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earnest_introduction In my opinionNew capabilities could even emerge and replace humans in future military... AI: and the future of war 09/3/24
earnest_introduction In my opinion the use of media in election is very important in some of the case the people... The media and elections 09/3/24
earnest_introduction HEY, Everyone i am from nepal .and in nepal the people are taking seriously to the climate... Climate change in your country 03/3/24
earnest_introduction In my opinion the animal have are also live in our earth and i think before human come in this... Animal rights 03/3/24
earnest_introduction In my opinion the atheletes are use to play games to earn the leadeeboard bur in some case the... Sports and politics 02/3/24
earnest_introduction In my ooinion if i organize any competition i will never put political changes on it i will make... You make the rules! 29/2/24
earnest_introduction On our world the people throw different phone,laptop and many other metal to get latest one it... AI and the planet 28/2/24
hilarious_technology Hello everyone! About the interview I saw, I absolutely agree. Isolating offender ( Lets just... An interview with Jérôme Mangelinckx 11/2/24
honest_seal If I could get a chance to meet Raman Rai I would ask her about the plans that she may have... Raman Rai 10/2/24
efficient_music I am totally agree because AI enhances the speed,precision and effectiveness of human efforts.... Suggest a discussion 09/2/24
efficient_music I am agree because AI has the ability to comeup with personalized study plans for students... Classroom spy! 08/2/24
practical_harmonica AI can have both positive and negative impacts on the planet.On the positive side AI... AI and the planet 04/2/24
efficient_music I will go to option B because people should not stop learning even if someone/something is... Will schools exist in future? 03/2/24
practical_harmonica Certainly! AI can play very crucial role in addressing environmental challanges on the planet.... AI and the planet 03/2/24
practical_harmonica Every coin has its pros and cons.Likewise,this AI also have.AI can be replaced in such sectors... Jobs of the future 03/2/24
giving_robin primary purposes of prisons are to serve as a means of punishment for individuals convicted of... What’s the purpose of prisons? 02/2/24
giving_robin Artificial intelligence is a rapidly advancing field that has the potential to reshape... How to use the Student Hub 02/2/24
giving_robin Some ways to reduce global warming or climate change. Reducing climate change involves... Suggest a discussion 02/2/24
practical_harmonica All things have its own pros and cons.So, AI have also its pros and consand I agree that ai is... AI and the planet 01/2/24
practical_harmonica I agree with the option c because there is some task that ai also cant do and school can help to... Will schools exist in future? 01/2/24