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Comments (19)

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  • The news that caught my attention was the Russia-Ukraine war. Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24,2022. This attacked is considered as aggression internationally. 8.8 million ukrainians leaving the country and millions more internally displaced. The whole world is in a crisis because of this war. This war must be stopped as soon as possible. We all should establish peace in our country and in the world.

    1. You might want to add this to one of our the news near you suggestion posts!

    2. I agree because... funnily enough one of my friends happens to be from Ukraine and came to the UK because of the war in Ukraine . Also we have been studying AI at school in GD(guided reading) but we have just started doing it at school.

    3. I agree because Russia had a big loss of reputation and many countries are placing sanctions on Russia. Furthermore more and more countries are supporting Ukraine which means there might soon be a world war three. So this is why I think a peace treaty should be made before the conflict expands.

      1. I agree with Smart_Seal, the war between Russia and Ukraine could get out of hand very quickly, possibly starting world war three

  • We can use student hub for the devlopment of English speaking capabilities and English writing capabilities

  • Artificial intelligence, or AI, is still transforming a number of sectors, including banking and healthcare. Though it has a lot of room for innovation, responsible development and ethical thinking are essential for a good effect on society.

  • Artificial intelligence is the science of making machines that can think like humans. It can do things that are considered "smart." An example might be when Siri tells you when it will rain in your city today.

  • Hello everyone! hoping you all are fine.
    First I would like to share my feelings about topical talk project, this is very interesting and informative platform for students as we are gaining the knowledge about about latest and hot topics like artificial intelligence. We have gained information about AI through sessions in the classroom. Where we discussed the role of AI in different fields of life. How it is effecting human lives? and also organized debated among human and robots. I really liked these activities and are very helpful for me. Thanks to topical talk.

  • Hello from Pakistan.
    I think AI is made to the help of human. I have learned interesting information about AI but I am worried about it's future will it replace humans?

  • Hello all,
    I am feeling excited to know the AI role in future life. I learned about AI that it provides a computer program, the ability to think, and learn as it's own, it is simulation of human intelligence (hence, artificial) into machines to do things that it would normally rely on humans. I also understand it through debates among robot and human on different jobs in classroom that humans are highly flexible and adaptable to different situations, environment and tasks. Robots are specific in tasks and are not as flexible as human . Human have the ability to learn from experience and remember past events.

  • In my opinion, Topical talk help the students to improve or develop their creativity and English speaking and writing skills. Here, we share and discuss our opinion by reacting to what others have commented. We should give the thoughtful comments and explain what we think and why. The best comment is also rewarded by a star which helps to motivated the students to share more information.

  • Hello!
    How to use the student hub is......
    1. You can disagree with each other and agree!
    2. Don't say the student is wrong!
    3. Do not say your name because it's not safe!
    4. You should not be given out where you live!
    That is how you should use the student hub!

  • Creation means creation . And creativity means the effort to create something new. Creativity is a latent talent. This talent exists within everyone. Through this creativity we can better understand different problems . As a result, all kinds of problems can be solved creativity enhances our problem solving skills.

  • Artificial intelligence ( AI) can do many of our jobs in the future. It has made our life mechanical. The impact of artificial intelligence ( AI ) may lose our attitude to work in the future.In today's era, people are becoming more dependent on AI. So we should limit the use of AI.

  • AI is also a topic that is in my area of interest. I believe this development in technology is inevitable and now it is here. I am worried wether AI could become to control the tiniest bits of my personal life/ or AI would eventually replace humans…

  • AI is going to take some of our jobs and no job means no money. And with our money to pay taxes.

  • I think that AI should develop more but only for things that are problems or things that AI is the only solution to the problem. Also, AI can improve children's skills and jobs in the future or presence that could use help by AI. Although some jobs don't need AI, they could use it in the form of a robot to help and act like a person is doing it.
    It could also help with improving the environment by planting things and watering plants or in other ways. Since some things AI could do people can do, maybe the best way is for a human to do it, not AI.
    AI in the form of a robot is very helpful and so is AI in the form of an Alexa. Alexa's could help you with things you struggle. It would be very good if AI could be and Alexa that could help you without giving you the answer. This means the child can think without not knowing what they're doing. I think AI would be a benefit to the world and everyone would use it for a good cause.

    1. I agree because we all have problems in life and some of them can be solved by AI and some not. Overall, I agree with elated_drawing but there are lots of things that AI could do that cause problems that cannot be solved.
      If problems aren't solved stuff like AI world domination.
      Bye and good comment elated_drawing!

  • I see all those comments which are sent by other country members. I think so, that this tropical talk festival makes students multitalented and we can do so many creative activity. It's makes our english speaking, pronunciation, writing skills better than before. So, I think it's really makes us multitalented.

  • Artificial intelligence is a rapidly advancing field that has the potential to reshape industries,economies,and society as a whole. AI systems, which include machine learning and neural networks,can process vast amount of data and make decisions or predictions without explicit programming.
    In recent years, AI has made significant strides in various domains. Self driving cars use AI algorithms to navigate and avoid obstacles. Healthcare benefits from AI in disease diagnosis and drug discovery. Natural language processing enables chatbots and voice assistant to interact with humans, making everyday tasks more convenient.

  • Hi! It's me from vishwa jyoti secondary school. I think so, that we all have to cover real identity and it can help us to change our life because when our English speaking other, behaviour will change and help to grow our brain it was biggest thing which is change in our life. We should not show our any I'd like e-mail id or we should not told our name. this topical talk festival or a JDO can make us really multitalented by give us some work like draw a logo of JDO, make a video of that topic, make a recipe book and by other small small thinks make us multitalented so, that it can make us multitalented and help to change our life.
    Thank you 😊

  • About the Ai education and the future work and it's benefit.

    The AI education help in further development of nation. It help in not only in education,following rules etc. It help in education by asking difficult and confuse question and then they can explain the question by clearly and understandable. It also help in further development of nation by helping them in works,help in taking right decisions and wrong decisions. It also help in following rules by explaning it's benefit and protection of possible accidents. If we heavily based in Ai education it will make us lazy to solve easy equationand also it will make absence of empathy. It is also make loss of skill in humans. If we use right way of using Ai education ot will help us a lot. In future i think there will be robot in every house to help in house works. Outside also robots to clean road,rebuilt road, school etc. We can learn in digital way of learning different subjects in school and home. It also improve academic education and increase of student in involment in different extra activity.
    🤗 ☺THANKYOU ☺🤗