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According to what one of my teachers said your appearance and the way you carry yourself... Royal appearances: how would this affect the monarchy? 18/5/23
I really want to focus on the way the metaverse will help education and learning, as you know... The Metaverse: Unlocking Infinite Possibilities 17/5/23
Personally, speaking the results were very much predictable because of course most people were... Nepotism poll results! 14/5/23
The news in my country is about our during this period is about Bola Ahmed Tinubu who is meant... The news where you are 13/5/23
I do agree that it depends on the circumstances on which they find themselves but personally... Suggest a discussion! 11/5/23
Hi enigmatic_salak I like your sense of pointing out things not really focused on. At the... Digital Divide: Could it slow down the enforcement of the Metaverse? 10/5/23
Looking into the protesters not being televised during the event of the coronation and... Not for everyone? 10/5/23
Hi, I chose the option helping my family and friends the same as others peradventure I had the... Nepotism poll results! 09/5/23
I kind of notice step 10 {Ema often talks about her parents when she auditions for new role} In... Where does nepotism start? 09/5/23
The skill I am focusing on is listening. This skill is important for understanding news because... Competition #5 Standpoint skills 08/5/23
I would like to elaborate more on how I and my family have adjusted our lifestyles to help save... EARTH DAY: CREATING AWARENESS 06/5/23
Hi,Tina! Do you have a particular standard for the stories you talk about? Or do you just... Tina answers your questions! 04/5/23
In my opinion AI can be a very good platform to boost already existing artists and also bring up... Thinking questions 04/5/23
This is a very hard question to ask considering the fact that AI is a big part of human life... Inspiration... or stealing? 04/5/23
I totally agree with you calm_song about artificial intelligence obstructing human creativity or... Thinking questions 03/5/23
Well to me it is the person who uses AI to copy someone else's work that is at fault because... Inspiration... or stealing? 02/5/23
Hi, I feel that it is worst when humans do it , actually in fact both situations mentioned are... Inspiration... or stealing? 02/5/23
To me AI artist can be considered actual artist because to me artificial intelligence expands... AI poll results! 02/5/23
Hi, Mr. Matthew I really wanted to ask peradventure something goes wrong with the project of the... Matthew answers your questions! 02/5/23
Well to me AI in this aspect is just in the middle of it all in my opinion because as serving a... Inspiration... or stealing? 02/5/23