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In my opinion, Robots are the machine that replace human efforts. Robots can't perform a... People v robots 26/1/24
In my opinion i think that,Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence... Suggest a discussion 26/1/24
In my opinion, Topical talk help the students to improve or develop their creativity and English... How to use the Student Hub 26/1/24
As I think,Nowadays pollution is increasing alot and it one of the reason that global warming is... Suggest a discussion 25/1/24
As i think, AI is very essential in today's generation. It is the simulation of human... AI and the future of education 25/1/24
This is very fun and interesting. We can learn new things from here and also can share the... Tell us what you think! 25/1/24
I believe that speaking and listening skills is the most important to use during the festival.... Meet our Topical Talk skills 24/1/24
As I think, the topic will be about women's rights. Women are facing a lots of problems and they... Meet our Festival topics! 24/1/24
I am from the tiny but beautiful country filled with nature and positive vibes .It is known as... Meet our school communities! 24/1/24