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Your standpoint couldn't be further from the truth, diligent penguin. The essence of games being... The Enhanced Games: a controversy. 27/3/24
Upon looking back at the festival from the very first week to the last, I've been motivated by... Competition #10 winners 27/3/24
I disagree with your comment, although it is true that AI is a powerful tool. This powerful tool... Unemployment 27/3/24
Lovely standpoint. You are right. Climate change is a detrimental issue that affects everyone... The climate crisis: The urgent need for action and hope for a more sustainable future. 26/3/24
I deeply resonate with your standpoint that to save our planet, more of our actions must speak... Take Action in Eco-anxiety! 26/3/24
Helo, We can't fully say that richer or poorer countries are responsible for climate change.... Climate action Broadcast 25/3/24
I agree because... Here in West Africa, we experience severe heat waves due to our incompetence... we are killing the earth 25/3/24
Hi, News is the source of communication for knowing everything around us, be it a war happening... News - Never Ending Worldly Sensation 24/3/24
I think there should be a hub discussion of weekly, monthly, or annual activities countries from... Suggest a discussion 22/3/24
Hello, I really agree with embracing our eco-anxieties because we never know the true worth of... Eco-anxiety: Embrace your Eco-Anxiety 22/3/24
I think in the future, people will get their news in terms of advanced technological... Competition #9 winners 22/3/24
Hello, countries need new ideas, and no scenes, we want change. Countries should stop pushing... Why countries need immigrants to thrive. 21/3/24
I'm not sure about this because social media influence has taken control of the youth of today,... how the crazy world of social media affects the chaotic world of business and politics 21/3/24
Hi guys, I don't think climate change is the same for everyone. In some places, climate change... Eco Anxiety: Is it the same for everyone? 20/3/24
Hi everyone, I believe that women are great leaders, but due to their calm nature and keen... Are women excellent leaders? 19/3/24
After much reading, being cruel to prisons wouldnt serve as a punishment or teach them anything.... Is cruelty in prision the right thing? 18/3/24
Hi everyone, I also believe that having nature in busy cities is a great idea. Nature parks can... City Parks: Nature's Places In Busy Cities 18/3/24
Climate change does have the power to solve habitat problems because. I think for the new to... Can Eco anxiety solve habitat destruction 17/3/24
Hi everyone, I think the future of eco-anxiety is in the hands of the world. I do not think... Eco-anxiety, the future 17/3/24
Hi everybody, I think the purpose of prisons is to give those who violate the law a second... What is the purpose of prisons and how can we improve them 15/3/24