Eco-Anxiety and its affects

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  • Hi everybody
    My opinion is thatMy opinion is that we must educate our children about eco anxiety and make them self-confident and that we should not do things that destroy the ecosystem, such as deforestation and cutting trees. This causes the destruction of more than 50% of the world’s forests, and more than 20% of its coral reefs, and accurate measurements indicate that A study conducted in West Antarctica revealed that about 230 billion tons of ice were lost annually between 2009 and 2012, as reported by NBC. Habitat destruction also represents the greatest threat to living species on the planet, as it is believed to be the main reason behind the extinction of an estimated There are 500 species of living organisms every day, although most of these creatures became extinct before they were discovered in the first place. As for the North American continent, less than one tree remains now for every 20 trees that were originally present throughout the continent. Moreover, about 25% - that is, a quarter of the trees that are cut down in North America - remain on the ground in place until they rot and become unusable without being used for anything or being moved to benefit from them. In Europe, more than half of Britain's forests have disappeared in the last half century alone, in addition to the fact that many of the continent's forests have lost a large part of their biodiversity.

    1. This is great information!! People need to read this to realize that there are actually bigger effects than they think. All of this is caused by us, and we need to do better if we want a better environment. Let's benefit out environment instead of harming it!!

  • There are many effects to not helping in eco-anxiety. If there are more people harming then helping, pollution can increase. Recycling can be a lot of help, but if we do not, it can do more harm. Doing nothing about this may harm the environment more than actually doing something to hurt it. We need to help even if it is a minor thing. Small things matter. We can do it!!