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There can be several reasons as to why one might leave their own country. Students migrate for... Why are there rules about immigration? 22/3/24
Hi Katie I think voters should check their resources. Several websites and news channels... Ageing populations 22/3/24
Hi James! Here in India, there is an option called NOTA which means none of the above. If... Age restrictions 21/3/24
Hi Eva! Yes, I think children who are only 14 years old would be highly influenced by their... Age restrictions 21/3/24
I can't entirely agree with option A. I believe that talking about climate change does... "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power." 17/3/24
Hi Harriet I think that we can bring change by educating young children from their childhood.... Who has the power to stop social bias? 10/3/24
Hi Chloe We can all fight social biases by taking small but necessary steps. For example - a... Who has the power to stop social bias? 08/3/24
Hi! I disagree with you on the fact that women are better at anything. I am a woman myself but... Gender inequality: have your say! 08/3/24
Hi Eva! Drugs can be addictive and make a person completely dependent on them. The athletes may... Unfair advantage? 06/3/24
I think one thing that might give athletes an unfair advantage is access to expertise. Some... Unfair advantage? 06/3/24
Hi! I chose NO as well. I have never really given a thought to this question, to be honest.... Your country in your hands! 05/3/24
The statement that I agree the most with, is A. Protecting the planet, I believe is everyone's... Profits or the planet? 05/3/24
I think the skill listening is the most important to understand and form opinions of the news.... Competition #7 winners 05/3/24
I agree with you on this. Journalists may help in bringing more support and help but they are... Are journalists the answer? 05/3/24
Hi! I don't think the quote "Nations that fail women, fail" specifically talks about the... “Nations that fail women, fail.” 02/3/24
Hi Sarah! I am somewhere in the middle of this. The use of drugs may result in anxiety,... Should people know? 01/3/24
I'm not sure about this because I think the use of drugs is different in different bodies. The... You make the rules! 01/3/24
I think men doing house chores will take a very long time to be normalised. Today men are ready... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 29/2/24
Hi Tiff! I think local stories are significant to report about because of several reasons. 1.... Challenges to journalists 29/2/24
I'm not sure about this because in some ways, boycotts can be helpful however, in some ways,... Are boycotts helpful? 28/2/24