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“Eco-anxiety”- You may have heard about it in a lot of places. But, what does it mean? Eco-anxiety is a condition where a person feels anxiety, fear or worry due to the state of the environment. This anxiety can vary from person to person. People may feel so anxious that they may stop doing even the most basic tasks. While on the other hand, a person may not feel any anxiety and could continue their chores as usual.

The most common factors of eco-anxiety include media coverage, reports on climate change, worry about the forthcoming generation, a sense of responsibility for the planet etc.

Even with so many factors triggering it, there is always conflict about whether it is good or bad.

I think everything has its perks and drawbacks and eco-anxiety is no exception.

Eco-anxiety raises awareness among people regarding the environment, forces them to take action, makes them think of problem-solving ways and builds community. People with similar concerns about climate come together to create a better place and hence a community is built. People think of ways to cope with this anxiety and develop problem-solving skills.

However, even with all the advantages that eco-anxiety offers, there are certain disadvantages that one may face while encountering it. It may cause distress, feelings of powerlessness, physical health effects and decreased productivity. In extreme situations, people may feel physical symptoms like a weak immune system or chronic diseases. Further, it is no secret that anxiety leads to decreased productivity as an anxious person cannot get their work done while handling stress.

As a result, some people think of eco-anxiety as a fair way to create understanding while some think of it as an evil way to develop health problems.

A news piece related to eco-anxiety on The said that on December 12, 2012, a 14-year-old girl was convinced that the world was ending due to climate change. She even told all her friends and family how she felt about them if she didn’t see them tomorrow.

Such examples of people feeling that the world is ending aren’t uncommon. News like this may seem like an immoral thing, nevertheless, one cannot deny that it raises awareness too, though indirectly.

In conclusion, I would like to say that eco-anxiety has its benefits and weaknesses but is very important to pay attention to it as it helps to build a sustainable future.

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  • Hello first. Environmental anxiety refers to the anxiety and fear that a person has about climate change and the future of the planet, and among people aged 16 and over. Secondly, feeling angry and frustrated by those who do not acknowledge climate change. Environmental anxiety - feeling sad or lost when damage occurs to forests or wildlife. Third, the report's authors said that young people are confused by the failure of governments to take appropriate measures, adding that environmental concerns have a profound negative impact on huge numbers. Fourth, climate change causes a number of psychological effects on the Earth's population. These emotional states include environmental anxiety, environmental depression, and environmental anger. Feelings of distress. Fifthly, treating the border environmental problem, thus reducing its size, just as there is another disease, which is environmental anxiety and dangerous damage. That which cannot be returned is not rejected by the environment. Sixth, some sounds, especially those made by nature, bring health benefits because they can indicate a safe environment that reduces feelings of anxiety about air pollution. Seven: Ten years ago, psychologists found that a wide range of people would suffer from anxiety and sadness as a result of climate change, and a report by the New York Times showed.

  • Hello everyone, everyone’s opinion on the aco anxiety is that there is a decrease in forests. This is happening to me because of human intervention in cutting down trees in order to obtain their wood and replacing them with agriculture. This results in a disruption in the ecosystem, as types of birds and animals have disappeared.

    Secondly, the temperature on the surface of the Earth has risen as well. The chemical reaction is also used in many industries such as fertilizers, medicines, fuel, and plastics, but the chemical reaction can also have negative effects due to the emission of harmful substances that pollute the environment and harm humans. Also, carbon dioxide has a greenhouse effect, which leads to an increase in the Earth’s temperature because It allows the sun's thermal rays to pass through, but never lets them back. Sulfur oxides, such as sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide, are known as acid gases and can damage the respiratory system. Nitrogen oxide is formed during lightning, also known as acid gases, which impair the nervous system. Burning plastic, coal, and cigarettes causes air pollution and causes lung cancer. This It may cause death, so when we do all this, it causes eco anxiety