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WORKERS; The people who tirelessly work to make the lives of the individuals in society easier and better but rather than being appreciated and regarded they are neglected and forgotten until when they need them to offer their services again and then we know expect them to be hardworking and commited to the work when they are obviously not happy or contented with their working conditions due to the fact that their opinions and voices are being ignored and dialogue between them and their employers was not getting their conditions met so the only other altenative was to strike because we all know that the refusal of work or offering of services are used to get the attention that was much needed by the workers and the refusal to work affects various parties and this is devasting to the society at large but strikes are the bargaining tools that the workers use to air their voices to the public so first question should they be not allowed to strike just because their strikes affect those around and continue bearing in suffering?

For emergency service providers that provide services that are essential to the public for their daily activities and smooth running of the day and for example if these set of people decide as a whole that they want to strike should they be allowed or coerced to stay back (second question).

Now we all know that fair wages and good working conditions are provided by the employer and if workers are now not getting these things that means there are two things involved it is either the employers are stingy or they are not economically or financially capable to pay their workers and you usually see all these kind of scenarios so what should be the course of action for the workers in these different scenarios (third question).

We are now seeing AI getting more and more used in different sectors of labor and work because of their less mistakes, efficiency, cost saving and less problems to occur while working with them and because of these workers are now getting neglected in their various jobs and some are being sacked from their workplaces and so what should workers now do in this situation.

Over to you guys I hope you give credible answers that may just be the solution to our problems when relating to workers and their affairs.

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  • Workers are actually being neglected because of the advancement in technology and the thought that"AI CAN DO ALL THE WORK." This is wrong. Workers should not be neglected. Employees should learn to make their workers feel appreciated. This can be done if workers view their employees as human beings: Employees should view employees as human beings, not an input variable or work machine. Employers should learn to understand what matters to their employees and use that to motivate them.They should learn the circumstances and the conditions that need to be present for them to bring their best self to the team. Employers should also offer trust and autonomy: Every relationship is built on trust. When managers trust employees, they give employees the chance to stretch professionally. Managers should focus on building a trusting relationship with employees, one where the manager feels comfortable allowing staff to advance, try new things, and fail without retribution.
    Employers should learn to focus on their strengths: Instead of focusing on an employee's weaknesses to improve performance, employers should utilize their strengths. They should identify what their employee does well, then collaborate on how those strengths can be used in achieving performance and operational goals. This creates confidence in the employee because they are creatively applying what they do well to achieve their goals.

  • Your standpoint speaks my mind. I must give you kudos for producing such a splendid work. Well, I do not know about other countries but I know that this issue is prominent in Nigeria. The government are very corrupt and nepotic. They recognize the corrupt workers, workers who display complete eye service, they connive with some of these workers to hoard items and resources meant for the citizens and so in order to keep their secrets hidden they pay them way more than they deserve by giving them the money meant for the essential workers and organization. My father works with the country's hospital management board as a pharmacist, what they do is to go into rural areas to help the less privilege, their services are for free and are to be fully funded by the government but for months, they have not being given any money and so now, they run the government organization by their selves without any pay. You can see that this is really bad and needs to change and the worst part is that they hesitate to go on strikes because by so doing, they place many lives in jeopardy. My father needs to cater for his family but we suffer for the sake of the government.

    1. I am so sorry that that your father the breadwinner of your family is offering his services and helping the nation and yet he is not appreciated or paid for it and he is one of the honest, hardworking and truthful workers that has helped the organization to prosper and develop but yet instead of appreciating him for the efforts he put in the organization they appreciate those that do not even understand the reason of why the organization was established in the first place and we all are in the country that corruption is becoming one of the major factors or contributors to our static growth and I like the fact that your father is selfless because he thinks about how his absence might affect the rural dwellers and that is good but if it continues like this he has to seek for change because he cannot be toiling for the sake of others while his family is not fully catered for. Strikes I agree are not the best options when approaching or appealing for change in working conditions because strikes affect all the parties involved ranging from to employers to finally the service benefactors and I think he should try dialogue because most people appreciate those who do not take drastic measures or acts of violence and allow a conversation or discussion between both parties to allow them to bargain with each other and get to a conclusion in which both parties benefit from each other and are satisfied.
      Cases like that of your dad are what made to choose this header of my standpoint, workers are important to everyone as their services are rendered to everyone to society and yet in some organizations they treat them badly employers should learn to respect their workers and treat them fairly as the organization is nothing without them and the enterprise will be

  • Hi congenial pear,
    I want to answer your second question about emergency service workers. Emergency service providers are quite essential, because of the high rates of fires and accidents that have been going on. Imagine if they all go on strike imagine the amount of lives that could be lost or the disaster that could happen. Although emergency service providers have every right to go on strikes I feel they should reconsider because of the amount of disaster that would occur if they all decided to go on strike, for the fact they chose to be emergency workers it shows they care about the lives of the people, when they chose to be emergency service workers they chose to risk their lives to save the lives of others and I feel that instead of going on strikes they could try dialoguing or bargaining with the government instead of going on strikes.

  • AI, as we have come to see, can be both a blessing and a curse. It is so helpful, such that it may be becoming too helpful( to some workers). Now that AI can do twice the amount of work under half the time, compared to humans under the same circumstances, some people are losing their jobs to machines.
    Before the advancement of technology, business enterprises mainly relied on human labour to thrive. But in the work sector, computers are fast replacing people like clerks and cashiers, where computers can do the calculations without the aid of a person.
    Last month, my neighbour who works in a bank got laid off because the bank said they had too many workers. The replacement of human labour with machines is threatening other's means of livelihood, and with so many entrepreneurs popping up now, finding a job will become really hard. Nigeria already has a high unemployment rate. This is turning out to be a really big issue.

    1. I understand the point your trying to make because and how you feel AI is a technological milestone that affects us both positively and negatively especially to workers mainly because AI is more efficient and makes less errors or mistakes while working and so, for the employers AI is a better replacement for the workers and so they have to sack them as they will be no use of them but what the workers do not know is that this gives the employees a challenge as their main source of income has been cut short and if they are the breadwinners of the family.
      AI is good and all but humans have more experience in the whatever sector it may be and also AI is just a programmed robot that is inputted with commands for it to follow and there is a probability that the codes that were inputted in it are wrong and not completely correct and the thing is that there is an obvious and glaring difference when humans work on something and when AI works on the same thing.
      Unemployment is already on a high rate in society and we all know the consequences of when the youths are idle without any activity to keep them busy and occupied and now that AI is now being introduced into every sector of labor it is now quite a challenge to get and keep a job unless you have a high rank or position in the workplace or you have connections which will enable one to retain his or her position. I am not saying AI is bad do not get me wrong it is just that it poses threat or danger jobs of people I has many capabilities but humans have more experience when dealing with it so, in order to improve efficiency, productivity in service providing we could still leave the employees and introduce AI and apply it to the normal way to make it better and more unique.

  • I agree because... In a world where the toil and sacrifice of workers often go unnoticed, it is time to unveil the curtain of neglect and embrace the profound humanity that lies within their labor. These unsung heroes, who tirelessly dedicate themselves to improving our lives, deserve not just our appreciation, but also our unwavering support.

    It is a grievous injustice to expect workers to remain committed and industrious, while their voices and opinions fall on deaf ears, their pleas for better working conditions dissipating into the void. Dialogue between employers and workers, founded on empathy and respect, must be nurtured, so that the deep-seated concerns of the workforce find solace in meaningful action.

    For when workers, pushed to the precipice of despair, choose the path of strikes, we must question the cost of our convenience against their suffering. Should we, in the name of stability, deny them the fundamental right to express their anguish? Let us not forget that these strikes serve as a clarion call, echoing through the corridors of power, demanding justice and equality for those whose hands build the foundation of our society.

    Within the realm of emergency service providers, whose selfless dedication sustains the very heartbeat of our communities, the question of striking may seem a delicate balance. Yet, we must pause to ponder—when these guardians of safety, these beacons of hope, reach their breaking point, should we coerce them to stay their hand, binding their grievances in silent submission? Or should we, instead, lend them our support, ensuring their welfare, so that they may continue to safeguard our lives with the undying fervor that defines their noble calling?

    In instances where fair wages and dignified working conditions seem elusive, we must acknowledge the multifaceted nature of the problem. It may be a tale of stingy employers, blinded by profit, or it may be a tale of financial hardship, where the scales of sustainability tip precariously. In either scenario, we are confronted with the moral imperative to act. It is a call to rally behind the workers, champion their cause, and forge a path that ensures their well-being while upholding the vitality of the enterprises they fuel.

    As the advent of artificial intelligence sweeps across industries, casting shadows of uncertainty upon the livelihoods of workers, we cannot turn a blind eye. The emergence of automation should not be a harbinger of despair, but an impetus for adaptation and reskilling. Let us rise together, workers and society hand in hand, to navigate these uncharted waters. Let us ensure that those whose livelihoods are threatened find the support, resources, and opportunities needed to navigate this new landscape, transforming the fear of displacement into the seed of empowerment.

    For in the symphony of labor, where the chords of justice, compassion, and solidarity intertwine, lies the truest manifestation of our shared humanity. Let us heed the clarion call of workers, for their struggles are our own. Together, we can create a world where every worker is seen, heard, and valued—a world where the dignity of labor is celebrated, and the welfare of all is etched into the very fabric of our society therefore, I agree with your point!