Does society clash with the climate?

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Eco-anxiety is the state of being anxious about one's environment. Research has shown that over 70% of children aged 11–17 who know what eco-anxiety is' are anxious from all over the world.

Every country has different societal standards, but do all societies benefit from the impending problem? Climate change! This has been a song or a song that is being sung in only a few countries, yet it affects the whole world. I think where you find yourself also affects how you treat your environment. For instance, in many countries, prisoners don't have a clue about climate change because they don't have access to the news or the outside world. They experience its effects and proceed with their day. Another example is that the inhabitants of rural areas are almost wiped out due to numerous and rising cases of land pollution. These people have huge language barriers and don't have access to news to know about the dangers of these detrimental activities. Globally, summits have been held dating from the late 19th century to date, and yet, losses skyrocket in the daily news every day. Do the standards of where one finds himself or herself affect the ability to know about climate change and how to prevent it? The answer is yes, but this shouldn't be the case. Governments can do so much because they have authority. They can even use some celebrities, like activists, and footballers, to convince the people to go all in on it since the world is driven by influence lately. They can even do more by spreading and educating others about it on posters, on the news, and by sending informants to various towns and countries to educate people about it. Jocelyn from the Economist Foundation said in a heated discussion that to see and feel change, you must change. You can only change for the better once you know what you are fighting for and against. I urge everyone from around the world to make a difference in any way they can by putting topical talk skills to the test—problem-solving, and creativity, amongst the rest. Deaths can't continue to escalate due to "societal standards and a lack of knowledge," for knowledge is the key to all unlocked doors.

What societal standards have prevented you from making a change?

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  • In my opinion I think society does clash with climate change, businesses and everyday human activities all cause climate change. Businesses such as mining businesses, oil businesses, rubber businesses etc. cause large number of pollutions. Here in West Africa many mining businesses cause a lot of water and land pollution, inflicting harm and injuries to people and animals who live there. Also, in West Africa many oil businesses drill crude oil for the sea, and use the oil to do many daily activities, now the problem is what we use the left-over crude oil to do, some people dump the left-over oil in water bodies polluting it. People should use the left-over oil to fix damaged roads to avoid more accidents in the future. Rubber businesses produce large amount of smoke in the atmosphere cause many airborne diseases and increasing carbon footprint. I think rubber businesses should find an eco-friendly way to created rubber, many use plant to create rubber is eco-friendly and healthy. In my opinion I think every think we do in society does affect climate change so help stop climate change we must change the ways we do things, rather changing we eat, how travel, using bicycles and walking is effective and help reduce carbon footprints. Putting warning hazard around waterbodies can help warning people to stop putting trash in waterbodies. Planting more trees can help increase oxygen levels and reduce global warming. There is saying,
    "Every little thing you do can help change lives".
    Thank you!

  • First off, you made a great standpoint and it's true that society does have some standards that prevent people from making a change. Think about the rural areas, the slums all those places are impacted by pollution the most and since the living standard for them is so low they see it as a normal thing so they don't get the motivation to even make a change. These people have no idea what pollution is let alone climate change.

    Second of all, the statement you gave "for knowledge is the key to all unlocked doors." This is something that everyone needs to understand fully. It is even said that Wisdom is more powerful than the weapons of war.
    With knowledge you can overcome every obstacle, and it's a trend all of the people who have knowledge and are wise tend to be very successful people who impacted the world positively.

    Lastly, We infact do need to to put in the skills that we are learning in this festival to work, we can't just learn in vain if we do no real knowledge is accquired and its all gone to waste.

  • Wonderful Standpoint, I agree with your comment, I do think society clash with climate change, Afterall we cause of climate change. Businesses causes large amount of pollution. Businesses like oil, rubber, mining etc. destroy many waterbodies and ecosystems. Here in Ghana mining has polluted all of our waterbodies and destroyed all of our tress causing severe heat in the country. Drilling crude oil for waterbodies in very famous in Ghana, but sadly it has affected our waterbodies, poisoning the water people drink and use for their necessities. Rubber businesses produce large amount of smoke causing airborne diseases and increases carbon footprint and global warming. As the protector of this planet, it our duty to ensure the safety of this planet, so it up to us to fix our mistakes and by doing that we must all come together as one and collaborate. Planting trees, the wealthy donate more recycle bins and funding money into projects to help restore forests. Recycling plastics and trash daily is effective. Using bicycles and walking can help reduce smoke and fume and stop carbon footprint. We all have to play to save the planet so let's together to make a brighter future.