The Emerging New World: AI

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Artificial intelligence is a topic I find interesting and enlightening because it makes me see the futuristic world to come, a better, easy and functional system void of too much difficulty in terms of problem solving in every sphere of life. I have learnt that artificial intelligence has helped changed, and it is still changing the world in many different ways. AI-powered technologies, such as drones and sensors, can be utilized in agriculture to optimize crop yields while minimizing resource use, like last year we talked about cyber roaches that can go to identify victims in war.

AI has helped the world in climate change, safety, education etc. In the case of climate change artificial intelligence has helped by creating a device that could clean the sea and take the trash to be recycled, this helps make water safe and clean for sea creatures, help avoid blockage of drainages thereby addressing flooding. Artificial intelligence has also helped in healthcare; robots help surgeons and doctors with their jobs and make surgeries faster. AI can be used in disease diagnosis and even treatment of certain aliments for example pregnant women by giving them a high chance of giving birth to healthy children and prevent high maternal mortality rate.

In the educational system, artificial intelligence has started laying its mark by providing so many awesome apps that can be used for research and educational purposes. This has been proven to solve and handle all most every educational or research problems. Some of this are chat GPT, Binge and a whole lot of them. I think in the future AI will take the place of teachers and instructors who will be more efficient in teaching-learning, working none stop to proffer problem solving solutions.

Postmodern era is witnessing the advent of AI in prosecuting wars. This has helped in minimizing human causalities thereby reducing the pain of families losing sons, daughters, and fathers to wars.

Although there are so many advantages that AI brings, there are also lots of things that may go wrong. One of such is hacking, or even malfunctioning of the machines but with proper or regular testing, this can be avoided. AI has revolutionized the entertainment industry, from creating movie scripts to using the bots, it’s a different ball game with AI.

AI will bring the world to a smarter future where jobs are done faster, easier and more efficient.

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  • In my opinion , fascinating_opinion I agreed with you until the end part. This is because if AI took over human jobs it could cause a problem like always malfunctioning, not elite understanding, and most importantly the own natural skills of a human. Though AI is far smarter than us humans and getting smarter everyday but AI doesn't have the exact human standard or traits so it could make some bad side effects for teaching, working, etc. You might think.. "Well AI can simply automatically type things in and it could be a benefit!" They can but it won't give out an exact human response point of view since it's simply AI and if AI takes over jobs and teaching it would most likely teach things but go to waste since it's not really learning anything as it has more knowledge than the human already. If AI were to take over the jobs it wouldn't build a correct understanding because it's AI and wouldn't be able to build onto the human understanding. For the most part I agree with the first half of your paragraph but not the end since if AI became a worker it wouldn't be as helpful and give human points of views.

    1. I agree because AI can help humans to do many things because AI is an excellent invention and it helps us in our day to day life without knowing.
      If AI and humans work together they can make a m0re excellent invention. What I'm trying to say is that we can do many things with the work of AI but we should not get addicted.

  • In my opinion AI can’t do all of the following ,and if it does it will be seriously dangerous and risky such as: teaching I think Al can’t teach and explain like humans what I mean AI is not as enlightening as any one thinks

    1. I agree because AI can't do a job like teaching because it doesn't explain well to student and if a student has a question AI will not stop to hear the question instead it will keep on talking. I think it will be a harmful to live AI in schools because if it is not programmed very well it could even harm the student in schools, AI does not give greater knowledge or understanding to a student as many people think or say.
      AI is limited to information that it has only be exposed to. So much already has been said about AI lacking human empathy which is an aspect of the teaching industry that will be lacking if AI is to teach.
      Thank You!!!

      1. Yes, I agree with you. It has no empathy in teaching children nor does it give greater understanding to students because it is what the programmers put in the technology, that is what they would bring out and they would not pass such limits. I also think they can't help in hospitals because it is dealing with the life of humans and who knows, their body system can change making them do the wrong things and putting the life of humans in danger.

    2. I disagree with you @hopeful_squirrel because in are modern day world, Robots are programmed to do many things and anything. For instance, if a Robot is programmed to help in the hospital facilities, they help to monitor patients effectively and remove errors and fatigues on hospital workers like Doctors, Nurses and Lab Workers. The Hospital can have more than one Robot so if one is recharging it batteries the other one is working. Also in my opinion as time goes on there will be a time were robots will be like humans.
      What I'm trying to say is that as time goes on we will have better technology and the challenges we are facing now with robots will be no more but for now I think we should more careful.

    3. I agree with you because AI can't do jobs such as teaching because this technology can't teach students while it will just keep doing the job that creator programed the AI to do. Ai will notice the student whether there visual, experimental and can listen. That means that students can see what the teacher are doing, students can review the work or task that the teacher gave them and students can be listen to the teacher but not be writing. Humans can relate with the students whether they have a problem in any of the subjects in class or any place.
      This is why humans can do better teaching than AI.

  • I'm not sure about your opinion because AI is not that efficient and can malfunction at any time which turns against its owner. even though an AI is efficient and makes work faster and easier. inculcation an AI can and can't be trusted. the AI cannot be trusted because it isn't always reliant it can fail you at any time if humans could create the AI then what is work to humans besides. I have question for you "if AI takes over the work areas then what will be left for humans to do". what if ai take away the jobs of the" topical talkers" how would you react how would people react the AI will impact the world in two ways negatively and positively but the negative pose a big treat to the whole of humanity?

    1. I'm not sure about this perceptive_independence because if we leave it to only humans, they may break down. Take for instance an accountant was given too much work, he/she might break down because he/she was given a lot of work. If it was an AI bot the case will be different because they are bots and work for longer time without getting tired. I think it is better for an AI bot to do the work and humans to supervise the AI so that it does not malfunction easily. If we make that way, I think it will be more effective and labor will be divided to make work better, efficient and faster. Therefore, i think that AI working together with humans is the best thing to happen.

    2. I agree with you because what if AI overrides its programming and either becomes good or causes mass destruction? The answer to these questions might determine the outcome of AI.
      For example, in the movie Free Guy, The Blue Shirt Guy happened to override his programming in the game, he was excluded from all other gaming programmes because he was sort of real. In this case, he happened to be a good guy but my exact point is that the AI might override its programming in the later future and this will be horrible.
      Will the AI cause mass dearuction or not? This has been the question on my mind and I await an answer.
      THANK YOU!!!

  • In my view, I don't think that AI will take the place of teachers and instructors in the future. Nowadays, AI has been really developed but why AI has not took the place of teachers in any countries until now? For this question, I think that there is no way that an AI is going to take the place of teachers because AI can't explain the syllabus more effectively and it can't give us real example that's happening in this world or give its own opinion on a topic.

  • "AI will bring the world to a smarter future where jobs are done faster, easier and more efficient", this line nailed it for me. We are currently fasting approaching a smart-world powered by AI technology.
    Thank you.

    1. I disagree with you because we they humans are suppose to know what they want the AI to do for them. I think that we have to know what we want before AI should make because we can not just say AI can bring a better future for us when we don't know what we actually want to make. I say so because we can not just wake up on a normal day and we see AI doing a lot of things that are useful, if we want to make that happen we have to know what we want AI to do for us.
      Thank you.

  • Hello fascinating_opinion!
    In my perspective, I think it's awesome how AI can make things easier in farming, healthcare, and even cleaning up the environment. But I'm not totally agreeing with AI replacing teachers. It's good to hear that AI can help with learning, but nothing can beat a real human teacher's care and understanding. Also, using AI in wars to save lives sounds good, but it's also kinda scary because it might make wars more common. Overall, AI has its ups and downs, but it's definitely shaping our future in a big way!

    Thank you!

  • I'm afraid I have to disagree with you on the statement, '' I think AI will replace teachers and instructors who will be more efficient in teaching-learning, working nonstop to proffer problem-solving solutions.''
    I'm afraid I have to disagree with you because I do not think that there will be a point for AI to take the place of teachers and educational tutors, There will be no point because they will have gained the knowledge that they have from the people that programmed them, so, would it not be better if those people that programmed them be the ones to teach the students in the educational facility or block.
    another reason for my disagreement with you is that AI does not have emotional feelings. They are strict with what they have been programmed to do, they will not be able to override their programming and do anything else.
    So, if the students happen to get bad grades, they will not care because they don't have emotions and this will be a great discouragement to the students.
    SO, generally, I say that the AI should not be teacher or educational tutors because of the following listed above.
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Yes, I agree with you. AI is a very great asset that everyone uses in life today. AI helps us in most things we find ourselves executing. As it has it's advantages, there are also downfalls to this. I actually disagree with you when you say they help in hospitals because we are dealing with the life of people. When you said that they help pregnant women to carry their babies, I think they have passed their boundaries and I believe that these limits should be set for these technologies because very soon, they will take full control over the world.

  • It is true that Ai is a revolutionary thing that will change the world in so many ways such as in education and work. The future holds millions of possibilities if we start working on them now .It can help in the educational system by giving reliable sources or help teachers explain things. In work it can help so much more than in the education system, instead of miners having miners going into caves that could collapse anytime robots could quickly do it and leave it is a great future that is ahead.