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First off, you made a great standpoint and it's true that society does have some standards that... Does society clash with the climate? 19/3/24
I believe that young people nowadays are politically engaged because even in my class especially... Are young people politically engaged? 18/3/24
Hello, The statement that I agree with most is A because everyone needs to do something to stop... Profits or the planet? 13/3/24
I believe that it is crucial that young people learn about the topic Eco- Anxiety in the news... Competition #8 winners 11/3/24
I agree because the Cop21 was a very initiative meeting it brought people together to come up... Global action! 09/3/24
In my opinion I think the people who have the most value would be a tie in fact, being between... Who has the power? 08/3/24
The skill I am going to focus on is problem solving, This skill is important for understanding... Competition #7 winners 08/3/24
I agree because there are many taleneted people who are out there in the world who are forced... Stereotypes 07/3/24
To answer the question on wether or not the media is good or bad for elections, I would say that... The media and elections 06/3/24
I think the fairest way is pass the post system. I think this because from my view it's not... How does the Indian election work? 05/3/24
I disagree with your comment, I think they need to come clean about using perfomance enhancing... Should people know? 28/2/24
I think the system is fair enough and there is not much to really be done to make them more fair... Unfair advantage? 28/2/24
There isn't much that should be done about them in the first place because for one. Eating... Unfair advantage? 26/2/24
I agree because without some specific rules and regulations alot things could go wrong such as... Why are there rules about immigration? 17/2/24
I think that maybe we should start a discussion on "Are countries behaving selfishly" because... Suggest a discussion 17/2/24
I think that there are rules to immigration because; 1. It could cause overcrowding - If alot... Why are there rules about immigration? 14/2/24
I scored a 5 out of 8 on the quiz, it was honestly really insightful because it seems that... What do you know about immigration policies? 14/2/24
From my point of view I think that AI will transform this world for the better, It will because... Will AI transform the emerging world? 14/2/24
I agree because as I had said in one of my comments you understand specific situations better... Why so divisive? 13/2/24
I do agree with you because AI if programmed correctly could do almost anything. It could find... Will AI transform the emerging world? 13/2/24