

In conclusion, Real is real. Nothing can replace it. Although the metaverse is like a viaduct between the virtual reality and the real world with people feeling that it incorporates both, we should keep the real, real and the virtual,virtual.

It's now your turn,Topical Talkers !

Do you think that the metaverse will replace the real world in the nearest future? If so why or why not?

Feel free to let me know in the comment below.


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  • I think metaverse is going to replace the new world, because it is a digital tool that is used to socialize,play, learn and do so many things.

    It is going to replace the world in the nearest future because it will make our work easier and more accurate.
    Metaverse is contribuiting to our society academically, and it also help in building our mental health. It is used in hospitals by creating 3D application,with all this great work of metaverse why won't it not be able to replace the world. The world get corrupt day_by_day so we need something tangible to rely on that can be of benefit ,to save us the stress and reduce the rate of poverty.

  • I feel the metaverse can not replace the real world, It may become more developed , advanced and exiting than the real world but it can never replace the real world, No matter how much people will get endowed, captivated and drawn by the metaverse ,the real world can never loose its value, I feel the metaverse will even help the real world grow and develop to along side each other they can help solve problems in the real world today. The real world has importance and true value as it is original, too many memories, feelings and lives based in the true world to be replaced. To many firms, establishment growth to be replaced by the metaverse. The ability to do somethings in the metaverse hasn't been developed yet and in my opinion only happen on the real world to be tarnished for the sake of the metaverse. I mean the taste of food, the mindset of people, the ability to feel or touch directly, to spend time with loved ones are to vital for the stability of both worlds to be compromise both world are now developing and they need each other to survive no one can succumb to the other.

  • I feel that the metaverse is a creation made by humans, so it doesn't have a mind of its own, so I think that if anything happens and someday it rules the world because people are paying too much attention to it. The more they use it the more the upcoming generation will think that it is important so they will forget about the real world.
    Also, some children see their elders as role model and if there 'role models' are always on the metaverse they will think that it is right, and they will also want to do it.
    So, my point is that the metaverse is still upcoming so the later effect of how we use it now will affect the later generations so we should be careful.

  • yes it is already Did I mean all kids do nowadays is play games and if games keep on looking realer games will replace real life.

  • Most likely the metaverse will take over the real world with all of the purchese from all over the world and so for they have sold 8.8million vr headset and that is 1.3 percentage.

    1. I don't think it's necessarily true that the metaverse will take over the real world. While the sales of VR headsets may be growing, there are still many limitations and challenges to creating a fully immersive and seamless metaverse experience and while the virtual world may provide some benefits and opportunities, it cannot replace the richness and complexity of real-world experiences and interactions. There are also concerns around the impact of technology on mental health and social isolation.

  • I think the metaverse is not going to replace the real world because, first even though most people can't live without electronics, most of the things that the real world can do will not feel as alive as if you saw it in a VR headset. Second, it would cost a lot of power if literally, everyone was in the metaverse. Third, Some people will not be able to afford a VR headset to join the metaverse. And finally, people would become lazy if everyone was in their home playing video games all the time.

  • I feel like the metaverse is not gonna replace the real world. I believe that there will still be people who don't want to join the metaverse and some people who don't think it's healthy. And you may be asking yourself "it's a never ending way to travel the world! how will it not replace the real world?" Well, I'll answer that.

    If we are speaking scientifically right now, We don't know. It is still too early for scientists to tell if the meta verse can be better and replace the real world. For now, the metaverse is the perfect way to interact with people and work on social skills. Also, the metaverse is an easy way to experience things that you would not be able to experience in real life like going in the sea and space. But, I still believe that it won't be able to replace the real world. Because real is real and fake is fake. I also think that the meta verse is great to go places that are impossible to actually go to in real life but I personally think that going places in real life and experiencing a real vacation is amazing and much better than vr and fake stuff.

  • I think the metaverse is might
    And might replace the real world because........However, it is still too early to tell if the metaverse can truly replace real life.
    And i think it will never replace our basic need for face-to-face interaction and connection, even in a business setting.
    Although the metaverse will engage all five senses eventually, you will be able to see smell and touch.
    And the metaverse wouldn't replace the real world because I believe that there will still be people who don't want to join the metaverse and some people who don't think it's healthy.
    As for me it will be lovely if i join.
    But we truly need to keep the real *real* and the virtual *virtual*.
    More than half of the world can't afford something that costs about $10,000 to $400,000 and the cost of Metaverse game development can vary from $30,000 to $300,000, depending on the various factors.
    And in my country in 2021, the metaverse market was worth $47.48 billion.
    So ofcourse you can imagine the amount of people in the virtual world so we already know that the metaverse will *not* be occupied.

  • It's difficult to say whether the metaverse will replace the real world. While the idea of a fully immersive virtual world is exciting, there are certain aspects of the real world that cannot be replicated. For example, the physical sensations of touch, taste, and smell are integral to our human experience and cannot be replicated in a virtual world. Additionally, there are certain social interactions that can only occur in the real world. That being said, the metaverse could provide a unique and valuable experience for people, especially those who are unable to physically travel or participate in certain activities. Ultimately, it will be up to individuals to decide how much of their lives they want to devote to the metaverse versus the real world.

  • With the rate at which the metaverse is going, i think it will replace our daily lifestyle in the world. With the metaverse life will be much easier and as human beings we don't like stress. I think the metaverse will replace the world even though it might take a long time.