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Eco-Anxiety is when you are anxious about the world and the state its in. People all around the world are effected from it, wether they be affected straight away because they live in an area directly affected or in an area were nobody notices, everybody will get affected. Climate change is taking over the news and everyone , at one time or another, has seen a news story about climate change that has made them a bit worried.

Imagine if you were a person in an area always affected by climate change; you might be scared everyday about whats going to happen: floods, droughts , heatwave. This could impact your mental health massively as you are constantly worried about whats going to happen. Now imagine you are someone in an area where you dont realise anything is happening because its happening slowly; Unlike the people in other areas, you wont be worrying for your life everyday but this isnt neccesarily a good thing. This might mean that you are less aware of whats happening, therefore neglecting the fact that you have to take care of the world.

In my opinion,Somtimes eco-anxiety is good, sometimes its bad. I think its sometimes good because it makes you aware about the world. I also think its bad because it can damage your mental health. I also think its unfair for the people in undirectly affected areas not to worry while people in directly affected areas are harming their mental health; I think that they ( people undirectly affected) should know about what other people are dealing with so we all can take action and prevent climate change from ruining our would forever- there is no earth #2.

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  • Climate change is a real tragedy unfolding before our eyes. Insect numbers are declining, ice sheets are becoming thinner, sea levels are rising, the permanent ice sheet in the Arctic is melting, California forests are burning, and a sixth mass extinction is occurring. According to a recent warning in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, we have 12 years to end this disaster. Combating climate change has become part of the zeitgeist, yet emissions continue to rise globally, with countless reports constantly warning of the impending collapse of the Earth's ecosystems. However, Donald Trump remains in denial.

    1. I agree with you because eventually this could become more life threatining then it already is.

  • I totally agree with you logical_cookie!
    If we keep destroying the nature,The nature will lose its patient and it will destroy us and there will be no planet for future generations..
    we are destroying the animals, birds and plants without knowing we can't live without them, if we failed to protect them, future generations may see AI replacing Homosapiens instead of humans. AI will look back and see how human destroyed themselves by harming nature.If you want AI and robots in the future planet instead of humans, then you can destroy the nature by cutting trees,by polluting the environment which will kill the birds and animals. If you want our kids,our sister and brother kids and all other future warriors(kids) to live in the planet, then save the nature atleast for our kids sake, if you don't AI will replace our kids in future
    So please save birds,animals,plants and don't pollute the environment.

    Thank you!

  • Eco-anxiety is a real issue. About 65% of people are worried about climate change problems, which is a huge problem. It has affected many people negatively. so we should find a solution to this issue.
    Some people think that we can reduce stress by doing exercises or even spending time outside.
    In addition, Some people think the best way is to escape from the bad news.
    In my opinion, we don’t have to worry about eco-anxiety but we should learn about the environment and how to deal with it.

  • Eco anxiety is a huge problem in today's world we are slowly killing the earth and destroying our ecosystem. Climate change is a result of our miss guidance and Overuse of the natural resources. You know I have no idea how long we will survive in this planet if we continuously do what we are doing right now. Stepping up to discuss these issues is something that is really important for us. Environmental change isn't just about softening ice covers or climbing temperatures — it's profoundly private. It's about the premonition we get when we see insight about another super climate occasion or catch wind of species vanishing from environments they've called home for a really long time. It's the bunch in our stomachs as we stress over the air we inhale and the soundness of our friends and family in the midst of rising contamination levels and intensity related sicknesses. What's more, it's the significant burden on our shoulders as we wrestle with the monetary vulnerabilities welcomed on by environment related interruptions, considering how we'll get our prospects and accommodate our families. Be that as it may, it's not just about us — it's about our networks as well. For those all around minimized, environmental change hits significantly more earnestly, enlarging the hole of social disparity and leaving them feeling much more powerless and neglected. An unfairness cuts profound, leaving scars that are delayed to recuperate. And afterward there's the mind-boggling feeling of existential fear that killjoys in as we're besieged with news about the condition of our planet. It's a steady drumbeat of stress over what's on the horizon, for us as well as for a long time into the future. This eco-uneasiness isn't simply in our minds — it's a genuine and legitimate reaction to the emergency we're confronting. Every one of this negatively affects our emotional wellness, overloading us with stress, uneasiness, and even gloom. It's a significant weight to bear, yet it's one we can't easily overlook. To defy these difficulties, we want to meet up more than ever. From individual activities to worldwide drives, we should work inseparably to address environmental change, advance versatility, and battle for civil rights. In any case, it's not just about saving the planet — it's tied in with saving ourselves as well. We really want to sustain strengthening, support each other as a local area, and track down the solidarity to continue to go even despite vulnerability. Since really at that time might we at any point genuinely fabricate a future that is maintainable, evenhanded, and confident.

  • I think people should have the right to protest about eco-anxiety as long as it doesn't affect other peoples rights.People should wory about about the future of our planet because all the children will be worrying if there even is a future . As nobody can clarify this , work needs to be done.Otherwise there might not be a future, to go back too.