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I agree because... Strikes, as a means for workers to address their concerns, are indeed... IS STRIKING THE ONLY WAY? 22/5/23
Thank you so much for your response @joyful_ city, Well I think workers going on strike is a... Strikes Unleashed: Should Workers Hold the Power? 22/5/23
I agree wholeheartedly with the profound statement by Slobodan Milosevic that "equality means... Nepotism: The Never-Ending Battle 22/5/23
I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. Cloning voices or reproducing artists' paintings... Photos and voices 21/5/23
I disagree because... In a world where fairness and equal opportunities are cherished ideals,... The Incompatibility of Nepotism with the Principle of Equality 21/5/23
I agree because... While strikes can be seen as a means to address grievances and fight for... Strikes are not always the solution 21/5/23
The metaverse, as a technological breakthrough, offers numerous benefits such as problem-solving... METAVERSE: FRIEND OR FOE ? 21/5/23
I disagree because... The coronation of King Charles III, while undoubtedly a significant event... "Monarchy in the 21st Century: Tradition, Relevance, and Democratic Considerations" 21/5/23
The prevalence of nepotism and favoritism in our administrative systems is indeed a distressing... Does responsibility deprive others of their rights? 21/5/23
I agree with this statement, as it highlights the significance of Earth Day in raising awareness... Celebrating Earth Day: A Call to Action for a Sustainable Future 21/5/23
I agree with you that striking a balance between harnessing the transformative potential of... Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the World with Boundless Potential 21/5/23
The concept of the Metaverse is undeniably exciting and full of potential. It offers a future... The Metaverse: Unlocking Infinite Possibilities 19/5/23
I agree because... In our pursuit of a society grounded in equality, we must confront the... The Incompatibility of Nepotism with the Principle of Equality 19/5/23
I agree because... Our forest defines who we are, and it is the foundation of our existence.... Our Forests: Our World 19/5/23
I disagree because... While acknowledging the profound fascination that the British Royal... Do you think King Charles should take responsibility for what he does? 17/5/23
Royals and royalty have indeed played a significant role in our society, capturing the... Why Royals Matter: Exploring the Role of Royalty" 17/5/23
When I hear the word "nepotism," several thoughts and associations come to mind. Firstly, I... What comes to your mind when you hear Nepotism? 17/5/23
I agree because... Amidst boundless love and care, parents selflessly embark on a journey of... Nepotism poll results! 16/5/23
I disagree because... While it is important to consider different perspectives, I believe that... Not for everyone? 15/5/23
I totally agree with every word. I am truly touched and wholeheartedly resonate with your... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 14/5/23