The depth of strikes

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Some people do not really understand the depth of strikes, the way it affects people and the industrial conflicts it holds. The tediousness of strikes are really alarming only to those that it affects[ the common people].The fact that even though the problem is mostly between the workers and the government it still affects us the people who are subject to their services. Let's bring it down to the lowest level: the way it affects students, these strikes make students under government academic institutions fall behind on academic work and opportunities, for example the ASUU strike in Nigeria, many students spent six (6) years in school for a four (4) years course or program due to the ASUU strike. The strike causes many students to spend extra years in school and prolong their schooling time.

Now I would like to know of the depth of strikes in your surroundings and the way it affects the people of your community and whether its true effects are understood. It could even affect close ones, but how?

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  • First of all, I really want to complement your approach to the strike issue, it was really an exemplary attempt even by my standards. Furthermore, yes, we all agree that strikes have a very deep impact on those around us and it also alters the future plans of many individuals but we can't completely blame the employees for going on the strikes nor can we blame the employers for causing the strike if we have not played a part to avert it. We as citizens know what is happenings in our society, we know how much it will affect us but we just sit back and keep crying over it's effect and the worse ones insult them but all our tears and words will not go anywhere but, do you know what will? our actions will there is a proverb that states "ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS" we have to exercise this in these situations or the world will never become better. We have a voice, we have the strengths as youths, and so we should use it while it lasts, no one will kill you for protesting for your right so we should organize our selves and go out to rally, protest and fight for our right. Show the government how important they are to you, show them the dept of the impact of their strikes on the citizens and country at large.

  • A month ago there was a teachers' strike and it lasted about two months, as it was all over the world. Halfway through the second term, while the students were getting up at 1pm, playing ball, catching up on TikTok, starting a new day without a goal or studying, and the parents of the students. The students had to do so by coming out to demand redress for the teachers and the return of a million students to their classrooms. This strike will expose high school students to great danger and serious repercussions. School life has stopped in the vast majority of schools, and this will affect university admission for Tawjihi students around the world They would have to adjust the class agenda, so this matter was raised. Note that it affected large segments of society, teachers, parents and employers of the latter. The last option is to strike, and everyone is up to their responsibilities and in accordance with the law and order of the country

  • Hi... I am pleased to answer the problem of the strike and its impact on my community..
    1- If the teachers strike for a long time, who will teach the students? Thus, the education period will be delayed, and this will affect our future as students...
    2- If it is the first aid that will help the patients quickly and strikes... then this is a serious matter.
    3- If the doctors go on strike, who will treat the sick?! But on the other hand (it is possible to open educational institutions in which students will be taught, so the situation will look a little better) .. Or it is possible (opening special clinics for diseases that are easy to treat and for diseases that need operations, this will be a problem) ... No matter how much we find a loophole to survive the strike, we will not deny its great danger to society ... It is better for the government to provide everything for employees so as not to They hit 👍💛

  • The Algerian Parliament ratified the law on collective labor disputes, their settlement and the exercise of the right to strike by trade unions, after widespread rejection of the draft law by trade unions, due to provisions including restrictions on trade union activity. It is of a political nature, or has demands related to political affairs. The law also prohibits starting any labor strike before exhausting the means of dialogue, and requires prior notification from the unions, at least five days before the start of the strike, and requires a mandatory general meeting for workers to agree to strike that danger that prevailed in Algeria, so what if it spread in the world, I hope not to underestimate on the subject of strikes