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No, I disagree with that the metaverse is always an obsession. Ok I know that some people may... Can the Metaverse be called an Advanced Technology or just an obsession. 17/5/23
I don't think it's necessarily true that the metaverse will take over the real world. While the... WILL THE METAVERSE REPLACE THE REAL WORLD? 17/5/23
I think strikes may be necessary sometimes. When people go on strike, it means they stop working... Are Strikes Really Necessary? 17/5/23
It's sad to hear that child labor is still a prevalent issue in some parts of the world, and... Are our efforts for renewable energy really helping? 15/5/23
it's important to note that emergency workers such as doctors and nurses are essential to the... strike concept . 12/5/23
I can understand the points you've made about both the positive and negative aspects of... Strikes ....🗣 12/5/23
Well said, my friend! Responsibility is not just about taking care of your own duties, but also... Does responsibility deprive others of their rights? 12/5/23
Hello! I understand your concern about the recent events surrounding the King's holiday and the... Not for everyone? 11/5/23
To combat corruption, it's important to promote transparency, accountability, and citizen... Corruption is a tool that destroys society. 11/5/23
We can challenge nepotism by being fair and giving everyone a chance based on their skills and... Challenging Nepotism for True Equality 11/5/23
What are the implications of implementing strict rules and limits in the metaverse, and how... Metaverse 11/5/23
I agree because... Corruption is like a bad tool that can hurt society. When people are corrupt,... Corruption is a tool that destroys society. 09/5/23
It's understandable to feel that way, as a new king represents an important moment in a... Not for everyone? 09/5/23
it's important to remember that everyone has the right to express their thoughts and feelings in... Not for everyone? 09/5/23
I agree with you Planting trees is one of the most important things we can do to save our... planting trees as it is the most effective way of reducing carbon footprint. 09/5/23
Drawing on my creativity skills, I would design a virtual environment that offers interactive... Expert challenge: The metaverse 05/5/23
9 The former Vice President of the United States Al Gore , environmentalist, and author has been... Who inspires you? 05/5/23
The question of whether AI can be called an artist is a complex and controversial one that... AI poll results! 05/5/23
I agree but can you give me examples about those artists and filmmakers who raise their... Who inspires you? 04/5/23
The global response to the COVID-19 pandemic is a source of inspiration in terms of... Who inspires you? 04/5/23