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I think that ideas 1 and 2 are not exactly logical. Banning private schools will put teachers... What should be done? 14/5/23
I agree with you. Nepotism is a destroyer of societies today. It's like an infringement of... Nepotism a natural tendency 13/5/23
As you have stated in your standpoint, Earth Day is a day when we all come together to celebrate... Celebrating Earth Day: A Call to Action for a Sustainable Future 13/5/23
Sometimes being a nepo-baby can give someone an unfair advantage over others, because they are... Nepo-babies in the news 12/5/23
Hello topical talkers! My question is, when can you tell if a child of famous people became... Suggest a discussion! 12/5/23
Yes, family support feels very good. It's an amazing feeling, knowing that your family members... Nepotism: Is it good or bad? 11/5/23
AI, as we have come to see, can be both a blessing and a curse. It is so helpful, such that it... WORKERS; ESSENTIAL BUT NEGLECTED.. 11/5/23
Yes, I would like to be a member of a royal family, but not for the fame or recognition or... Expert challenge: royalty 10/5/23
Nepotism is the act of favoring one's relatives and friends, especially by giving them jobs,... Your Topical Talk lesson 09/5/23
I have found that when people don't have certain privileges, they criticize those who do. When... Suggest a discussion! 09/5/23
I feel the step here which shows the most nepotism is step 10. Ema using her parent's fame to... Where does nepotism start? 09/5/23
Hi, affable bird! I totally understand your point of view here. As I continue to think about... EARTH DAY: CREATING AWARENESS 09/5/23
The metaverse can do both, depending on how it is used. The metaverse is a platform where people... METAVERSE: DESTROY OR BUILD 06/5/23
What I do believe, is that we should have certain standards and codes of conduct on the... Metaverse a new realm to rule? Who's ruling us, or the machines? 06/5/23
Hi, caring fly! Strikes aren't always the only resort. Employees can talk things out with... Are strikes the only resort 06/5/23
It is undoubtedly the fault of the person who uses AI to copy someone else's artwork because,... Inspiration... or stealing? 04/5/23
Yes, artists are still relevant today because, despite AI's outstanding ability to make art... Student suggestion 04/5/23
No, not at all! Like so many people have said, art is self expression, whether you use... AI poll results! 04/5/23
Hi, I agree with you. The competency of our leaders, and their ability to do what's right, is a... DEMOCRACY, PATRIOTISM, EQUALITY 03/5/23
Hi, Marie. Before I answer your question, I want to establish the fact that the power of... The role of royals 03/5/23