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Ai in education may also involve a form of bias and this may even traumatize the students of... AI can not outdo the human teacher 24/3/24
Ghandi was a very inspirational figure and even though I am of a different religion I still feel... Politics Behind Indian Election System. 22/3/24
You know the thing about eco-anxiety is that everyone who has it thinks it's them against the... Worriers or Warriors? 21/3/24
I just thought about something, it’s a technology created by Elon Musk named Neuralink, that... Competition #9 winners 21/3/24
Thanks for showing me this new information I would never have thought this way about players... Should Athletes be Blamed? 20/3/24
There comes the need for background checks, even though we test normally for the use of drugs we... Should Athletes be Blamed? 20/3/24
I'm not sure about the part where you said AI would take over things humans are needed to do ... AI in the Future? 19/3/24
Actually I feel the need to help an serve one's country and be useful to it far out does the... Future leaders: poll results! 18/3/24
I would agree and I would like to become a leader so I can strongly show my support for these... Future leaders: poll results! 18/3/24
Actually I don't think that it holds knowledge us humans don't as it's knowledge is based on... AI in the Future? 17/3/24
Even though I am religious personally, in my own opinion I don't think that a country should... The Indian Election 17/3/24
I feel AI could enable a new age of development that would allow for people to come up with new... My Opinion on AI 15/3/24
The influence of a company could be very dangerous specifically on customers and staff and... Should business be influenced by politics? 15/3/24
In all honesty I feel everyone would like for their children to have a world to live in... Do you want your kids to have a world tomorrow? 14/3/24
It's sad how people always tend to use technology to destroy the lives of other people, they've... AI: and the future of war 14/3/24
The Election system would be the most important because even though we learn about it in school... Competition #8 winners 14/3/24
But regardless there would always be some sort of problem between the immigrants and citizens... Ageing populations 13/3/24
Yes. Relaxing immigration laws may help with the economical crisis, and employment problems, but... Ageing populations 13/3/24
The constant worry about the ecosystem doesn't make it any bette,r so I feel instead of... Eco-anxiety and Educational-Awareness 12/3/24
I feel as obvious as it is, yes AI can cause many problems including how it sometimes amplifies... Why is AI a controversial topic? 12/3/24