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I agree with B because people may not want to use performance enhancing drugs and play naturally... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 18/3/24
I know that in the future ,if doping continues, then the future for games could be extremely... What do we know about the future of ability enhancing drugs? 15/3/24
I think doping is not fair as people are cheating just for victory and praise and fame. Also ,I... Is doping fair 15/3/24
We should worry about eco-anxiety for many reasons. I have thought of 5 reasons and will like to... Why we should worry about eco-anxiety 15/3/24
In my opinion, i think that a good caption for the photo would be "together we can make a... Caption this! 14/3/24
To deal with eco-anxiety, we can make more eco-friendly moves for earth. Firstly, this would... What can we do about eco-anxiety? 14/3/24
I think it is important for young people to learn about the topic of AI in the news because they... Competition #8 winners 13/3/24
So we've been talking about eco-anxiety but what is it? Eco-anxiety is when a person is very... What is eco-anxiety? 12/3/24
In my personal opinion, we are worrying about eco-anxiety as we know that one day, it could... Eco-anxiety, why are we worrying? 11/3/24
Eco-anxiety is when a person is extremely anxious about climate change and global warming. These... What is eco-anxiety? 11/3/24
People do not change their behaviour for many upsetting and mind-boggling reasons. Firstly,... Why don’t people change? 10/3/24
I suggest we introduce a discussion called "the consequences of eco-anxiety". We should make... Suggest a discussion 10/3/24
The effects of eco-anxiety are really bad. It results in sleeplessness, loss of appetite,... The effects of eco-anxiety 09/3/24
We should make a debate about "how we can help". This can be helpful as we could help those that... Suggest a discussion 09/3/24
The future for eco-anxiety could result in various ways. It could cause pandemonium and chaos... Eco-anxiety, the future 07/3/24
In my opinion, we should introduce a discussion named ''how we can beat climate anxiety'' as we... Suggest a discussion 06/3/24
In my opinion, we should introduce a discussion called "how we can help earth". This topic would... Suggest a discussion 05/3/24
We could use less plastic and recycle waste as if all the waste goes to the ocean or into the... Suggest a discussion 05/3/24
Global meetings such as COP28 are extremely good at spreading awareness about climate change and... Global action! 05/3/24
In my opinion , we should introduce a discussion about how we can help nature.This would be good... Suggest a discussion 04/3/24