My Opinion On Artificial Intelligence

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  • I belive that people should ban AI, I do however understand that there are reasons both for and against it. In my opinion AI is only going to take jobs from the needy and controll humanity. If AI was to take over we wold be helpless and treated like servants; do you want to be treated like a slave?

    If AI was to become a firm part of people's lives, who knows what would happen. AI should be regulated, have a set of rules for its use. For example it could be used to cheet on homework or a test. On the other hand, it could discover a life saving remedy for brain cancer. Others are worried about what would happen if they learn to program each other. It truly could go any way. What could AI accomplish?

    Personally I think that making artificial intelligence is a extremely bad idea; what if it is miss programed or malfunctions (has a problem) in a life threatening way and seriously hurts someone? Another point is we all ready damage our world on a day to day basis, how will producing AI affect the situation? We truly need a proses and plan B to use if all fails and falls on us. I propose that if we are going to make AI more complex then before it is put to use it needs a reversed version of how it was programed to shut it down of the worse happens. Without this it would be difficult to reverse the code and fix any major issues.

  • In my opinion artificial intelligence will make our lives more miserable because if everyone relies on artificial intelligence then human beings will be of no use for other human beings anymore. The real purpose of humanity will be vanished from our planet.

  • I also agree with you that artificial intelligence can make us lazier. This is because as young children, when we are giving homework we can turn to chat box like GPT to get information without really using our brains. This will make our work easier and faster but it may not be a good thing in the long run. When will rely too much on AI we will stop using our brains. And if the AI has issues we might struggle to progress. This over reliance on AI could negatively affect our lives. So in my opinion AI can be used to assist us but we should not rely on it completely.

  • Hi
    In my opinion I will say that, how we humans have a negative side and a positive side in our life. Like that AI also have advantages and disadvantages.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a tool.
    Like any tool, it can be used for good or bad. however AI has the potential to solve some of the world's most pressing problems like climate Change, poverty etc... But also AI harm humans

    As AI become more and more advanced, Obviously it wiil lead to lack of emotion and Creativity and take over jobs that were performing by humans and In our school we had a debate on english literacy day whether AI is Boon or Bane when we are discussing about it the debate students said that "According to a report published by Mc kinsey Global institute, around 800 million jobs could be lost world wide because of automation in future.

    Personally what i will say is AI definitely Harm the life of humans, physically and mentally.

  • In my opinion, AI should not be there in human life because it replaces everything from humans like it is doing normal work and teaching so that normal human beings don't get salaries and lose their jobs in my point view AI both boons and banes