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I really love the way you have expressed your points. In my own opinion, Although AI has... Is AI an artist?? 21/5/23
Yes of course there are steps several steps in my opinion that can be taken by industries to... "Perspectives on Strikes: What's Your Stance?" 12/5/23
I'm not sure about this , well some people think that technology can cause human extinction.... "AI" is taking over the world. 12/5/23
1- Although nepotism is generally looked down upon, i feel some situations may be acceptable,... Expert challenge: Nepotism and equality 10/5/23
Nepotism: is a form of favoritism in which persons in positions of power appoints relatives or... Your Topical Talk lesson 09/5/23
How might being a nepo-baby give someone an unfair advantage? Nepo baby implies that a person... Nepo-babies in the news 09/5/23
Well, as for i have learnt that nepotism is a practice of favoritism based on kinship ,for... Your Topical Talk lesson 09/5/23
The skill which i have choosen to focus on is listening . Listening is important to me because... Competition #5 Standpoint skills 09/5/23
Well said happy_flower. I believe quite alright AI is blessing, but have you thought about the... The blessing of having artificial intelligence. 08/5/23
Well, strikes are the last resort but not the only resort. My reason is because there are other... Are strikes the only resort 06/5/23
Well, as storytelling_dog stated '' the metaverse works hand in hand with the real world helping... METAVERSE: DESTROY OR BUILD 06/5/23
Even though royalty is outdated, i still feel that royalty should have a role in the modern... The role of royals 05/5/23
Yes, feelings are important in an artist's painting .In an ideal world, emotions create... AI poll results! 05/5/23
In my own opinion, i feel that AI art-generating models are not directly stealing other's... Inspiration... or stealing? 05/5/23
Although, complete originality does happen in human art and It’s true that human artists bring... AI poll results! 04/5/23
Honestly, i feel the idea of AI being responsible for filching\purloining other people's idea is... Inspiration... or stealing? 03/5/23
The value of the artwork is influenced by the aroused emotions evoked within the... Student suggestion 03/5/23
According to Gustav Klimt “Art is a line around your thoughts.” Focusing on artistic expression... AI poll results! 03/5/23
I'm not sure about this... well as many of you people have spoken AI lessens/limits creativity... Topical Talk in your classrooms 03/5/23
Art is simply the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically... Thinking questions 02/5/23