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  • I believe that AI and the emerging technologist will have a positive impact on the teaching industry. It can make teaching easier by allowing teachers to use it for administrative tasks such as recording results. Additionally AI can also be used as an instructional tools to provide guidance to student who may be struggling to learn. If teachers and AI work together which can take the teaching profession into a whole new level

  • Hello,
    Artificial intelligence (AI) has a lot to give the workplace and educational sectors of a country, in my opinion, but the decrease of stress in both is especially notable.
    AI was developed as a tool to increase worker productivity, and the emergence of e-learning has demonstrated that it is the best in the field of education. Excellent scores and time-saving project assistance have been a huge benefit to many teachers, allowing them to mark assignments more efficiently.
    It has made it possible for employees to do duties more swiftly and efficiently at work.
    Sincerity be told, I think artificial intelligence (AI) will drastically alter both the business and educational landscapes for the better.


  • I think ai can be a great thing if used correctly.It can be used as many things,like ai can help with learning or helping a student with ideas!It can also be bad and take people out of needed jobs like jobs in healthcare as there are now ai therapists and surgeons.I think we should teach everyone to use ai because it will probably be our future.

  • Hello everybody
    I think AI will make a great unemployment in the world because it will occupy 300 million jobs from men and this is have advantages like any thing we want to make it AI will make accurately , quickly and there won’t be any mistakes and it have disadvantages like unemployment to people

    1. Can you say where you got the statistic of 300 million?