Eco-anxiety, why are we worrying?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Over the past few years global warming has been spreading rapidly and causing destruction, mayhem and severe weather which lead to people losing their homes and lives. Shockingly, some children have eco-anxiety which means they refuse to do some activities if they feel it makes global warming worse. Some are unable to sleep because they are so concerned, worried and terrified.

Some people believe that eco-anxiety is good because it makes people aware of climate change and help them find put more about it and spread the word. Others believe it is normal because it is the biggest threat to earth and all humans worry about their future.

However, some people think that the problem seems too big to tackle and so they chose to ignore it. Other people think there is nothing to worry about because there is nothing that we can do, we are just one person.

To conclude, I believe that global warming is so bad it is like a raging black hole sucking everything in to it leaving nothing behind so we must stop the actions which cause global warming now. I also think eco-anxiety is good because it makes people more aware of global warming I also think it is bad because it makes people do crazy things like look for plastic bottles, not go in cars, not eat certain food and not sleep. I think to stop global warming we should only use electric cars, eat less meat and invent robots that put your rubbish in the correct bin so take action and remember your not alone.

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  • In my perspective eco anxiety is mostly found in areas that have been infected about extreme weather conditions.
    The fear of experiencing the same can be destructive for their health.
    However as you said convivial_piano when you talk about it can make us more aware to what happens in the environment. Some others just ignore it.
    And that's the big difference between those that experience it and those not. The latter ones may have ignorance and that can lead us to think that there is nothing wrong with the environment. Then is the time to take action.

    1. I have mixed opinions about what you have said. Yes people that have experienced the side effects of climate change may suffer with severe eco-anxiety, but I don't think that they are always the ones who suffer the worst. People in large cities may be anxious because of the large impact their area is having on the environment, even if they are not directly dealing with the consequences of climate change. So I personally think that it depends on the individual's emotions rather than what they have necessarily been through or directly experienced.

  • In my personal opinion, we are worrying about eco-anxiety as we know that one day, it could create chaos and panic and havoc across the world if this continues. Also, we are worrying as we know that eco-anxious people they cannot sleep, eat or feel strong and these outcomes can threaten their survival rates or in other words, kill them. Additionally, we are worrying as these people could take serious risks to save earth if deforestation and pollution and any form of harmful activity to threaten earth continues on in this world. Finally, people are worrying as they think people are taking it too far with their actions as i mentioned earlier that these overreactions are sleeplessness, loss of appetite, weakness and genuine stress about earth.

  • From my point of view, balance is actually the solution that will work best, because people shouldn't underestimate a matter, nor overestimate it. I have noticed that whenever I overthink something, the problem gets bigger and bigger, while the solutions seem to disappear one by one. From my experience, it is one thing to be unprepared and a whole other thing to analyze so much that you question your self worth. I agree with you that eco anxiety is good, but as long as it is within the limits. In my opinion, a certain amount of stress can produce just enough adrenaline so people start working towards ending climate change. For example: let's say that somebody is concerned about plastic bottles or bags polluting our planet. I think that is enough for a first task. I think that only focusing on one smaller problem can turn out to be the most productive. I believe that this could prevent people from getting overwhelmed with feelings and information. Personally, I can work quite well under pressure, but it also depends on how many things I have on my mind. I can study for a test at the weekend and do my homework, as long as I still have time to relax. However, if I have to study for 3 tests, do one project and do the homework for 6 classes, then I feel completely lost. In my opinion, although it is crucial to give all your interest in something that you are passionate about, you also need to take some time to clear your mind and recharge your batteries. Exhaustion doesn't contribute with anything good.